Tuesday, November 29, 2011

tiaraiconfrom discussions to date night

Pants-Thrifted; Top-Anthropologie; Jacket-Gifted from ML; Shoes-Charlotte Russe; Hat & Rings- H&M; Nail Polish-Coral me Wild by Revlon
I love transitioning an article of clothing from day to evening.  By changing the styling you have a completely different outfit and it's a fun way to be inspired from your existing wardrobe.  I remixed this army green jacket and wore it with black pants and a slouchy hat for an Ef Magazine editorial meeting and later with a LBD and statement necklace for date night.   

My man and I have been dating almost two years, and have lived together for almost a year and a half (we didn't waste any time!) And by living together I mean cramming into his one bedroom condo with my two furry babies, 53 dresses and extensive shoe collection.  Friends have commented that if they lived in such tight quarters with their man, they would break up in no time at all.  So how do we deal with lack of personal space?  Date nights.  We plan (ok I plan, he brings his wallet) at least one fun activity a week that gets us out of the condo.  The date is usually something creative accompanied by a meal so we can chat and catch up.  (Because if you live with your partner you know how easy it is to become passing ships in the night!) Last week we went out for a yummy sushi dinner followed by amateur comedy night (this is what I wore) and over the weekend we attended poetry reading (something that's been on my to-do list for ages).  I look forward to our date nights all week and love coming up with unique, budget friendly activities that give us quality time together.  It rejuvenates our romance and keeps me from running him over with the vacuum (don't ask-it stems from an irrational childhood fear of vacuums -thanks Mum!)

Dress-Swapped; Jacket-Gifted from ML; Boots & Necklace-Thrifted; Ring-H&M; Hosiery- Lilac Lingerie; Nail Polish-Coral me Wild by Revlon

{Other day-night looks can be found here, here & here}

Other date night activites have included (from L-R) Indian food followed by theatre, Greek tapas, Southwestern dinner and drinks, support local businesses networking event (because the couple that networks together, stays together!) 

Do you think regularly scheduled date nights are important in relationships? What's your favourite date night activity?

tiaraicontruffle treats

Want to know how these ingredients...

...transform into truffles? Check out my guest blog post today over at A New View 365!

Friday, November 25, 2011

tiaraiconcoloured tights: tunic & blue

Tunic-Zara; Tights-Primark; Scarf-Thrifted; Boots-Spring; Rings-Smart Set; Earrings-Le Chateau; Nail Polish-Coral me Wild by Rimmel

It's the last day of my week-long coloured tights edition although not the end of my collection-you'll be seeing more colours and patterns on my legs over the next few months.  I love tights because not only do they keep your legs warm, they can also play a leading role in your outfit.  Take this ensemble for instance-a simple chambray tunic and scarf.  The bright blue tights take this look from drab to fab! {I realize I sound like an infomercial but it's Friday night and I've been writing all week so bear with me!}

{I'm linking up with Tammy's Trending Through the Decades: Tunics edition. If you haven't linked up with her before it's fun- she chooses a trend that works for all ages-and then you put your twist on it!}

If you missed my previous coloured tight renditions check them out here: navy blue, purple fishnet, festive red and deep green.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

tiaraiconcoloured tights: green with envy

Shorts, Top & Scarf-Smart Set; Tights-Gap; Boots & Blazer-Thrifted; Belt-Ann Taylor Loft; Nail Polish-Coral me Wild by Rimmel
Green with envy that it's American Thanksgiving and y'all get a mini-vacation and time spent with family & friends.  Alright, alright I'll try not to be too envious, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a month and a half ago (it just seems so far away!) Today I am thankful for the beautiful snow that is covering the ground, this new outfit I got on sale at Smart Set (the shorts, top and scarf were $25 all together), my creative part-time job, my thoughtful man who took me out on a date last night, my friends who I am spending time with tomorrow for game's night, my family who I will see in less than 3 weeks (woohoo!) and you, my wonderful blogger friends who always brighten my day with your lovely comments and support.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

tiaraiconcoloured tights: red legs in the snow

Dress-Club Monaco (Swapped); Sweater-H&M; Boots-Thrifted; Earrings-Charlotte Russe; Belt-Gifted from ML; Tights-Aldo; Nail Polish- Coral me Wild by Revlon
This morning I awoke to a winter wonderland outside my windows-freshly fallen snow covered tree tops, houses and ground.  I love the first snow fall of the season-it's magical and gets me in a festive spirit.  I've now decided to spend Sunday decorating and making Christmas goodies while listening to my favourite holiday ballad "Grownup Christmas list".  Cheesy I know but what can I say I'm a sucker for the holidays and the traditions it holds.

Are you in the festive spirit yet?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tiaraiconcoloured tights: purple for awareness

Dress & Tights-Gap; Blazer-BCBG Maxazria; Heels-Andrew Gellar (Thrifted); Earrings-Thrifted; Nail Polish-Violet Frost by Sally Hansen & Purple Diamond by Santee; Bracelet-Giveaway prize from Brooke
November is Woman Abuse Prevention Month in Ontario and Friday is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  Ending violence against women is a cause that I am very passionate about advocating for, educating and informing.  As you may know I have my Social Work degree and after my first year of university I was offered a student position as a Front Line Victim Support Worker with Ottawa Victim Services.  I was responsible for performing intakes and providing crisis intervention to victims of crime and tragic circumstances.  I worked on many stalking, domestic violence and sexual assualt cases, the majority of which were crimes against women.  I really connected with these women, their stories were horrific but yet they stayed so strong.  I couldn't imagine what they had experienced and began to identify them as 'survivors' rather than 'victims'.  They were warriors, mothers, professionals, daughters, sisters, friends and they changed my life.  

{My earrings weren't photographing too well so here they are along with my sparkly purple nails}

{Just like Lyddie Gal said-well made garments have beautiful linings}

I have stayed on with Ottawa Victim Services as a volunteer and am constantly amazed by these woman who have been through so much and the importance of female empowerment through advocacy, education and information.  Wear purple or join the white ribbon campaign to create awareness and join in the movement to end violence against women!

Violence against women is an appalling human rights violation. But it is not inevitable. We can put a stop to this.
-Nicole Kidman

tiaraiconWu-ing us with style

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Signatures Show  to view Adrian Wu's holiday collection.  The venue was perfect-Ottawa's new Convention Centre-an architecturally stunning glass bee comb which overlooks the city.  Excitement was palpable as the trance-like music began and the models stepped out, wearing sky high shoes and futuristic foam headpieces.  The dresses and the styling were out of this world (pun intended) and would be a perfect addition to any fashionista's holiday wish list! My favourite outfit was the one-shoulder silver and white maxi dress (third from the right in the above photo) which I could envision wearing to a cocktail party or New Year's Eve soiree (except I'd probably substitute the braided foam for an elegant fascinator!)

My good friend (and fellow thrifting/vintage lover) Kelly

 Local fashionista Petite Adventures (don't you love her star patterned dress?!) and myself.

{Photos c/o the lovely Amoi who I previously interned with for Ottawa Fashion Week}

Speaking of Amoi here we are! {My outfit: Dress-Frou Frou; Heels & Necklace-Thrifted}

{Thanks again to Knock on Wood Communications for the opportunity to attend this fabulous event!}

Monday, November 21, 2011

tiaraiconcoloured tights: blue my mind

Dress-Joe Fresh (Swapped); Tights-Aldo; Boots-Thrifted; Necklace-Macy's; Ring-H&M; Nail Polish-Blue my Mind by Rimmel
You could say I'm an accessories gal.  I own a lot of clothing (my 8 foot tall overflowing wardrobe speaks for itself) but I also love to collect belts, scarves, jewellery, clutches, hats and tights.  And when it comes to tights they're coloured and they're patterned (the funkier the better just like my tattoo tights!) Before the weather gets snowsuit cold, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a week to coloured tights.  And what better time than the week befor December (can you believe it?!)

Today I'm wearing navy blue tights from Aldo paired with a slouchy grey dress I got at a clothing swap, one of my favourite statement necklaces and a pair of comfy boots (I swear they look better in person!)

I loved the response from my mirror face post-if you haven't already try it out-you may be surprised by your reflection! Some of you wrote about 'photo faces' which I think is also true- my mirror face is pouty, my camera face is smiley and my in-person face is a combination of them both (although when I'm really concentrating I've been told I look like a snob-I promise I'm not!)

{Today I'm excited to be featured over at one of my favourite blogs, Breakfast with Tiffany!}

Saturday, November 19, 2011

tiaraiconmirror face

No this is not me trying to be saucy or sassy, this is my mirror face. 

Mirror face: {Urban Dictionary.com}
When someone looks completely different in the mirror than they do in person. Thus, their reflection is the mirror face. When standing in front of the mirror, a mirror face can look almost completely different and unrecognizable to a friend but completely normal to oneself. (e.g. when Vinny looked into the mirror, his right eye looked substantially smaller than his left eye. As a result, when his girlfriend saw the reflection she became aware of his mirror face and believed it to be quite different from the way she normally sees him.)

My left eyebrow raises and my lips become pouty almost like I'm giving someone attitude, this is without fail what I look like everytime I peer into a mirror.  Now if only I could replicate this face when taking outfit photos (I even suggested to my man that he hold a mirror beside the camera so that I can perfect my pout-he wasn't up for the idea...)

Do you have a mirror face? If so, what is it?

Friday, November 18, 2011

tiaraiconsocial butterfly

Pants, Heels & Jacket-Thrifted; T-shirt-Demu Label; Earrings-Roots; Nail Polish-Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman

Please pardon my recent absence in the blogosphere.  I haven't blogged since Monday which in reality is only 3 days ago but in Tinfoil Tiaras time it feels like an eternity! It's just been one of those weeks when I had something planned every evening and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to lift a finger.  Tuesday night I attended a fashion show,  Wednesday evening I was organizing a photoshoot and last night I was at a firefighter event (I know poor me having to stare at half naked men-boo hoo!) The fun doesn't stop there-tonight I'm participating in a clothing swap and then Saturday night (aka date night) my man and I are going to drag queen karaoke!

{My look was inspired by Amanda's Best Form of Flattery challenge.  This outfit made me feel like a rocker chick! I'm also linking up to Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters.}

As fun as all these events are- I'm exhausted from going out every night and I'm starting to get sick from lack of sleep! 1-2 nights out a week is my limit, so to make up for this week's crazy social schedule I'm designating 'Spa Sunday'.  I'm going to spend Sunday evening giving myself a mani/pedi, face mask and long soak in the bathtub complete with scented candles, a glass of wine and a good book-I can't wait!

Are you like me-more of a homebody or are you raring to go every night of the week?

Monday, November 14, 2011

tiaraiconsparkle & shine

Blazer & Scarf-Thrifted; Top-Swapped; Jeans-Gap; Shoes-Aldo
Sometimes lunch at a tex-mex restaurant with friends requires a bit of sparkle and shine.  So I pulled out my shiniest blazer, painted my nails with sparkles and imitated Kelly Ripa for Inspiration Monday.  Kelly's bright yellow top is reminiscent of hot summer days but my mustard yellow ruffled blouse? Now that's autumn inspired (and one of my new favourite colours!) I added one of my favourite floral scarves (worn like this) and my nude 'sitting pretty shoes' because they are too high to do anything but!

True to my tech free word, I spent most of the weekend offline and caught up on reading, household chores and sleep.  Especially the sleep part thanks to a rare Saturday night of tequila and dancing.  When I was a University student I could stay out late, drink Smirnoff Ice after Smirnoff Ice and still get up the next morning to write an essay or study for exams.  Nowadays I'm lucky if I experience night life once a month.  Not only is it exhausting, it's also incredibly expensive ($40 on bar drinks and cover charge? I'd rather go out for dinner or thrift shop!)  I know, I know I'm a party pooper but give me a glass of wine, boardgames and good friends and I'm having the time of my life!

The winner of my Adrian Wu fashion show ticket giveaway is....Kat from A Second Glance-congrats and thanks to all who entered!

Friday, November 11, 2011

tiaraiconplease remember us

we are,
the overpowering sound of guns & tanks
that cause everyone pain & suffering

we are,
the wilted, beautifully crimson poppies
in Flander's Field

we are, 
the serene doves
that shut out the malice,
the fighting below us

we are,
the blood stained land
that people stand on
taking the lives of others
yet trying to stay living

we are,
the foul, muddy trenches
with rats & insects
that carry awful diseases

we are,
the nurses & doctors
who care for the wounded soldiers & fighters

we are,
the loved ones
who sit at home
each day crying bitter tears
waiting, always waiting

we are,
the death & sadness
that war causes

we are,
the fighters & soldiers
who made November 11th
a day to remember

Please remember us.

{This is a poem I wrote years ago for my grade 9 English class and read aloud in front of the whole school at my Junior High School's Remembrance Day ceremony.  Remembrance Day is a very special day for me because my Grandfather fought in WWII (see last year's post) and my Dad works for Veteran's Affairs.  On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, lest we forget.}

Photo from weheartit.com