Tuesday, July 19, 2011

shoe heaven

When Fancy Bella asked to see my shoe collection, I thought it would be fun to document my shoe obsession over the years.  My love for shoes started when I was 15 years old, after buying a pair of bright red pointy toed heels (or cockroach killers as my Dad liked to call them), covered in studs.  I got them from Le Chateau during Boxing Day sales for only $15 and I was instantly in love.  I wore these heels everywhere and they made any outfit fun. 

Collecting shoes became my hobby, and in University if I could get away with buying new shoes instead of a textbook, I would.  I've since paired down my collection, thrifted and gifted many pairs and am left with shoes that inspire me, make me feel good and most importantly are comfortable (well for the most part at least).  I'm envious of bloggers who wear Jeffrey Campbell, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks but these shoes aren't practical with my current budget so for now I'll have to stick with department stores and thrifted varieties. 

Colourful Sandals/Flipflops
{Clockwise from top left} Old Navy; Priceless Shoes UK; Payless Shoes; Old Navy; Winners & Nine West
Basic Sandals/Flipflops
Gisele Bundchen Ipanema's Line; Suzy Shier; Target; Walmart & Payless Shoes
Payless Shoes; Payless Shoes; Payless Shoes; Winners & Priceless Shoes UK
Colourful Open Toed Heels
Aldo; Fergalicious by Fergie; Spring; Pierre Dumas; Spring; Nine West; Aldo & Walmart
Colourful Pointy Toed Heels
Suzy Shier; Thrifted; Suzy Shier; Priceless Shoes UK; Andrew Gellar & Aldo
Marks & Spencer; Payless Shoes; Steve Madden
Basic Heels
Thrifted; Walmart; Charlotte Russe; Walmart; Thrifted & Thrifted
Creme de la Creme of Shoes (when you're on a budget)
Pour la Victoire (my biggest splurge); Aldo; Charlotte Russe; Priceless Shoes UK & Priceless Shoes UK

....so there you have it- my beloved shoe collection (minus my boots & sneakers)

These gals love their shoes just as much (or more!) than I do: Fancy Bella; Love at First Shoe; Chic on the Cheap; Fashion Steele NYC; A Working Mom's Closet & The Fashion Keeper.


  1. LOVE!!!! Glad someone else shares a similar shoe obession.

  2. I love eye-raping bloggers' shoe collections. I love those studded shoes!!!! :) I am SO glad that you shared.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Great shoes! Nice collection.

    Emma has the biggest assortment of anyone I know -- she could start a shoe-museum!

  4. Damn lady, that's an insane collection!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Love all those shoes !!!! This is definitely a fun post !

  6. You have a great collection that anyone would be envious of. I love that you have bold colors, fringe, studs, and croc print amongst the classics.

    xx- AlbeeLucky.blogspot.com

  7. I love your collection, and the snakeskin pink shoes are too cute.

  8. OMG! This is awesome. Who knew Fergie had a shoe line? Thank you for providing ammo to all girls whose boyfriends think they have too many shoes ;) PS the back muscle comment wasn't creepy - I was flattered!

  9. Very fun!! Thanks for sharing. I did this a few years ago and really should do it again!!

  10. What a fantastic idea for a post! Lord, you have so many shoes! Hahah I totally love it. My favorites are the yellow peep toes....but those green/viridian heels are fabulous too! Love your collection :)


  11. great shoes. i'm especially eyeing those fringy blue sandals. so cute! you have a great collection!


  12. what a gorgeous shoe collection! I so love your leopard sandals and pink pumps!

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. wow! this is a fantastic collection!


  14. What a lot of shoes!! I want'em all! hahaha
    thanks for comment and following, follow you too:)

  15. Beautiful collection, I love them all!


  16. So many shoes! Thank goodness there are others with a shoe obsession, my friends always make fun of the sheer number I own!


  17. Great collection! And so much variety. I'm very envious of you right now :)

  18. Ooo girl, your open toe heels are my faves, so nice, love all the colors!

  19. Very nice! The colorful pointy toed ones are the best. It's nice to see that you can find really pretty shoes at Payless or the thrift store.

  20. I love them all.


  21. woa girl
    that is quite a collection

  22. You have such an awesome collection! Thanks for sharing.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  23. I love all the colorful footwear! Such great variety.... way above and beyond a black pump!

  24. first off congrats on finishing the 30/30 you did great Love the shoes in the last outfit. Speaking of shoes HOLY COW! you have more shoes than a department store. hahaha. You do have an awesome collection

  25. That's a lot of shoes, lady. I say that very tongue in cheek because I have WAY too many shoes. I think I might have a heart attack if I went through and counted them all. My husband might too.LOL


  26. I think we should change the name of your blog to Tinfoils Shoes babe!


    My absolute fave? The yellow super high heels!

    Bonjour, come say hello!
    Twenty York Street

    Twenty York Street

  27. Wow ! Serious collection - I love all the color!

  28. Ooooo!!! Yayayayay! Shoes!! I love them so much! <3 Hahaha, although I don't think I'll ever have such a great collection as you... ;)

    I love all of them!! Haha- when you get bored of them- send them my way... ;) Lol- what size are you? I have pretty big feet- so some styles don’t flatter me as much :( But heaven for me is browsing through an entire shoe (or clothes) store… ahhh ;)

    My favorite pair or yours would be either the gold(ish) sandals, the maroon(?) flats, the jeweled (and cheetah print) open toed, or the black leather wedges (actually... I think these might be my faves!!)!!!
    Haha- I'm so jealous of your beautiful collection ;)



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