Friday, March 11, 2011

From Career to Cocktails

I aalways enjoy reading fashion magazine articles that show you how to take an outfit from work to play so I decided to do my own.  I was cleaning out my wardrobe the other day and came across this bright yellow polka dotted blouse and checkered wool skirt that I was saving for the warm months.  However, yesterday was such a gloomy rainy day that I decided to wear this spring outfit to brighten my day.

Adding thick black tights and a tank top underneath the blouse made it work appropriate and I added the bright bag and a bracelet I bought in San Diego for funkiness. 

Skirt- Ann Taylor; Blouse- Express; Wedges- Payless Shoes; Bag-Aldo; Bracelet-Mingei International Museum (Balboa Park, San Diego)

To take this outfit from career to cocktails, I removed the black tights, opened a blouse button, added a grey clutch and fun feather earrings.

Clutch- Thrifted; Earrings-Hush

What outfit takes you from career to cocktails?


  1. ooohhh...i really like how you changed up the outfit from work attire to going out attire!

    first off, that bag is FANTASTIC. so colorful and fun! and those feather earrings are excellent! love your style.

    thank you also for your tips about my upcoming 30 day lent remix. very helpful!

  2. Holy cow! Those earrings really transform you into a party-girl.

  3. I love feather earrings! I used to own 2 pairs! Lookin' good lady!

  4. I really like your day to night look. Those earrings are fabulous.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Can't wait to pull out all the spring colours! That bag is amazing!

  6. these earrings are really amazing!! love them!

    I need your help, if you like my look please vote me here

    Thank you very much!!

  7. This is my kind of post, how to's! I should follow suit as really, that's how we do it in this city!

    Go to the office and party up right after!



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  8. Love the photos.. Great colours going on there.. and your bag is divine
    Lee x

  9. Hmmmm...let me think...from career to cocktails? Honey, for me it's career (trying to bribe/cajole 13 year olds into learning something) to cat feeding (once I get home). Then the next highlight is reading this blog, seeing what's happening on facebook, dinner, some marking and then time for bed! So I will admire your "career to cocktails" outfits from afar! xo


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