Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remember me Always

he had always dreamed of being an actor
until he turned eighteen
and the recruitment began
his notions of walking on stage vanished
the cold hard reality set in
the day he left his mother cried, his father proud
he did not want to leave the comfort and safety of his teenage life
the day he killed was one of misery and anguish
why does patriotic hurt so much?

her name was lise, a beautiful baby girl
she would never know her daddy
a brave and strong soldier
shipped off a week before she was born
killed by a roadside mine
on the day she turned two years old
why is the life of a soldier’s daughter so lonely?

she had an infectious laugh
one that made everyone stop and stare
her momma told her she could be a model
she wore beautiful furs, her hair in ringlets
until the day the men were sent away
including her young fiancée
she started working in a factory
a man’s job, not fit for a lady
rationed food, no more money for clothes
why is doing the right thing so much harder?

Remember them always and honour them tomorrow on Remembrance Day.  My Grampie was a WWII Veteran who lied about his age so that he could get into the army at a young age and support Canada.  I was very proud of him and will honour his life and all those who came before and after him to serve their country. 

My Grampie at the age he joined the Canadian army in WWII
<3 I miss you Grampy <3

Red Dress-United Colors of Benetton
Black Jacket-Hush Consignment Store
Earrings- Vintage
Headband- Aldo
Black Boots- Primark, UK


  1. how sweet of you to do this post! yes, may we not forget the opportunities we have because of this day! I'm your new follower :)

  2. one of my favourite posts of yours, thank you! I must admit that it was hard not to shed a tear at the Remembrance day ceremony yesterday.

    thank you to your grampie and all the honourable veterans, we owe so much to them!



  3. what a heartfelt tribute. . i loved reading the poem :)


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