Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chancellor's Dinner

I am finally back to reality, no more hotel room service or flying in helicopters for me (oh yes- just wait for that blog post!) I'm back to Ottawa after a week spent doing my event planning gig in Newfoundland for St. John Ambulance.  On Saturday night when many of you were most likely out enjoying the ghoulish spirit of Halloween, I was at the Chancellor's Dinner which was a fancy closing ceremony event for the week-long meetings.  The Chancellor is the volunteer head of St. John Ambulance, a great guy who refuses to wear black socks with suits and instead indulges in pink striped socks from Holt Renfrew!

Even though I helped plan the event, I must have missed the memo that this was not a black tie event as I dressed a little over the top (other women were wearing trouser suits!) Ah well better to be over the top than fading into the background! My handsome boyfriend attended the event with me and we got screeched in Newfoundland style (which is when you take a shot of the most vile tasting rum in front of leering locals!)

Cougar jewellery from Logan Antiques

Black Dress-Winchester's Halifax (worn as a Bridesmaid's dress to my Dad's wedding)

Faux Fur Collar-Thrifted

Leopard Print Shoes- Aldo


  1. This is divine! And i friggin LOVE Logan antiques! I'v bought all of my favorite pieces are from them.
    Too bad you could't make it. Hopefully there will be other fashion-type events where I'll paths will cross.
    You look beautiful!


  2. I bought that exact same set. Exact same. At Logan too. Great minds think alike!

  3. Holy cr*P! You look freakin' AMAZING! Like a very glamourous old Hollywood movie star and I love, love the cougar set.

    Now you must tell me about this Logan Antiques.

    p.s. I was looking for you at oFW...


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  4. Fabulous dress...how elegant!!! You both look fantastic...jut found your blog link...new follower:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  5. Thanks ladies- that's so sweet of you all! Logan Antiques is this phenomenal booth that I visit at the Ottawa Antique Market on Bank Street- amazing pieces for reasonable prices!


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