Tuesday, August 30, 2011

tiaraicon1 year blog-versary & giveaway!

**Please note that this giveaway is now closed- thanks for entering!**

Today is Tinfoil Tiaras’ one year anniversary and she wants to celebrate it in style! My first blog post was wordy and talked about my career goals and now a days I like to keep it short and sweet (except for those days I feel like rambling!) and focus on the outfits.  I started this blog as a creative outlet- to give myself something to do in my spare time.  A year later, I barely have any free time but I make sure that blogging is a priority because it’s not only my way of documenting my fashion hits and misses; it’s also my self-care for when life gets stressful!

I thought it would be fun to showcase some of my favourite looks from the past 12 months- personal style truly ebbs and flows with time! {Click on the blue title to be re-directed to the original post and to see all my outfit photos click here}
September 2010- No White After Labour Day

October 2010- Playing in the Leaves

November 2010- Dressing for Success

December 2010- Box Office Bahli

January 2011- Navigating the Crossroads

February 2011- Fond Farewells

March 2011- Beacon of Bright

April 2011- Caped

May 2011- Ornamental Sunshine

June 2011- Shades of Blue

July 2011-Smiles & Sunburns in San Diego

August 2011- Blue Heels & The Green Door


To all my readers-thank you for supporting, commenting, and putting up with my eccentricities and sometimes questionable style!  As my way of giving thanks I am having a one-year anniversary giveaway for a $50 online gift card from anywhere you want (retailer, restaurant, book store- you name it!)

To enter you must simply be a follower of Tinfoil Tiaras through google friend connect or blog lovin’ and leave a comment below indicating which one you use.  I will contact the winner via e-mail (please leave your e-mail address) and then you can tell me where you would like your online gift card from!  Because some people don’t use twitter or have their own blogs, no extra entries and this way we’ll keep level the playing field!

The contest is open to local and international readers and the deadline to enter is Sunday September 11th at midnight EST.   
Good luck!

Monday, August 29, 2011

tiaraiconinspiration monday- army stripes

Dress- Club Monaco (thrifted); Blazer- Urban Behaviour (gifted from ML); Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Belt, Purse & Ring- Thrifted; Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Sunglasses- Aldo; Nail Polish- Tulip by Revlon

Fringe bag, stripes, structured jacket, cool shoes & shades- what more could a gal ask for? This week's inspiration over at two birds is the beautiful actress Olivia Wilde who looks effortlessly chic in her loose dress and messy hair.  I decided to wear a shorter dress (previously worn like this) with an army green jacket to complement the brown accessories.  I really like how this outfit turned out, and with stockings and boots this might just be my go-to look for those crisp autumn days!
I picked this little gem up at my local Salvation Army thift store for only $3.99 and I love the movement of the cowgirl inspired fringe.

Head on over to two birds inspiration monday to check out how other fashion bloggers interpreted the look!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

tiaraiconwild & wacky

Top- Thrifted; Pants-Old Navy; Necklace- Aldo; Ring- Smart Set; Heels- Suzy Shier
Fellow thrifters will know what I'm talking about when I say that second hand goods can be treasures or trash.  Because everything is so affordable, it's easy to get carried away and buy something just because it's cheap.  That's the story behind this top- I don't love it but I also don't hate it, in fact I thought it looked cute with tight pants and matching accessories.  That being said, I probably wouldn't have bought it if it cost more than $3.99 and it most likely won't get much wear.  It was an impulse buy, but when the price is right sometimes that's all that matters (especially if you get bored with your wardrobe like me!)

The print is wild and wacky- probably something a senior citizen donated but sometimes I'm in the mood for a fuddy duddy shirt- skin tight can just be so constricting!
Even though I haven't bleached my hair in months, in certain lights it looks oh so blonde!

Friday, August 26, 2011

tiaraiconwrinkly woes

Pants- GAP (thrifted); Top- Banana Republic (gifted) ; Heels, Sunglasses & Purse- Aldo; Headband- Goody; Necklace- Gifted
Because sometimes a gal doesn't feel like ironing! This beautiful silk top was gifted to me by my fashionable friend ML of Twenty York Street and I wanted to get some wear out of it before the Labour Day ban on white (which I tend to ignore by the way!) My iron is old and rusty so I didn't want to risk staining the top so went with the wrinkly look, hoping that it looked like the style of the shirt (did it work?) I paired the top with my favourite pair of GAP pants that I thrifted for $5.99.  I love their wide legs and subtle pin stripes (which in photos look like a psychodelic 70s pattern but I can ensure you that they are not!) I added yellow and gold accessories for just a hint of colour.  It feels like the last few days of summer are upon us so I plan on squeezing as much whites, brights and lights into my wardrobe as I can over the next few weeks!

Jewellery (L-R): Aldo; Gifted; A SweeT Boutique (snake) & Fossil (watch)

What's with the pigtails you might ask? Well this my friends is my 'just got back from sweating at the gym and haven't taken a shower look'...charming I know (but c'mon we've all been there!)

My favourite thing about the top is the feminine detailing on the back. 
This outfit reminds me of this look I wore during the summer edition of 30x30. 

Here's to a fabulous weekend! Tonight I'm off to Ariana Assadi's Beauty Gala and will live tweeting from my personal account @tinfoilstiaras !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

tiaraiconcrazy cat lady in training

Jeans, Purse & Vest- Thrifted; Heels- Aldo; Bracelets & Earrings- Roadtrip; Glasses-Gucci
It's not everyday you see a crazy cat lady in training walking her ginger kitty on a leash wearing leopard print stilettos and Gucci glasses...but today I gave my neighbours that privilege! I've talked about my love for cats in previous posts (like here and here) but today I took that love to a whole new level by taking Marley for a walk.  He hated the leash and spent the whole time either trying to bite off the leash or rolling around, so really not much walking was involved.

My best friend brought me back this plaque from New Jersey which I proudly display in my front hall, next to a portion of my shoe collection.

Since Marley wasn't being a cooperative model I moved to my condo courtyard.  I rarely wear jeans and only own 5 pairs (which is a fraction of how many dresses I own!) but today was one of those days that begged for the effortless nature of jeans.  I scored this army inspired vest at my local thrift store for only $4.99 with the tags still on (don't you just love when that happens!) and I can't wait to remix it into my Autumn wardrobe!

So next time you take your dog, cat or pig (which is my future dream!) for a stroll, replace those sneakers with stilettos and see how fun walking can truly be! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

tiaraiconinspiration monday-short shorts and shine

Blouse- Thrifted; Tank Top- Smart Set; Shorts- Old Navy; Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Necklace- The Bay; Purse (used as a clutch)- Aldo; Nail Polish- Violet by Revlon

This is my first time linking up to Inspiration Monday over at two birds, where they post a weekly picture of a celebrity and our job is to re-create the look from our wardrobe.  Today's inspiration is Olivia Palermo, fashionista and villain extraordinaire from the reality shows The City.  She is one of my celeb style icons and I absolutely love her colourful, patterned blazer and bejewelled shorts.  Taking a quick scan of my blazers, I noticed that they are all neutrals (note to self: must buy a fun blazer) so I decided to swap for a patterned blouse, black short shorts (so short they are never worn outside the house for fear of ) and I wore my sequined Charlotte Russe booties for some shine.  

Add a conniving smirk, toothpick legs and wads of cash and I could basically be Olivia's twin!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

tiaraiconscarf sunday {4}

Pants & Vest Set- Thrifted; Ring-Aldo; Bracelet- Montreal (can't remember store); Scarf- London (can't remember store); Flats- Winners; Nail Polish- Violet by Revlon

I hadn't set foot on a bike in over a decade until a month ago when my main man decided that it was high time I  accompanied him on bike rides.  I just wanted a simple bike that would get me from point a to b so we picked up this adorable (and affordable!) powder blue bike at Walmart.  Except the women's bikes felt too large so we bought the girls' version (which looking at these photos may be a wee bit too small...)

The first time we went for a bike ride I was so wobbly I was weaving in and out of the bike paths as if I'd just taken a couple shots of tequila! Now I'm a natural- it's true what they say about never forgetting how to ride a bike! I love the feeling of wind in my hair and the burn in my muscles after we've gone up a few hills.  Today we rode our bikes to the grocery stores to get some fresh air and exercise while picking up some spinach and dryer sheets. {These photos aren't the best quality because it was after 7 p.m. and my poor Samsung camera can only do so much}.

I started Scarf Sundays as a way to incorporate my scarf collection into my outfits but the lightweight material and silver detailing of this scarf makes it one of my favourites so it has now been showcased twice (previously worn like this).

You can check out my other Scarf Sunday features here, here and here.

I picked up these studded flats for $20 at Winners and they are so versatile they have quickly become my go to for comfort and style (previously worn like this and this.

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." - JFK