Monday, August 30, 2010

Beginnings of a Blogger

From a young age there have been two consistencies in my life: helping those in need and doing so fashionably. For some these are separate entities but for me they are one in the same. When it came time for me to decide what to pursue for my undergraduate degree the choice was difficult. Should I study in Social Work to help change the lives of others or should I take a fashion degree and pursue my passion?

Practical parental guidance prevailed and I decided to move from the suburbs of Nova Scotia to the big city (relatively speaking) of Ottawa to attend Carleton University for my Bachelor of Social Work. Almost as soon as my studies commenced I regretted not going down the alternative path less traveled and studying about the great works of Karl Lagerfield, Dianne Von Furstenberg and Betsey Johnson (my personal favourite). But alas, practicality won and I decided to finish my four year degree in Social Work. I had amazing experiences- from volunteering as a Front Line Victim Support Worker to acting as Program Coordinator for the Court Accompaniment Program.

I loved the responsibility and leadership that was bestowed upon me in my undergraduate studies but still felt that my fashion fire was not being fuelled. That is when I began looking into the possibility of pursuing graduate studies in fashion. Since I did not have an undergraduate degree in fashion, my options in Canada were slim. I had always planned on completing my MBA in order to be the best possible leader that I could be so I started thinking that now is as good a time as ever!  I plan on attending the LIM College of Fashion in NYC starting in September 2011 to study an MBA in Fashion Merchandising.

For now, I am working as an Executive Assistant at St. John Ambulance but using my evenings and weekends to dabble in the world of fashion.  I am taking a Fashion Merchandising Course at Algonquin College and I spend my free time shopping at the Bank Street Antique Market, reading fashion magazines, watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" and working on my personal scrapbook of style.

My hopes is that with this blog I can share my "passion for fashion" with the readers and maybe inspire someone to create their own blog!  I plan on sharing my fashion writings, my style inspirations and my daily outfits on this blog.  I one day hope to open my own vintage boutique and name it "Tinfoils Tiaras" after my blog.

"Fashion fades, style is eternal"

~Yves Saint Laurent~



  1. great post ;-) i'm your biggest fan!

  2. Great blog, and I am honoured to recognize the red military-style jacket that I gave to you! I will be following your entries avidly! Well done,you!

  3. Hey, Em, good job, great to see you using your creative side. Nice layout of the blog. I am too "old school" as I am still struggling with the grammatical correctness of pluralizing Tinfoil ("Tinfoils") when used to describe Tiaras! ha ha. You can blame my Grade 7-8 English teacher, Mrs Shaw!


    Em, have you seen this movie yet?

    Love, Dad

  5. heyo sis! great blog the layout is awesome. You sound very professional and knowledgeable! Vey Carrie from sex and the city ;)
    love you sis and keep looking fab!

  6. hooray! now, i think you have your dream job, right? :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your blog has come so far. Now, you post pictures! :)


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