Monday, September 6, 2010

No White After Labour Day

Since today is September 6th and the well known fashion rule is that there is to be no white worn after Labour Day, I decided to throw on my white/cream coloured Anne Klein blazer (brand new from a thrift shop for $4.99!) and head out into the rainy streets of Ottawa.

I also decided to do some investigative work and according to Time, one of the reasons for this ban on white clothing is due to the change in temperature (white clothing is known for its cooling properties in the Summer-time).  Another explanation is that the no white rule is symbolic of 1950s wealthy, white-linen wearing vacationers, leaving their Summer retreats and heading back to work.

Whatever the reason, I am ready to put my Summer whites behind me and embrace the burnt oranges, crimson reds and walnut browns of Autumn.

Shift Dress- Smart Set; White Scallop Trim Blazer- Anne Klein; Necklace-The Bay
Nude Pumps- Aldo

Leopard Print Purse- Aldo
Bracelet- Roadtrip

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  1. it looks like you put your purse in a puddle!!!! hahaha... no but good post girlie!


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