Tuesday, June 28, 2011

shades of blue

Shorts- H&M (remixed like this); Blouse & Belt- Thrifted; Sandals-Suzy Shier; Hat- Alfred Sung for Zellers; Bracelet- Roadtrip; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon

Isn't it funny that when we change our hair colour, we often transform our clothing choices and ultimately our style as well?  As a blonde, I loved wearing red and pink in feminine outfits and now as a redhead I love donning yellow, green and blue in edgier and funkier looks. As much as I (sometimes) wish I was blonde again, there is something to be said for a change and even though I've had red hair for over 5 months now, it still catches me by surprise and can feel exciting and new.  If you're looking for an easy way to update your look, I would suggest starting with the hair. You can go shorter, get bangs, add highlights or extensions and you will feel like a whole new person.  Throughout the years I've been such a hair chameleon, that if I have the same hairstyle or colour for over a year, I feel like I'm stuck in a beauty rut! What about you, do you like switching your hair up or keeping it the same?


  1. I've never changed my hair color, but choosing colors to compliment it totally makes sense. You look gorgeous in bold blues!

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I'm with you - I get bored with one hairstyle for too long. I have, though, kept my hair short for the last 8-9 years because it's much easier to take care of.

    I love the ruffles on your blouse! Also love the way you wore your Anthro dress on the previous post. I have it too and have been thinking about adding it to my 30.

  3. That's an interesting concept. I've been thinking about trying a new hair-style (i.e., new wig), but I've tried before and never found anything I liked as much as what I have now. Perhaps I'll keep looking. You've inspired me to do that. :)

  4. I change my hair cut up here and there. Cute outfit.


  5. I've had so many different hair colors and cuts! It's such an easy way to get a whole new look...right now I'm about a month away from chopping it all off and dyeing it red.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. ant say i change my hair colour at all :S
    I keep thinking that Im going to have to dye my hair when I turn Grey so why not stay with my natural colour...it think it has something do to with being a dark brunette! and In the summer, it gets lighter...so I enjoy...

    loving your Hand M shorts!

    yay blue!

  7. If my boss was okay with dramatic and drastic, I'd probably change my hair more often (also if I could afford the maintenance). But, she's not and I can't, so I leave it alone. :)

    I love the mixed blues in this! You're adorable.

  8. I'm pretty boring with my hair. I love the red and I love it long. I only change it up with styling it.

    You look great in all those colors. Very rare for someone to be able to sport all those different colors. You're very lucky. I love the 2008 color!


  9. love your belt, it is such a fine piece :)


  10. One of my friends who dyes her hair a bit has told me the same thing. you look so cute x

  11. such a pretty blue, on a pretty girl. :)


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