Tuesday, March 29, 2011

beacon of bright

It's hard to believe that Friday is the first day of April as the weather in Ottawa is still freezing, today it felt like -11 celcius with the wind chill! But I'm no meteorologist, bright colours are more my forte.  So today I put on my brightest pair of coral pink pants and painted my nails a matching colour to brave the chill!

It was interesting to read all the comments about my hair colours- everyone liked something different! I will be staying red for now (I am loving the roots free look) but come summer I will start highlighting until I'm blonder than Marilyn Monroe!

Pants- H&M; Tee- Gap; Jacket- Thrifted; Necklace & Ring- Smart Set; Nail polish-Coral Pink by Sally Hansen


  1. You look amazing. I love that necklace. I'm searching for red jeans everywhere. I'm starting to get irritated with my search. But still hopeful.


  2. So love the coral. Great necklace, too.

  3. Love the pants!!
    Wish I had a pair
    The necklace is adorable as well
    So sorry that you are still dealing with winter
    It dropped back down to the high 50's (F) here for us and thought it was cold... perspective right

  4. I love the outfit. I think it's funny we both are digging coral during the freezing temperatures. I hope we get some warm weather soon!
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Great necklace and colorful pants. You got style, sister!

  6. I love the color coral! I am going to have to go pick up that nail polish. Super cute :)

  7. this outfit is super simple and cute. I really like the color of the pants

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  8. love the coral pants! you look fantastic. that necklace is great too!

    wanted to let you know I awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award." It's on today's post. Love your fashion sense!


  9. I love colored pants and the necklace is way cute. I hope it warms up for you.
    Write it in Lipstick

  10. the color of the pants is great, especially for this almost spring weather! oh how I wish it was warmer outside!

  11. I love love love those pink pants! Too cute!

  12. I love how the pink is so bring and in your face. Looks really pretty.

  13. The color of the pants is so cool! I like the necklace too!


  14. I really love your pink pants! If I had a car, I'd run over to H&M right now and get my own pair!

    star-crossed smile

  15. You are just rocking those pink pants! The badass necklace doesn't hurt, either.


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