Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kicking the Bucket

No one likes to think about death but it is important to set goals and aspirations that you hope to achieve before you kick the bucket.  Because I am a very impulsive and emotionally driven person, my hopes and dreams can change on a daily basis.  So here's my bucket list today (ask me again tomorrow and I'm sure I will have added/deleted a few!)

Apply for my green card and move to California (preferably Malibu or Beverly Hills)

Volunteer at an animal sanctuary and open my own someday (specifically for cats and pigs)

Be assertive

Become an entrepreneur to be reckoned with

Take a professional cooking class

Don't let fear guide my life

Travel to Greece, Egypt, India, Germany, Russia and Lebanon (the boy's place of birth)

Learn how to play the guitar

Run a marathon

Own two pet pigs named Petunia & Priscilla

Improve on my public speaking and presentation skills

Learn how to ride a motorcycle

Go scuba diving and/or snorkelling

Obtain my MBA

Act in community theatre

Write a book and if I'm lucky, get it published (all pictures courtesy of we heart it)

What's on your bucket list?


  1. A great bucket list. I might have to borrow some for mine. Never really thought about what I want to do before ... But your post is pretty inspirational to sit down & think about it.

  2. Great aspirations. Definitely learn to ride a motorcycle (or just hop on mine!) and take a cooking class. Both will improve your life in immeasurable ways.

  3. sounds like a very good list! I love all the inspirational fashion pictures =)

  4. love your photo choices for this list!

    Ottawa love

    kate xo

  5. love your blog header & title! i've been trying to form a bucket list for my last couple months of senior year of college; basically to have the most fun as humanly possible!

  6. Everyone needs a wish list. Quite a few of yours are the same as mine. Maybe I should add the pigs to mine as well....haha.


  7. Great bucket list! I especially love "be assertive"! Every woman should be! xo style, she wrote

  8. nice bucket list, I would like to climb some famous mountain before I die, and join the mile high club. that's mine. LOL. But yes I've been thinking of doing a cooking class for a while now, or a banking/cake decorating class, they seem fun. have a great weekend!

  9. Your bucket list is fantastic. Mine is constantly changing too this year I plan to run a half marathon (its a start!)

  10. Great bucket list! I also want to move to California! <3

  11. Thanks everyone! @popchampagne- maybe I'll steal your mile high club idea as well ;); @lex- wow good for you! I probably won't be ready for a few years! @shybiker- I would love to hop on your bike- next time you're in my neck of the woods or I'm in yours!

  12. I have a lot in common with you bucket list. I really home to travel to Paris, and Rome. I would love to own a business and watch it succeed. I want to learn guitar. Another really big thing is I want to learn to sew, and be able to whip up my own designs.
    My Heart Blogged

  13. nice list. I hope you get to accomplish them all :)


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