Friday, March 25, 2011

please ignore the cat hair

As a proud owner of two cats (Marley & Mama Sita) it is a rare day that my clothes are not covered from head to toe in their fur.  Lint rollers are my best friend but they can only get you so far when your cat insists on sleeping in your wardrobe, particularly on your new black dress.  Ah well it's the price we pay for feline companionship.  I would take furry black clothes over a catless existence any day. (And if you havene't figured it out by now I am the younger more stylish version of the crazy cat lady!)

Ring- Zellers; Nail Polish- Fig by Joe Fresh&Speed Dating by Rimmel (please ignore the random cat hair)

Jacket- Smart Set; Shirt- H&M; Scarf-street stall in London; Skirt- Thrifted; Boots- Spring; Glasses- Gucci


  1. Cute, colorful outfit. I've spent most of my life covered with either cat or dog hair. If that's the price we have to pay, I'll pay it. :)

  2. You looks so cute, and I love love all the color. My cats lay on all of my clothes but I'm not getting rid of their cute faces anytime soon lol.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. Bwahaha I totally understand you about the animal hair! Luckily my pup is too short to reach my wardrobe! Happy belated B'day!

  4. Lol, you are way more stylish than any crazy cat lady out their.

    Write it in Lipstick

  5. what a fun outfit! i really LOVE that plaid jacket. very VERY cute!!!

  6. Haha...when you love your pets, nothing else matters. I wouldn't swap my dog for he world. And love all the colours in these photos.


  7. Cats are perfection. I miss my kitty.

    I love this outfit, all of the colors work perfectly together and I'm dying over those boots. I vow to find a great pair of camel boots next winter! I will do it!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  8. Cat hair is the new Glitter-thing, looks awesome I bet I'll see that style all over new york city! -MacD

  9. I really like that pretty green scarf!


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