Thursday, June 30, 2011

tiaraicontantalizing tan

Dress- Topshop (remixed like this); Heels- Pierre Dumas; Bracelet- The Bay; Tan- Spray-on :)

Because sometimes a freckly red head gal just wants a bit of colour...ya hear? Yes ok, I got more than a bit of colour, in fact when I first looked in the mirror I thought to myself "good grief, I'm a mix between an oompa loompa and a sun worshipping goddess!"

Since I was as pale as the underbelly of a fish yesterday (another of my Mum's infamous sayings), it's clear I didn't develop this tan overnight.  Nope I finally bit the bullet and got a sunless tan.  Instead of standing in a spray tanning booth attempting the awkward positions, I had an EXTREMELY tanned (as in "is she still Caucasian"?) girl airbrush my tan with a tanning "gun" to ensure smooth coverage.  I did however forget my bathing suit top (remember when I forgot my sneakers for the gym?) and since I didn't want to stain my bra, I reluctantly accepted her offer of nipple covers.  Which was all fine and dandy until they started slipping and eventually one fell off completely, creating an unbalanced symmetry in the colour of my chest....but you don't want to hear about that!
Here is my natural skin colour (and folks, no matter how long I spend in the sun it doesn't get any darker than this, just more freckled and burnt!) and voila my 10 minutes and $40 later instant tan!

I love how the tan makes my teeth pop, my muscles glisten (muscles in progress that is) and my hair shine.  Plus I don't have an ounce of makeup on and I feel great!

There's a few uneven patches that will hopefully fix themselves after I take the 24 hr later shower.

I kept the outfit simple with my favourite LBD and some silver accessories to highlight the darker skin tone (don't mind the green object by my left food, it's my cats' beloved toy mouse).

Is orange skin the new black? ;) I'll let you know how it looks after a few days and a couple of showers but even with the flaws I feel so much more confident and ready to hit the beach! You know what they say "fake it till you make it"- well I'm never going to tan naturally so bring on the faking!

tiaraiconhalfway there

Skirt (remixed like this), Top (remixed like this) & Belt- Thrifted; Shoes- Fergalicious by Fergie; Bracelet- Aldo; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon
The summer edition of Kendi Everyday’s 30x30 remixing challenge is halfway through and I can already feel my creativity starting to wane.  The weather in Ottawa is on and off, one day we'll have a torrential rain and thunder storm and the next day it’s humid and sticky which makes it difficult to dress for.  Adding 8 pairs of shoes into the remix wasn’t my brightest moment either- I think 5 or even 6 would have been sufficient!

However I love the concept of the challenge, it’s so refreshing to find new ways to wear your outfits and go shopping in your closet instead of at the mall (although I do love a good thrift store shopping spree!) I’m yet to decide on my 30th remixing piece, I’m thinking a floral yellow romper to wear to the Canada Day festivities tomorrow but I’ll let the weather dictate that one...

A question for all you fellow remixers, are you finding the summer version challenging or are you staying on track? I personally found the winter version much easier, probably because Ottawa's winters are as cold as Siberia leaving you little option of what to wear, making the clothing selection simple pimple, easy squeezy (I think I inherited that gem of a saying from my Mum!)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tiaraiconshades of blue

Shorts- H&M (remixed like this); Blouse & Belt- Thrifted; Sandals-Suzy Shier; Hat- Alfred Sung for Zellers; Bracelet- Roadtrip; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon

Isn't it funny that when we change our hair colour, we often transform our clothing choices and ultimately our style as well?  As a blonde, I loved wearing red and pink in feminine outfits and now as a redhead I love donning yellow, green and blue in edgier and funkier looks. As much as I (sometimes) wish I was blonde again, there is something to be said for a change and even though I've had red hair for over 5 months now, it still catches me by surprise and can feel exciting and new.  If you're looking for an easy way to update your look, I would suggest starting with the hair. You can go shorter, get bangs, add highlights or extensions and you will feel like a whole new person.  Throughout the years I've been such a hair chameleon, that if I have the same hairstyle or colour for over a year, I feel like I'm stuck in a beauty rut! What about you, do you like switching your hair up or keeping it the same?

Monday, June 27, 2011

tiaraiconmama and me

Dress- Anthropologie; Jacket- Thrifted (remixed like this); Sandals- Old Navy (remixed like this); Purse & Belt- Thrifted; Nail Polish- Butterfly by Revlon

My Mum flew up to spend the weekend with me and we had such great mother-daughter moments that I (almost) wish she could be a permanent house guest! I treated her to her first pedicure (and now she's hooked!); we mooched around the library, art gallery and shops; we played Rock Band and Wii Sports (also a new experience for her); ate great food and most importantly laughed, cried, chatted and gossiped.  I only see her every 6 months or so (she was living in England for 6 years and now she's in Nova Scotia) so I treasure the time we spend together.  As great as friends and romantic relationships are, sometimes you just need to hang out with your Mum!

I previously wore this Anthropologie dress to Malibu Beach on my trip to California in November and fell in love with its bright colours, lightweight fabric and flouncy skirt. 

This romper is one of the most comfortable pieces in my closet and I adore the fuschia and white stripes and deep pockets.  Only problem is, my legs are glowing in the dark...I'm seriously contemplating a spray on tan this week...

Blouse (remixed like this); Romper; Sandals; Purse & Bracelet- Thrifted; Sunglasses- Aldo; Necklace- The Bay

I'm already counting down the days to Christmas when my Mum and I are reunited! (She's wearing a floral blouse she bought at my local neighbourhood thrift store....where I broke the 30x30 shopping ban- I couldn't resist the great finds!!!)

Friday, June 24, 2011

tiaraiconoh, joy and bliss...mother is visiting and is being the guest blogger!

Skirt- H&M(also remixed like this); Chambray Shirt- Liz Clairborne (also remixed like this); Heels- Spring; Necklace- Smart Set; Bracelet-The Bay; Headband- Primark
My Mum's guest post:

I arrived in Ottawa yesterday evening, after a two hour delayed flight.  If you are reading MY blog,, you will appreciate that Brian and I are living (happily) in a construction site.  It is quite a change to stay in completed houses/condos that have flooring, walls and lighting fixtures.

I had a great visit with my dear friend Carrie.  We talked a lot.  In fact, we talked for England and Canada combined!  We had a delicious lunch at "The Two Monkeys" in Barrhaven, and Carrie gave me some great preschool art ideas.  She is an Early Childhood Educator, and really knows her stuff.  We also shopped at Value Village, Loblaws and Dollarama.  I bought some great supplies for the kid's summer art camps I will be running back in Nova Scotia later in July/August.

Then to "the boy" and Emily's lovely condo for a delicious vegetarian taco and salad dinner.  We then watched a hilarious English show called "The Idiot Abroad"

Although I lived in Ottawa for several years, I had forgotten how moist and hot the humidity levels are, and how grateful you are for air conditioning.  The rain this afternoon was amazingly torrential, but the Barrhaven people struggling with a water ban were probably grateful!

I am being treated to a pedicure and spa visit this weekend!   Such fun.  Emily will be back with you next post! 

Mother (with bunions, yes, I am aged) showing young Emily that she can stand without putting her little toes together like a pigeon

She doesn't quite understand, so I manually position her tootsies

This was taken before foot re-positioning occured, and I am holding up young, hairy Marley.  He is actually quite a charming cat.  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mama Sita, as she is still hiding under the bed.

I would like the gentle readers to know that I too had a waist this petite, many moons ago!

Trying to block out Mother's words of advice!!!

Emily's sidebar: My Mum and I will be spending the weekend catching up, getting pampered at the spa and enjoying some quality mother-daughter time.  I'll be back in the blogosphere on Monday and can't wait to see how y'all spent your weekends!

P.S. Because I'm the goody two shoes daughter (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Steph), my Mum was presented with this early birthday goodie bag upon arrival:

This beautiful beach bag was embroidered by one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Silvergirl!

Check out more of her work at Silver Needle Designs.

A few of my Mum's favourite things.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

tiaraiconamateur actor

Pants & Tee- GAP; Heels- Fergalicious by Fergie; Earrings- Aldo; Belt- Thrifted

Last night a friend and I went to see the play "Exs and Oh's" at the Ottawa Fringe Festival which was all about sex and scandal.  It had us both in hysterics and left me reminiscing about my days as an amateur actor.  I use this term very briefly as it mostly meant acting in my church plays (albeit lead roles) and participating in my high school drama club.  I was also on the actor roster at a Nova Scotian talent agency and even scored a few gigs (and well paying at that!) as a young woman talking to her doctor about STI's....Don't worry it wasn't for the local strip club, it was scenario acting for medical students!

These pictures were taken downtown Ottawa, at the same location I posed for these shots.

The only thing I don't like about these cropped pants is how wrinkly they get!

If I had more time, I would volunteer at a dinner theatre to act in murder mysteries.  I just love the adrenaline and the pre-stage jitters, not to mention the dressing up component of acting! There's something about the vulnerability of performing in front of a live audience that makes we want to throw up and do a happy dance at the same time.  Since my schedule is currently jam packed, I will leave the drama for my personality!

Skirt, Blouse & Bracelet- Thrifted; Wedges- Steve Madden; Earrings- Gifted; Glasses- Gucci

Do you like watching plays? How about acting in them?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

tiaraiconout & about

I am without a photographer/boyfriend once again although don't worry it's just temporary, he is travelling on yet another work trip (starts to lose its glamour after a while).  I thought I would share with you some photos of what I've been up to recently in my work life, volunteer life and personal life.  Warning: photo heavy post!

Ringside for Youth

This was a charity boxing event for work held about a month ago, one of my 15 hour long work days!  If any of you are boxing fans, Lennox Lewis was our guest of honour (I had no idea who he was...)

With some of my colleagues.  My Dress- Anthropologie

There were young women flaunting their goodies strutting around to convince the (90% male clientele) to buy raffle tickets and then I swooped in and processed their credit card...
Camp Smitty

This is a kid's summer camp that my organization supports.  We had a team building day a few weeks ago where we helped stain the boy's bathroom.  I disovered that me+manual labour+humidity= heat exhaustion.

Outfit: Just joking ;)

Stepping Out

This was an event for the non-profit organization Dress for Success that I volunteer for.  The theme was "stepping out" so you were supposed to wear your funkiest shoes. 
Shoes- Pour la Victoire, See my outfit here.  {Photo credit: Maureen Murphy}

I am Fashion- Rip the Fab Lane

I helped style the Lilac Lingerie models for this fabulous fashion show, adorning their hair with freshly cut lilacs. 

Kathleen (Marcia B Creative), Me, Emilia (owner of Lilac Lingerie) and Lexie (Marcia B Creative) My Outfit: Dress- GAP; Scarf-Thrifted; Heels- Priceless UK

{Photo credits: Marcia B Creative}
A friend and I had a mini shopping spree at AMH Style Consignment store and here are some of my favourite looks I tried on (I ended up buying the yellow pumps and the purple belt).

Richard Robinson Showcase

I was so excited to attend the Richard Robinson Showcase on behalf of Lilac Lingerie a couple of weekends ago.  I live tweeted the event, took photos and wrote notes (what a multi-tasker!)  The showcase was a 3 hour long fashion show comprised of fashion design students' collections, bustiers, wedding dresses, swimwear, ready-to-wear and couturier pieces.  I was in fashion heaven!

ML of Twenty York Street, myself and Laura from Ottawa Fashion Week. { Photo Credit: Ottawa Fashion Week}

Outfit: Dress- Thrifted (brand new with the tags still on from the previous owner's trip to Japan!); Shoes- Aldo