Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Malibu Barbie & Muscle Beach

"You totally ripped off my Malibu Barbie costume! Nuh uh I'm Disco Barbie...and I'm Evening Wear Barbie!" -Never Been Kissed

When staying in Beverly Hills, the boy and I decided to take a day trip to visit Malibu, Venice and Santa Monica all in one go.  Malibu is referred to as a sleepy bedroom community, where waves lap against the shore and shopping at the local hardware store is compared to Rodeo Drive splurges.  I loved Malibu in all its sleepiness glory.  The sun was shining, the people were friendly and the pace of life was slow and peaceful. 


Wow what a place! Visualize a fairground made for adults and you're in Venice Beach.  We started the trip with a mandatory stop at the Gotta Have it Vintage Shop where I scored a green lace Juicy Couture dress for $30; a red lace pencil skirt for $20 and an embellished Alice & Olivia dress for $20! We then shared a yummy avocado burrito at some hole in the wall before continuing to the Beach. And that's where things got crazy.  First of all Muscle Beach actually exists and it is basically a bunch of over-tanned, muscular men pumping iron for all to see.  (I was too embarassed to take any photos!) We then walked along the strip of shops and vendors- where apparently marijuna is as common as coffee and all you have to do is visit the Marijuna Medical Doctor for a prescription! Homeless men were not afraid to be blunt and some of my favourite signs included "My parents were eaten by pigeons, I need money to buy a BB gun"; "I'm not gonna lie, I want money for a blunt and a beer" and "I will work for Marijuana." The best part of our few hours spent in Venice was renting a bike built for two and cruising along the shoreline (and when I say cruising I mean barely moving my legs at all while the boy pushed the pedal to the medal!) We also picked up a really cute handpainted skull to display proudly back home in the boudoir.

You'll look sweet upon a seat of a bicycle built for two

Santa Monica

And I remember the day that you left for Santa Monica...the song the boy and I sang like a broken record en route. Unfortunately, the sun was setting as we made our way to Santa Monica so we didn't get to see it in all its sunlit splendour.  We did however, go skating on the miniature sized ice rink that passes as Winter fun in California.  Then on to a fabulous designer outlet store where dreams came true right before my eyes.  Michael Kors wedge sandals for $150- why not!? I only allowed myself one indulgence and that was a pair of suede purple embellished boots by Pour la Victoire discounted from $350 to $90!!! Shut the front door! We then dined at an Asian restaurant called Xino before my mini shopping spree in Charlotte Russe at the glamourous Santa Monica Place shopping centre. 

A shoe lovers heaven

The beautiful view from Xino
The boots- drool! (Better picture to follow)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. i love all 3 barbies in the first picture!! how adorable. only in Malibu! :)

    thank you so much for checking out my blog and for your lovely comments.

  2. YOU WERE THERE? Oh my, that is uber cool! I've been to SanFran and other places but not Venice Beach and Santa Monica and all these beautiful dig you've been to.

    WOW, I'm jelly! Especially after seeing the purple boots!

    Love the photos Em!

    On a separate note, I have an upcoming interview with DFS, I'd like to do it when you're around.. I'd love to meet you!



  3. I'm still in Cali- in San Diego right now- ahh the sun! I would love to go to SanFran- next time! Congrats on the interview- I wouldn't be doing it- but the girls are super nice! Let's do coffee sometime at Planet Coffee- my BFF lives in the 24 YS building so I'm always in the area!

  4. Ah! Jalous! it was so cold in Ottawa today. Count your lucky stars you weren't here to witness the beginning of winter :(

    Love the never been kissed quote. I think there was a point in my life where i knew ever line in that movie i watched it so many times!


  5. cool pictures! and my god that does look like a show heaven! and real beaches with sand? wow. yesterday was freezing and raining and apparaently it will snow tomorrow, I'm not looking forward to that...

  6. Ah, this looks just so California! I wanted to go to Venice Beach on a layover recently, but couldn't get rid of my stupid suitcase. Next time, next time. ; )


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