Friday, June 24, 2011

oh, joy and bliss...mother is visiting and is being the guest blogger!

Skirt- H&M(also remixed like this); Chambray Shirt- Liz Clairborne (also remixed like this); Heels- Spring; Necklace- Smart Set; Bracelet-The Bay; Headband- Primark
My Mum's guest post:

I arrived in Ottawa yesterday evening, after a two hour delayed flight.  If you are reading MY blog,, you will appreciate that Brian and I are living (happily) in a construction site.  It is quite a change to stay in completed houses/condos that have flooring, walls and lighting fixtures.

I had a great visit with my dear friend Carrie.  We talked a lot.  In fact, we talked for England and Canada combined!  We had a delicious lunch at "The Two Monkeys" in Barrhaven, and Carrie gave me some great preschool art ideas.  She is an Early Childhood Educator, and really knows her stuff.  We also shopped at Value Village, Loblaws and Dollarama.  I bought some great supplies for the kid's summer art camps I will be running back in Nova Scotia later in July/August.

Then to "the boy" and Emily's lovely condo for a delicious vegetarian taco and salad dinner.  We then watched a hilarious English show called "The Idiot Abroad"

Although I lived in Ottawa for several years, I had forgotten how moist and hot the humidity levels are, and how grateful you are for air conditioning.  The rain this afternoon was amazingly torrential, but the Barrhaven people struggling with a water ban were probably grateful!

I am being treated to a pedicure and spa visit this weekend!   Such fun.  Emily will be back with you next post! 

Mother (with bunions, yes, I am aged) showing young Emily that she can stand without putting her little toes together like a pigeon

She doesn't quite understand, so I manually position her tootsies

This was taken before foot re-positioning occured, and I am holding up young, hairy Marley.  He is actually quite a charming cat.  I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Mama Sita, as she is still hiding under the bed.

I would like the gentle readers to know that I too had a waist this petite, many moons ago!

Trying to block out Mother's words of advice!!!

Emily's sidebar: My Mum and I will be spending the weekend catching up, getting pampered at the spa and enjoying some quality mother-daughter time.  I'll be back in the blogosphere on Monday and can't wait to see how y'all spent your weekends!

P.S. Because I'm the goody two shoes daughter (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Steph), my Mum was presented with this early birthday goodie bag upon arrival:

This beautiful beach bag was embroidered by one of my favourite fashion bloggers, Silvergirl!

Check out more of her work at Silver Needle Designs.

A few of my Mum's favourite things.


  1. I'm finding it hilarious that your mom is moving your toes around! That's exactly the kind of thing my mom used to do. Thank Heaven for mothers!

  2. Haha I wish my mom was here! Mom advice can be unsolicited but I would have it no other way :)

  3. I totally miss my mum in Edmonton right now!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. okay, you guys are so sweet! i love that you had your mom guest post. and i love that striped skirt!

  5. Goodness, you two are ADORABLE! I hope you have a lovely visit together! :)

  6. This is a great post.

  7. Such an adorable post, have fun with your mama!

  8. Fun! Happy early birthday to your mom! :)

    I love your shoes!!!

  9. Hi Em's mom! Nice post! :)

  10. First, I love your skirt. Stripes are so right now.
    Second, it is totally awesome that your mom guest posted on your blog. I think that is the cutest thing everrrrrr.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Wonderful outfit! I love your skirt and top, and of course the nail color is so amazing!!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  12. This post is so cute!!! Aww I love your mom!

  13. hahahaha this is so funny I love it. Now you listen to your Mum she knows best!

  14. this post made me so happy. i wish i had a mom as sweet and involved as yours.

    also, LOVE the silvergirl bag. super cute. brett did a great job.


  15. em, nice idea to have your mum as guest blogger. what thoughtful presents! lucy maud montgomery is one of my fave authors. i've never seen a poetry book of hers before.

    1. Thanks Teddi! Yes I was so happy to find the book of poems- I will have to borrow it next time I visit her- never got the chance to read it myself! P.S. I'm replying on here because I don't have your e-mail address- not sure if it will work ;)


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