Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pretty {Freezing} in Pink

The weather forecast in Ottawa currently reads at -20 degrees Celcius. And it is only the third week in December.  It's about to get a whole lot colder my friends, brace yourselves! I have officially commenced hibernation season, only leaving the condo for work, food and the occasional social event.  I have already put on a few pounds to keep me warm over the winter!  There is one consolation prize though: wearing scarves, hats, mittens and (my favourite) earmuffs! So grab a mug of apple cider, throw on that knitted hat and take a walk through the wintery wonderland! And if you don't have snow where you live, here are some pictures to get you into the seasonal spirit.

Walking to the bus

The view from my office

Marley follows me everywhere- even if that means getting his paws cold!

Jacket- Old Navy
Scarf- Tie Rack
Earmuffs & Gloves- Aldo
Boots- Thrifted
Pink Tights- Primark

Marley left his prints in the snow too


  1. You prove that bright colors warm up even cold temps. Love the purple.

    Is that a terrace you have? Lovely backdrop. Can I borrow it?!

  2. You can borrow the snow anytime you want! :) I'm on my condo balcony but we have a lovely terrace with a garden and BBQ below (great for the summer not the snow!) :)

  3. Oh, I am lovin' that jacket from ON, I mean, really it's from ON? It's beautiful!

    God the snow!



  4. Thanks everyone! ML- not only is it from ON, I only paid $40!!! They have a bunch of them in black and some in green :)

  5. Shivering..of course, we just got a couple of inches just dumped on us too. The snow plow finally went by.

    Love the pink tights..great earmuffs too!

    stay warm!

  6. ON can have some nice stuff for cheap! I love the snowy pictures. You've inspired me to go out and take some pictures of my own. Hating the cold, but like you love to wear fuzzy warm accessories and hot drinks.

    Thanks for all you sweet support. I will take you up on that get together... Maybe after the holiday maddness?!? We will figure it out. I know you are heading off across the pond soon.

  7. Very pretty, love the pink details :-)

    Happy Holidays, much love: Evi


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