Thursday, September 29, 2011

tiaraiconawkward, awesome & thrifted

Pants-Wallis, UK(Thrifted) & Top-Anne Klein (Thrifted); Belt- Thrifted; Heels- Suzy Shier ($5); Necklace- Macy's ($5) & Nail Polish- Stilleto Red by Revlon
That's right folks, I'm being a challenge hoarder again and linking up to Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters & The Daybook's Awkward & Awesome Thursday (because there was a whole lot of awkward this week!)


*Well for starters my first pose is pretty awkward- my back-up photographer (who just so happens to be my best friend) told me I looked very 70s with the high waisted wide legged trousers so that's how that pose came to be!

*Remember Tuesday's tweet:

Tinfoil Tiaras
I just had to youtube how to open a wine bottle- is that sad or what? Guess I'm so used to the cheap screw tops!
27 Sep via web

Yes well even after watching this video (which is awkward enough as it is), I still couldn't figure it out and ending up mutilating the cork (and yes if you are wondering I am university educated- awkward!)

*Monday night's fire alarm in my condo at 1 a.m. and having to go outside in my Spongebob Squarepants pjs (my excuse for the flannel nightwear? My man was in a different province)

*Last night at around 1 a.m. (seems to be my witching hour), being awoken to the most terrifying banging on my door.  As I was still home alone I snuck out (again in my Spongebob pjs) with the cordless phone in my hand, ready to dial 911 only to find out that it was my female cat stuck in the litter box.  Yes I had (once again) put the cat flap on the wrong way- last time it locked them out so they went to the toilet on the hardwood floor whereas last night they could get in but couldn't get out so she was banging her head against the flap like a mad woman, not wanting to spend the night in her own feces.  Oh boy!

*Recording a 16 minute video (yes I'm a rambler) for Colour Blind's Thrifters Anonymous link up only to discover that my head was cropped out and the focus was on my low cut shirt....but not wanting to re-record (hey there was some classic material in there!) I will still be posting it, so stay tuned for that (to be posted Monday!)

This outfit reminds me of the all black ensemble I wore here , with pops of colour in the accessories.


*Receiving a beautiful Persona (like a Pandora) bracelet from my man as a 'just because I'm sweet' gift from his work travels to Edmonton (once the bracelet is resized I will showcase it on the blog!)

*Being interviewed for a blogger profile from Jason from Thread Beat, a new online fashion magazine in Ottawa.

*Taking a mini vacay this weekend to Montreal to celebrate a good friend's birthday and see the Jean Paul Gaulthier exhibit at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (although this is in the future, I just know it will be awesome!)

*Finding the perfect bright colour combination for autumn (outfit to be featured on my blog Sunday).

*Having a culinary orgasmic experience with a good friend (hey get your head out of the gutter!) at a new intimate and eclectic restaurant called Back Lane Cafe.  Their margherita pizza was divine and the best part is it's within walking distance from my condo!

What were your awkward and awesome moments this week?

Monday, September 26, 2011

tiaraiconinspiration monday-sequin & glitz

Jeans- Gap; Blazer & Necklace- Thrifted; Sequin Tank & Belt-Ann Taylor Loft; Flats- Payless Shoes; Clutch- Gifted from ML
It's Inspiration Monday over at two birds & today's inspiration is the stunning Ali Larter.  While I may not be platinum blonde anymore, I decided to try and mimic her look with existing pieces from my wardrobe.  (Sorry for the awful quality of the photos- this is one of those outfits that translates better in person!)  I don't have a long sleeved sequin encrusted kimono (although if I can find one on sale or while thrifting than I won't be able to resist!); so I added the sparkle and shine with my sequin tank and gold sparkly flats.  As far as the acid washed jeans go, I don't think I've owned a pair as light as Ali's since Junior High School because I find the dark washes so much more flattering (and slimming- not that Ali needs the extra help!) I did however unearth this faded pair of Gap jeans that I bought back in High School when I worked at the Gap and received a 50% discount (those were the days!)

This week I am also linking up to ColourBlind's Thrifters Anonymous meeting...Hello my name is Emily and I am a thriftaholic! I stumbled across Shana's fun and fabulous blog last week and was enthralled by her (and her photographer's) amazing thrifting finds (plus she even featured me the comment of the week- pretty neat huh!) I thrifted this blazer for $4 at Guy's Frenchy's (an East Coast cult thrift store) and the necklace was $1 from Value Village.  Although the rest of my outfit isn't thrifted- everything was on sale- I bought the jeans years ago when I worked at the Gap (50% discount); the sequin tank was on sale for $10 at Ann Taylor Loft; the belt was on sale for $10 at Ann Taylor Loft and the sparkly flats were on sale for $20 at Payless Shoes.  So in total my outfit cost $75 (which is actually quite expensive for me but when you think of how much Ali Larter's look probably cost well then I feel like a thrifting queen!)

* (Next Monday I'm going to link up a thrifting confession video as I have been a bonafide thriftaholic as of late!) *

Sunday, September 25, 2011

tiaraiconscarf sunday - polka dotted gypsy woman

Pants- Gap (Thrifted); Purse- Thrifted; Top- Spoof; Scarf- Vintage; Heels- Spring; Bracelets- Zellers; Nail Polish- Vintage by Revlon
My outfit's polka dots may be subtle but they're present so I'm linking up to Silverstyle's Trending Through the Decades: Polka Dots Challenge (psst if you haven't already checked out her blog, head on over, you won't be disappointed!) I bought this dramatically sleeved blouse for $7 brand-new at a quirky little boutique named Spoof on my recent trip to Toronto.  I paired it with these pale pink thrifted Gap trousers and burgundy coloured peep toed heels that I've had for years.  I am a huge fan of scarves, I gravitate towards the scarves and belts immediately while thrifting or vintage shopping.  I wore this outfit to a family luncheon a couple of weeks ago with the scarf tied around my purse's strap but I also really like the scarf on my head reminiscent of a gypsy (although if you've watched the strangely addictive reality show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding you'll know what I mean when I say I'm wearing way too much clothing and not enough glitz and glam for them!)  

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

tiaraiconsay what?!

Pants ($2.99-worn previously like this), Top ($2.50), Belt ($1.50) & Purse ($1.99)- Thrifted; Heels- Suzy Shier ($5); Bracelets- Macy's ($3.99); Nail Polish- Cerise by Sally Hansen

"Blogging isn't writing, it's just graffiti with punctuation." -Dr. Ian Sussman (Contagion)

Say what?! Now for those of you who haven't seen the new sci-fi thriller "Contagion" you may not know who Dr. Ian Sussman is but you can still appreciate the context of the quote.  As soon as the words came out of the actor's mouth, my man turned to me and winked while I tried to decide whether or not I should take personal offense to the quote.  I love blogging and view it as a creative outlet but by no means do I consider myself a fashion writer.  As far as blogging being compared to graffiti- I would take this as a compliment as I believe graffiti (unless defacing places of worship or work) can be a creative expression of street art at its finest.  However if Dr. Ian Sussman was comparing us bloggers to the gang symbols and hate crimes scattered across urban businesses, than I would like to think that blogging is a more eloquent form of self expression. 

Blogging: term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives. -Urban Dictionary 

Sadly I think this is the perception that many non-bloggers have about us fashion bloggers because to the unaware it seems like all we do is post pictures about ourselves and gush about our outfits.  I think it's a beautiful community, full of creative, thought provoking and inspiring men and women who blog about fashion because it's what they know and love.  I don't consider myself to be narcissistic- in fact I'm quite shy and insecure and as far as having enough time- if only! I choose to set aside time in my busy schedule for blogging because it's something I am passionate about. Most fashion blogs that I read are written by successful, kind and encouraging people who blog because they love it, not because of an over-inflated ego! Just look at one of my favourite bloggers Sweet & Sage who recently posted about staying true to herself and blogging about what makes her heart sing!

Now on to the outfit-after all I need to bore you with tedious clothing details ;) I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago but due to my 'photographer's' work-related absence these are the only pictures I could conjure up (unless of course you would like to see my pajama clad sickly self lying in a kleenex covered bed!) This isn't my favourite outfit and the pieces aren't exactly fashion magazine material but this is real life and I truly believe the colourful accessories took this look from drab to fab! I'm linking up to Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters because everything is thrifted with the exception of my heels and jewellery (which were so cheap, it's basically the same!)

I'd love to hear what you have to say- do you believe that (fashion) blogging is comparable to graffiti created by narcissists? Why or why not?

Monday, September 19, 2011

tiaraiconinspiration monday- floral fanatic

Dress- Lucy Love (worn previously like this); Tights- Gap; Blazer- Old Navy (Thrifted); Boots- Thrifted; Ring- H&M; Nail Polish-Blue my Mind by Rimmel ; Sunglasses- Aldo

Two birds sure know how to injest fun into Mondays with their Inspiration Monday challenge.  This week's celebrity inspiration is the spunky actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.  I don't have a floral maxi dress and it was particularly warm outside so I decided to draw from the floral pattern paired with the blazer for my take.  I love, love, love this dress-it can be worn for a night on the town (check out the sexy back cut-outs here) or during the day with fun accessories and a cover-up.  With today's warm weather it almost felt like summer is here to stay...wishful thinking from a disgruntled Canadian! :)

This outfit I wore back in June is more similar to the Inspiration Monday look with its longer hemline and solid coloured blazer.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

tiaraiconfor fast acting relief, try slowing down!

Top, Skirt, Belt, Heels- Thrifted; Jewellery- The Bay; Nail Polish- Vintage by Revlon

What a week! It started off with the beginning of my Masters programme classes and finished with me on the verge of a nervous breakdown! Because I held down two jobs, volunteered and managed to find time for a social life during my undergraduate studies, I assumed the same would hold for my graduate degree.  But no ma'am, the amount of weekly reading I need to do for my program is a full-time job within itself! I've had a very emotional week so much so that I even thought about quitting my Masters (and my blog!) Until today when I realized this is MY life and I am able to make whichever decisions I want.  And if I can have a Masters degree in under a year with a manageable debt coming out of the program than by golly that's what I'm going to do! And quit blogging- one of my favourite hobbies and methods of self care? No way! So instead I put in my two weeks today at work but will continue to do freelance writing and social media for Lilac Lingerie, a job that I love due to its creativity and flexibility.  I will have to cut down my blogging but hope to remain active in the blogosphere for at least 2-3 days a week! So don't fear, Tinfoil Tiaras is still here (with some degree of mental sanity intact!) :)

"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness."  ~Richard Carlson

This top is actually navy blue and has padded shoulders- which I love (I think I should have been born in a different era!)

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Speaking of thrifting (well technically we weren't but my outfit is almost entirely thrifted so...) Dress for Success Ottawa is holding an overstock sale tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th from noon-3 p.m. at the boutique located at 1339 Wellington Street.  I volunteer as a Boutique Manager with Dress for Success, which is an incredible organization that prepares disadvantaged women for the workforce by providing them with clothing and interview assistance.  If you're in the area, you should stop by, you won't be disappointed! (Whenever I'm volunteering, I see oodles of things I would love to have in my wardrobe so now's my chance!)

Monday, September 12, 2011

tiaraiconinspiration monday and giveaway winner

Jeans, Shoes, Belt & Bracelets- Thrifted; Top- Spoof (Boutique in Toronto); Nail Polish- Vintage by Rimmel
It's the time of the week again- Inspiration Monday over at two birds! Today we're channeling the ever-chic Rachel Bilson who manages to make a simple blouse and jeans look like the height of fashion!  My man will attest to the fact that I don't wear jeans often, in fact whenever I do his eyes light up as to him, jeans, a tee and sneakers are the sexiest attire a woman can wear (unless I'm lounging on the couch, I won't go that grunge!) I did however grab this pair of slightly flared jeans from the back of my closet to pair with this white flowy blouse and simple accessories.  I liked the end result so much (worn this weekend to see the movie "Contagion"- a must watch!); that I've decided this will be my outfit for my *first day of school tomorrow!

And now for my 1 year blog-versary giveaway winner.  My man helped me create an Excel spreadsheet (I may be a Masters student now but I'm still technologically challenged!) of names written in entry order.  I then used to randomize the entries and here is a sample screenshot, highlighting the winner... Lei of the White Sky Project! Congratulations and thanks to everyone for entering and celebrating my blog's 1 year anniversary!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

tiaraiconthe canadian version of NYC

Sometimes a mini vacation is just what you need to clear your head and relieve some stress.  That's exactly what I did Labour Day weekend when my man and I drove to Toronto (Canada's answer to NYC).  Even though I live only 4 hours away, the last time I was in the city I was looking at Universities with my Dad and sister.  We had a wonderful weekend filled with walking, site-seeing, eating, catching up with old friends, exploring, a little shopping (I restrained myself!) and more eating.  Here are some of my favourite snapshots of the weekend.

the city:

The view from the CN Tower's Sky Pod- 1465 ft high!

Standing on the glass floor- not for the faint of heart!

The CN Tower in all its glory

Kensington Market- a multicultural district of restaurants and shops

I'm a granola so I loved this!

My techie

Outside Cirque du Soleil where we saw the new show "Totem" about evolution

Historic Distillery District- a converted space full of art galleries, ritzy shops and stunning architecture

The Roundhouse (this pic is for my step-dad who was the Manager of Colne Valley Railway in the UK)

Stalkerazzi- Holly & Anya from the Canadian drama Degrassi: The Next Generation (my guilty pleasure!)

Graffiti or art? Outside the Harlem Underground Restaurant

the food:

The Harlem Underground Restaurant where we enjoyed a flavourful meal and spent our evening at its piano bar

Deep fried okra, goat cheese and avocado salad & the delicious Harlem Hustle cocktail

Dining at the 360 Restauarant at the CN Tower- First course: Caesar salad in an edible bowl

Second course: Lemon ricotta cannellonis

Third course: Creme Brulee Trio & Profiteroles

Canned goodies at The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market

Possibly the best grilled cheese I've ever had- a mixture of provolone & old cheddar

Beer samplers at the Mill Street Brewery (and I don't even like beer...)

Chili pepper, dark, salt, coffee & nectarine chocolate from the Soma chocolate factory (and yes we did spent more on chocolate than we did on dinner!)

the outfits:

Casual at the CN Tower: Shorts- GAP; Reversible Vest- Chicshop; Tank- Banana Republic (gifted from ML); Bracelets- Roadtrip & Dragonmoon; Necklace- Gifted; Ring- Thrifted

Strolling through Kensington Market & Cirque du Soleil: Skirt- Spoof (Toronto); Tank- Banana Republic (Gifted); Clutch- Vintage; Heels- Aldo; Ring- H&M

Exploring the Historic Distillery District: Skirt- GAP; Top- Kensie (Thrifted); Shoes- Winners; Necklace- Gifted; Purse & Sunglasses- Aldo; Bracelets- Dragonmoon & Roadtrip