Thursday, September 29, 2011

awkward, awesome & thrifted

Pants-Wallis, UK(Thrifted) & Top-Anne Klein (Thrifted); Belt- Thrifted; Heels- Suzy Shier ($5); Necklace- Macy's ($5) & Nail Polish- Stilleto Red by Revlon
That's right folks, I'm being a challenge hoarder again and linking up to Spunky Chateau's Thursdays are for Thrifters & The Daybook's Awkward & Awesome Thursday (because there was a whole lot of awkward this week!)


*Well for starters my first pose is pretty awkward- my back-up photographer (who just so happens to be my best friend) told me I looked very 70s with the high waisted wide legged trousers so that's how that pose came to be!

*Remember Tuesday's tweet:

Tinfoil Tiaras
I just had to youtube how to open a wine bottle- is that sad or what? Guess I'm so used to the cheap screw tops!
27 Sep via web

Yes well even after watching this video (which is awkward enough as it is), I still couldn't figure it out and ending up mutilating the cork (and yes if you are wondering I am university educated- awkward!)

*Monday night's fire alarm in my condo at 1 a.m. and having to go outside in my Spongebob Squarepants pjs (my excuse for the flannel nightwear? My man was in a different province)

*Last night at around 1 a.m. (seems to be my witching hour), being awoken to the most terrifying banging on my door.  As I was still home alone I snuck out (again in my Spongebob pjs) with the cordless phone in my hand, ready to dial 911 only to find out that it was my female cat stuck in the litter box.  Yes I had (once again) put the cat flap on the wrong way- last time it locked them out so they went to the toilet on the hardwood floor whereas last night they could get in but couldn't get out so she was banging her head against the flap like a mad woman, not wanting to spend the night in her own feces.  Oh boy!

*Recording a 16 minute video (yes I'm a rambler) for Colour Blind's Thrifters Anonymous link up only to discover that my head was cropped out and the focus was on my low cut shirt....but not wanting to re-record (hey there was some classic material in there!) I will still be posting it, so stay tuned for that (to be posted Monday!)

This outfit reminds me of the all black ensemble I wore here , with pops of colour in the accessories.


*Receiving a beautiful Persona (like a Pandora) bracelet from my man as a 'just because I'm sweet' gift from his work travels to Edmonton (once the bracelet is resized I will showcase it on the blog!)

*Being interviewed for a blogger profile from Jason from Thread Beat, a new online fashion magazine in Ottawa.

*Taking a mini vacay this weekend to Montreal to celebrate a good friend's birthday and see the Jean Paul Gaulthier exhibit at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (although this is in the future, I just know it will be awesome!)

*Finding the perfect bright colour combination for autumn (outfit to be featured on my blog Sunday).

*Having a culinary orgasmic experience with a good friend (hey get your head out of the gutter!) at a new intimate and eclectic restaurant called Back Lane Cafe.  Their margherita pizza was divine and the best part is it's within walking distance from my condo!

What were your awkward and awesome moments this week?


  1. You had the best awkward week ever! I mean, being scared out of your mind at 1 in the morning is never cool (I've woken up to gunshots twice around that hour...and I live in the middle of nowhere, so it's even creepier than hearing gunshots in a big city I think), but still. I enjoyed reading about it.

    Excited for your video! Wee! I promise not to stare at your chest.

  2. hahaha Loved reading this! Looking forward to the video and congrats on the feature!

  3. So excited for your video! I tortured the cork on a wine bottle the first time. There was cork in the wine! I just stick with rum and Coke, lol! Heather

  4. Fire alarms, cleavage and cats in bondage! What a tale you tell!
    My focus in on those great shoes and wonderful necklace (can't bring myself to use the "fab" word.
    If I spelled cleavage wrong that's because I don't have any!
    If you have time stop by for this weeks Trending through the decades: Animal Print. Come on you can do it!
    Have fun on your trip. Take some pictures to share!

  5. I Loove your shoes! Congrats on the interview for Thread Beat.I will have to check that out.

  6. Hahaha--I just watched that "how to" video. That's hilarious that you had to watch that boobilious girl open the bottle of wine. Maybe if you had a push-up bra it would be easier? :)

    I love awkward pictures, so your 70s pose looks cute to me. Your necklace is so pretty ($5?!?). The awkward part of my week was getting a mosquito bite on my knuckle. The awesome part of my week was getting an offer on our old house in Chicago.

  7. hehe, I really enjoyed that post of yours since I can't remember if I had any awkward moments recently :P
    btw, you really look good in that outfit because it brings out your waist so well!

  8. I like that pose, it's fun! You look really classy and sophisticated in that all black ensemble. The necklace and heels are nice touches of colors. Aw... poor cat, must been scared out of its wits. Looking forward to see your viseo


  9. I really, really love that top! Thanks for joining the link up this week!

  10. I love your blog. I mean, I really love your blog. There is always so much going on in your life; your outfits are always admirable; and your personality is so winning. If you ever stopped posting, I'd have to move to Canada and become your friend IRL.

  11. Freakin funny. I love this post. The awkwards are so hilarious. You look fit and fab. The video story made me BOL (bust out laughing). Have a great weekend!!! almost can send me that necklace for xmas...thanks!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  12. Hey! You are officially the only other Ottawa blogger I know of so far. Totally following your blog now :) I had to giggle about the cat in the litter box... my cat is so big (tall and long + fat) that he doesn't fit in most standard cat boxes and I have a MASSIVE one for him. A door is just out of the question hah.

  13. A chesty video eh? I'm in. Not. at. all. creepy. Sorry.

    Those shoes are gorgeous. Love the bright color.


  14. that suck about having to go outside in you Pj's. Glad you are okay. Have a good weekend.

  15. Nice outfit!

  16. Mine, was telling someone they couldn`t substitute lamb for anchovies! I can`t apologize enough for the tone.
    Hoping for a make-up!

  17. I love the disco pose, and I was cracking up imagining your cat stuck in her litter box. Poor baby, and you ready to call 911 because of an intruder! I would have done the very same thing!

  18. love how you jazzed up the black with the turquoise pumps and the necklace. i'm terrible at opening wine, BTW, and always make everyone else do it. i even have a fancy opener which should make it super easy but somehow i always manage to mess it up!

  19. Poor kitty! Love the shoes on this outfit they are basically perfect.

  20. Haha this is a funny post. I really enjoyed it! Spongebob pjs, cute! :)

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee


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