Saturday, September 10, 2011

the canadian version of NYC

Sometimes a mini vacation is just what you need to clear your head and relieve some stress.  That's exactly what I did Labour Day weekend when my man and I drove to Toronto (Canada's answer to NYC).  Even though I live only 4 hours away, the last time I was in the city I was looking at Universities with my Dad and sister.  We had a wonderful weekend filled with walking, site-seeing, eating, catching up with old friends, exploring, a little shopping (I restrained myself!) and more eating.  Here are some of my favourite snapshots of the weekend.

the city:

The view from the CN Tower's Sky Pod- 1465 ft high!

Standing on the glass floor- not for the faint of heart!

The CN Tower in all its glory

Kensington Market- a multicultural district of restaurants and shops

I'm a granola so I loved this!

My techie

Outside Cirque du Soleil where we saw the new show "Totem" about evolution

Historic Distillery District- a converted space full of art galleries, ritzy shops and stunning architecture

The Roundhouse (this pic is for my step-dad who was the Manager of Colne Valley Railway in the UK)

Stalkerazzi- Holly & Anya from the Canadian drama Degrassi: The Next Generation (my guilty pleasure!)

Graffiti or art? Outside the Harlem Underground Restaurant

the food:

The Harlem Underground Restaurant where we enjoyed a flavourful meal and spent our evening at its piano bar

Deep fried okra, goat cheese and avocado salad & the delicious Harlem Hustle cocktail

Dining at the 360 Restauarant at the CN Tower- First course: Caesar salad in an edible bowl

Second course: Lemon ricotta cannellonis

Third course: Creme Brulee Trio & Profiteroles

Canned goodies at The Grilled Cheese in Kensington Market

Possibly the best grilled cheese I've ever had- a mixture of provolone & old cheddar

Beer samplers at the Mill Street Brewery (and I don't even like beer...)

Chili pepper, dark, salt, coffee & nectarine chocolate from the Soma chocolate factory (and yes we did spent more on chocolate than we did on dinner!)

the outfits:

Casual at the CN Tower: Shorts- GAP; Reversible Vest- Chicshop; Tank- Banana Republic (gifted from ML); Bracelets- Roadtrip & Dragonmoon; Necklace- Gifted; Ring- Thrifted

Strolling through Kensington Market & Cirque du Soleil: Skirt- Spoof (Toronto); Tank- Banana Republic (Gifted); Clutch- Vintage; Heels- Aldo; Ring- H&M

Exploring the Historic Distillery District: Skirt- GAP; Top- Kensie (Thrifted); Shoes- Winners; Necklace- Gifted; Purse & Sunglasses- Aldo; Bracelets- Dragonmoon & Roadtrip


  1. What an incredibly fun trip! The glass floor of the tower, even from the pictures, gave me chills! I don't think I could ever do that. I also love the outfits you rocked through the trip! Those bright yellow pumps are wonderful, and I also love the orange GAP skirt in your last picture.

    -Callie @

  2. Love your photos - they are absolutely gorgeous. You could go pro! It looks like you had such a fun long weekend in Toronto - and so stylish as well, the outfit you wore to Cirque is to die for!

  3. What an incredible place to visit. I live just outside of Chicago and unfortunately we don't get there much. I do love the city.
    The food looks great, (watch out or you won't be able to wear those mini's) you look fantastic and what the hell is a granola?
    I hope you know I am teasing about the mini's. Go ahead roll your eyes. My boy's do it all the time

  4. How totally incredible! Love these shots . . .


  5. Love the black tank with the fluttery skirt and I love how you paired it with bright shoes. The glass floor and view of the city is amazing! And I love the reclaimed car. Can I say I am a granola, too? Debbie

  6. Wow looks like a ton of great food. And cute outfits. That glass floor picture made me queasy to even look at! Scary!

  7. I love all your outfits! you look so pretty! And I got to visit another place via pitures cause of you! Yay! :D

  8. looks like a great weekend and that we're interested in seeing the same things... the same sort of artsy organic neighborhoods with great art and food- look at your tiny waist! and... i still haven't been in a sky needle yet, we have one here in sydney and i'll definitely visit it before i move away

  9. Oh, I love this! Cities appeal to me for exactly the reasons you give: the buildings, the culture, the food, the diversity. I've never visited Toronto but you made me add it to my list. Your survey of the place is really enticing.

    And your outfit with the beige skirt is adorable. Love the design of the items. You look so urban and chic!

  10. Oh, Emily, you make me feel so old! I used to watch "Degrassi Junior High" when it was on in the 80s. Aren't those actors now the parents and teachers on the current Degrassi show? That's it--ship me off to the nursing home!

    Your vacation looks amazing. I love the car that's been turned into a planter.

  11. Look Like you had a good time. I haven't watch degrassi in a long time. All your outfits are super cute.

  12. Your trip looks like so much fun - and the outfits are amazing, very glam!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  13. Sounds like such a fun trip and a cool city! I hope I get to visit some day, and go eat all the food you did, haha. that salad looks so yummy.

    Chic on the Cheap

  14. wow, great post...everything looks fabulous...seriously, from the street art, to the food, to the town/market...thank you for sharing!!

    Blogaversary Giveaway

  15. great pictures!~ Looks like a really lovely weekend. Love your outfits, especially the skirt with the interesting folds. The food pictures are making me hungry, time to cook dinner!


  16. Toronto is so much fun, I went to that same Totem show as well! Insane isn't it?

  17. This looks like such a fun trip. The boyfriend and I have been talking of doing a mini vacation only a few hours away. Great photos and outfits. I'm usually not afraid of heights but I think the glass floor may be enough to freak me out.


  18. You had a great time obviously. I enjoyed your post immensely--sights, food, fashion--in that order. Well-played!

    Love from Oregon USA,

    when morning comes
    my twitter

  19. This is like 15 posts in one. I don't know where to start. All the pics of your day in Toronto are incredible. I can't wait to see Totem when it comes to San Francisco. I love cirque so much.

    That outfit you wore to cirque is magnificent. It's perfect.


  20. Hi Emily

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Whilst I love Marks and Spencer I am in a bit of a rut with going there too much, so once the shopping ban is over I am determined to broaden my horizons.
    Looks like you've had a wonderful holiday - great pics.

    Lori xo

  21. i love toronto. only been there once for a job. it was so much fun but i was too scared to go up the CN tower. it looks amazing in your pictures though!!!

  22. Brian loved the steam engine pic. - looks like a great trip!


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