Friday, July 29, 2011

from museums to martinis

As a child, my Mum stressed the importance of culture and dragged my sister and I along to museums, art galleries and theatres in every city we visited.  When I was younger I complained about this sightseeing, preferring to spend my time shopping or watching tv on the hotel's larger than life screen.  As I'm getting older I can appreciate the cultural aspects of travelling and opted to spend a day at San Diego's Balboa Park.  I bought the day pass and spent several glorious hours traipsing though the Museum of Photographic Arts (my personal favourite), the Museum of Man, the Natural History Museum (where I saw an adorable 3-D film about turtle reefs), the Mingei International Museum and the Museum of Art.  I was on cloud 9 exploring ancient artefacts and learning about San Diego's history.  When I have kids, I plan on imitating my mother's travelling philosophy and ensuring that my children experience the culture of every city they visit. 

Just because you're going to spent your day in museums doesn't mean you can't dress up!

If you look in the window behind me you can see the reluctant photographer taking pics on his lunch break!
Dress & Blouse- Chicshop; Heels- Aldo; Earrings- The Bay; Ring- Thrifted

Maneki Neko cat sculptures at the Mingei International Museum
The scenery at Balboa Park makes you feel as if you're in a tropical paradise
As the sun set, it was time for my Chicshop dress to go from museums to martinis by showcasing its sexy back detailing (and yes I have a tramp stamp, no judging)

On our last day in San Diego, my man blew off his afternoon conference sessions and I took him to Horton Plaza, acting as his personal shopper while we picked out dress shirts in all colours of the rainbows to spice up his work wardrobe. 

Romper & Belt- Thrifted; Sunglasses & Bracelet- Aldo; Sandals- Suzy Shier

{I sometimes wish we had a photography companion who travelled with us so we could avoid the extended arm snapshots!}
For our last night we visited the conference's Hospitality Suites where technology companies competed for business by enticing clients in with free drinks, food and entertainment (the most popular among the 90% male clientele being the burlesque themed room!)
Dress- Alice & Olivia; Belt, Clutch & Bracelet- Thrifted

I think they should have kept me as a permanent fixture to their exhibit- I look scarier than the skeletons!


  1. Look at you rocking that romper! And I love that black drapey that you have one over that one dress (which is super duper hot by the way...).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. What--no pictures from the burlesque room? :) What was Captain Jack trying to sell you?

    Your dress is amazing! I like to look nice at museums too, especially because I know I'll be taking a lot of pictures.

  3. you are a tougher woman than me
    standing in those shoes all day at a museum
    i would have had Capn' Jack rubbing my feet
    glad you are having such a nice time

  4. You look FABULOUS! Really cute. And I'm glad you had fun there.

    I loved Balboa Park. My favorite museum, which you probably passed, was the car & motorcycle one. Did you visit the collection of artists displaying their work at the Spanish Village Art Center? That is way cool.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous time!

    I am dying over those crazily awesome orange heels. So bright, so fantastic.

  6. Your mom is wise!! Great place and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Many kisses :)

  7. That is one hot dress! I must say again how much I love those shoes.

  8. love your outfits esp that floral backless number!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  9. Love the first dress, and the bright yellow peep toes are adorable! ♥
    The romper is cute, too :) I think you could really pull off anything! ;)

    Yayyyyy!! Caption Jack Sparrow!!! ♥ Haha, you look so hilarious in that picture with the skeletons!! xD


  10. Well, it is wonderful to have one's wisdom acknowledged! I love libraries, art galleries and musueums and although you and your sister moaned about the LAM (Libraries, Art galleries, Museums) component of the trips, I knew it was the thing to do. I remember one time in Toronto, I had to threaten that you wouldn't be taken to the Barbie store in the Eaton Centre, until you complied with LAM regulation. Ah, motherhood...inflicting threats and bribery! But look how wonderfully you both turned out!

  11. loving all the florals! that romper is so adorable. glad you've enjoyed SD. and just checked out your guest post on Write It In Lipstick! love the white dress!

  12. I love how in the first outfit you can go from a day look with the black coverup to a sexy night out dress. I am also loving that soft blue dress in the last two pictures. I love museums and art galleries too, although when I was a kid, not so much. Now I'm glad my parents made me go, it definitely instilled me with a love of art and culture that often gets lost in this day in age.

  13. OMgosh that dress! Muy caliente right?


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