Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polka Dotted Busy Bee

I tend to cram my weekends with activities so that I am never bored.  The boy finds this stressful and would rather relax on the couch, but I get antsy if I'm sitting for too long.  Last night we saw two plays at the Great Canadian Theatre Company as part of a theatre festival and conversed over drinks at Absinthe.  Today I had an eye appointment and bought a new pair of Gucci glasses (they are fabulous, I can't wait to debut them!)  We then bought cupcakes at Isobel's and a birthday gift for his 10 year old nephew.  A good friend just visited and now we are off another friend's house for an evening of wine, laughter and boardgames with two other couples.  Tomorrow is the nephew's birthday party and then dinner and movie night with a good friend.  Not much down time which is just the way I like it- I am paid to sit and stare at a computer screen for 40 hours a week so on my off time I like to be anything but restful.

Dress- Gifted; Blouse- Topshop; Necklace- Aldo; Rings-Gifted; Tights-Primark UK; Shooties- Charlotte Russe; Nail Polish- Stormy by Rimmel

Do you like to lay low or keep it moving on the weekends?


  1. I really like your outfit. The polka dot top works really well with the tights. Oh, and the cupcakes look divine.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. hello again, emily :)
    i really love your outfits especially your animal printed stocking :)
    btw, thank you for following my blog
    would you mind to exchange link? :)
    tell me soon

  3. mmmmm.....cuuupcakes!!! love ur tights!!!!

  4. I know that impulse. It feels good to do things and keep moving. You look great, btw!

  5. you look great in the sheer shirt! lovely blog dear xx

  6. You look amazing! Love the blouse and tights, and those cupcakes look delicious!!:)


  7. Thanks everyone! And the best part about this outfit is- almost everything was under $20!


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