Monday, January 31, 2011

tiaraiconIt Feels like Home to me

One of my good friends from highschool is a budding journalist who writes a fabulous blog- the grownup diaries.  She recently posted about her favourite places in her home and encouraged other bloggers to do the same.  So now I'm sharing my favourite nooks and crannies of my Ottawa condo with you:

{Bedroom} I found this great mail holder at a thrift shop in England and I now use it to display my necklaces.  The best part about it are the little metal hands that hold my jewelry.

{Bedroom} My boyfriend bought this great hand painted skull in Venice Beach on our November 2010 California trip.  It now sits on top of my favourite fashion and lifestyle books.

{Washroom} My Mum bought me this Queen Elizabeth bust and I love its tacky charm.  It holds my hairbrushes (plus a little yellow and green brush for my cat Mama Sita).

{Living Room} Handcrafted giraffe and elephant I won at a work auction with jumbo pinecones and a decorative mirror from Homesense.

{Dining Room} Vintage tablecloth, print from Homesense and Dollar Store s&p shakers.

{Hall closet} My pumps, heels & booties.

{Bedroom closet} My flats, sandals and boots.

What are your favourite places in your home?

tiaraiconRemix Round-up

I am very excited to be participating in Kendi Everyday's 30x30 Winter Remix Challenge.  The rules are simple- you choose 30 wardrobe staples (including footwear) and you remix these pieces into 30 different outfits. Participants post their daily remix on their blog- the more creative the better! The catch is that you can't shop during the 30 day challenge! In the month on January, I have been stocking up on new outfits so that I won't get bored of wearing my faded & outdated clothing for 30 days.  So I present to you my Remix Round-up (apologies for the poor quality photos which are a result of my exhausted busy bee weekend!)

Are you remixing for the 30x30?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

tiaraiconPolka Dotted Busy Bee

I tend to cram my weekends with activities so that I am never bored.  The boy finds this stressful and would rather relax on the couch, but I get antsy if I'm sitting for too long.  Last night we saw two plays at the Great Canadian Theatre Company as part of a theatre festival and conversed over drinks at Absinthe.  Today I had an eye appointment and bought a new pair of Gucci glasses (they are fabulous, I can't wait to debut them!)  We then bought cupcakes at Isobel's and a birthday gift for his 10 year old nephew.  A good friend just visited and now we are off another friend's house for an evening of wine, laughter and boardgames with two other couples.  Tomorrow is the nephew's birthday party and then dinner and movie night with a good friend.  Not much down time which is just the way I like it- I am paid to sit and stare at a computer screen for 40 hours a week so on my off time I like to be anything but restful.

Dress- Gifted; Blouse- Topshop; Necklace- Aldo; Rings-Gifted; Tights-Primark UK; Shooties- Charlotte Russe; Nail Polish- Stormy by Rimmel

Do you like to lay low or keep it moving on the weekends?

Friday, January 28, 2011

tiaraiconPlaying Dressup & my Love for Q-tips

A few months ago, the sweet and stylish ML of Twenty York Street tagged me with the Stylish Blogger Award.  Last week I was bit by the stylish bug again courtesty of the beautiful and honest Ash of Pink Beautiful Love and the funky and pretty Mel of Melrose (thanks so much ladies!)  Now I must share seven facts about myself.  Last time I wrote from the heart so this time I will keep it light and fun.
1.  I love playing dressup.  When we were growing up, my younger sister and I had a treasure trunk full of play clothes.  We were constantly using our imaginations to create outfits from our fantasy worlds.  I still have that youthful love for playing dressup (after all isn't that what haute couture is all about?)

2.  I can't whistle.  No matter how hard I try or how many of my friends coach me, the most I can manage is a pathetic wheezing noise.  Due to my jealousy for whistlers I am annoyed when I hear someone whistling a cheerful tune (drat there's that evil green eyed monster again!) {we heart it}

3.  I love nerds.  Over the weekend, I hosted a games night and we played How well do you Know Your Partner? One of the questions asked was "would you rather date a chess player or an athlete?"  I was the only one who chose a chess player.  Maybe it's because I was a chess club member in elementary school  or due to the fact that books and brains turn me on, but everyone I've dated has been slightly on the dorky side (at least I don't get ignored because the football game is on!) {we heart it}

4.  I am chronically addicted to sweets.  Chocolate, sour, cupcakes, hard name it and I obsess over it.  My Dad bought me Dylan Lauren's candy book for Christmas and it has filled me with inspiration and candy desire.  For Valentine's Dad, I'm going to use her recipe for chocolate fondue for a romantic evening in and I can't wait! {we heart it}

5.  The boy and I met at a speed-dating event a year ago on February 4th.  I was still mourning the end of a long term relationship and wanted to try something fun.  I wasn't taking it seriously, at the worst I thought I could write a humourous article about the strange characters I had met (and believe me they were strange!)  The event was for individuals aged 26-36 and since I was only 21, I didn't think they would let me in.  However they informed me that older men love younger women (I'm now a walking billboard of this fact) so I forged onwards.  The boy and I hit it off right away and I asked him to come out dancing with me afterwards.  Being the maneater that I am (ha!) I kissed him and the rest is history.  Now we live together in a beautiful condo with our two cats and are planning for our future.  Lesson of the story is: don't rule out anything as an option when it comes to dating!

6.  TV influences my career decisions.  The first time I watched Legally Blonde, I thought I was destined to be a pink power suit wearing, chihuahua owning lawyer. When I was in High School, I toured Columbia Law School in New York and I fell in love with the campus.  In University, I started prepping for my LSATs.  The only problem was that I'm very shy when it comes to public speaking so the thought of presenting my case in front of a judge and an audience terrified me.  My next dream was to become a criminal profiler after watching all the seasons of Criminal Minds.  Problem is that just the show gives me nightmares, let alone working with bonafide criminals! Now I'm thinking that being a singer is in the stars from me, from watching Glee.  The only problem guessed it- even the showerhead moans when I start my tone-deaf wailing!  {}

7.  I have an unhealthy obsession with Q-tips.  My Mum and I joke that they are better than men and we thought about putting faces and mustaches on the tips of them...but we thought this might be borderline serial killer territory!  I use Q-tips on a daily basis probably pushing them too far down my ears (it feels so good!)  Let's hope that my love for Q-tips doesn't cost me my hearing! {}
Now for the fun part.  I am tagging the following ten bloggers to share seven fun and honest facts about themselves!

Tag you're it!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

tiaraiconEnvironmentally Friendly Ef

Ottawa is not well known for its fashion but local initiatives like Ef magazine  are helping to change this perception.  Ef is an online magazine dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion.  I recently attended Ef's stylish launch party, attended by the fabulous Ottawa fashion bloggers Love K, Pop Champagne and Chichichic.  I contacted the editor of the magazine to see if there was a way I could contribute to Ef.  Due to my volunteer work with Dress for Success, she asked for my help in styling a photoshoot at the high-end consignment shop Hush .  Of course I said yes, I could now put all my hours spent watching Rachel Zoe to practice!  When I arrived, she informed me that the model couldn't come so the photographer and I would have to take turns modelling! I was a little apprehensive because at 5'3" I'm definitely not a glamazon but who wouldn't want to get in front of the camera? I had so much fun styling and modelling in Ef's first colour me green photoshoot.  Check out the photos here (I can't believe I'm on the front page!) and here and a special behind the scenes video here!

My friends and I at the Ef Launch party. Dress- F21 (gifted from my sister); Purple heels- Pour la Victoire; Necklace & Beaded Clutch- Vintage; Fedora- Alfred Sung for Zellers.
Colour me Green photoshoot.  Copying street style images using second hand clothing and jewelry made by local designers.

Hush's affordable designer footwear.

Giggling 'model' (I love saying that!)

As Malorie said, even the photographer is photogenic! Statement jacket.

The editor is too! Wearing a sexy work outfit.

Consignment clutch and local jewelry.

Sporty look (I don't miss those roots!)

Ef's beautiful editor Malorie explaining her photoshoot ideas to me

If you think sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is too expensive or difficult to come by-think again! By shopping at your local second hand thrift or consignment store you are being a sustainable shopper!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tiaraiconIf you want to be unique, go vintage

I stumbled across this video while perusing fashion sites for inspiration and I fell in love.  I was recently introduced to the world of vintage when the boy took me to the Ottawa Antique Market.  I knew instantly that I had found a new passion.  I bought a cream beaded dress from the 60s; a vintage beaded vest (seen here); a fabulous white beaded purse and of course plenty of costume jewelry.  I am a thrift shopper connoisseur and my next challenge will be to find great quality vintage pieces during my thrifting.  After work I will be hitting up the St. Vincent de Paul thift stop in Ottawa to do just that.  For those of you who are local and have never been I highly recommend it.  It's located in Wellington Village (my hood) and if you dig deep enough, treasures of all shapes and sizes await you!

{Don't you just love the first girl's manicure in the video!? And the way the blonde woman calls herself vintage! As soon as I hit 40, I'm not going to refer to myself as over the hill (although why would you do that anyways!) but I will say that I'm vintage! Much more chic don't you agree?}

What about you? Do you prefer new clothing or vintage and thrifted pieces?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

tiaraiconthe key to change is to let go of fear

This quote from Rosanne Cash sums up my recent hair colour decision.  I am wary of change and was so comfortable with my blonde hair that I was stuck in a style rut.  My roots were growing out, the hue was washing me out but it was a colour I could hide under, something I was used to.  So when my best friend and I were discussing hair changes, we both thought it would be nice to go back to my natural hair colour of auburn.  Well that's not exactly what the hairdresser gave me.  I ended up with this fiery red shade (which is even brighter in person).  The colour made me feel like such a stranger in my own skin, I cried hysterically when the boy picked me up from the hair salon.  I swore that I would never leave the house, that I would be forced to wear a hijab to hide the crazy hair.  Within an hour, I was past the hysteria and starting to embrace the new me- seeing it as an opportunity for a fabulous new look (and a powerful statement at that!)

Tell me the truth- what do you think of the new me? (bear in mind these photos were taken after an ocean of tears which wiped away any trace of makeup!)

Friday, January 21, 2011

tiaraiconBrown Smarties {School Teacher Style}

I present to you the third installation of my Operation Smarties Couture (blue smarties featured here and green smarties honoured here).  Brown is one of my least favourite colours of clothing, as I feel it does nothing for my pale skin and (flourescent appearing) hair colour.  Nevertheless, it is a great neutral colour for the cold months and looks great on many.  I am off to an exciting project that I will share with you when it's completed.  Have a great Friday night!

Outfit: Boots- Spring; Jumper- thrifted; Blouse- Smart Set; Necklace- gifted; Earrings- Zellers

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

tiaraiconKicking the Bucket

No one likes to think about death but it is important to set goals and aspirations that you hope to achieve before you kick the bucket.  Because I am a very impulsive and emotionally driven person, my hopes and dreams can change on a daily basis.  So here's my bucket list today (ask me again tomorrow and I'm sure I will have added/deleted a few!)

Apply for my green card and move to California (preferably Malibu or Beverly Hills)

Volunteer at an animal sanctuary and open my own someday (specifically for cats and pigs)

Be assertive

Become an entrepreneur to be reckoned with

Take a professional cooking class

Don't let fear guide my life

Travel to Greece, Egypt, India, Germany, Russia and Lebanon (the boy's place of birth)

Learn how to play the guitar

Run a marathon

Own two pet pigs named Petunia & Priscilla

Improve on my public speaking and presentation skills

Learn how to ride a motorcycle

Go scuba diving and/or snorkelling

Obtain my MBA

Act in community theatre

Write a book and if I'm lucky, get it published (all pictures courtesy of we heart it)

What's on your bucket list?