Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Ef

Ottawa is not well known for its fashion but local initiatives like Ef magazine  are helping to change this perception.  Ef is an online magazine dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion.  I recently attended Ef's stylish launch party, attended by the fabulous Ottawa fashion bloggers Love K, Pop Champagne and Chichichic.  I contacted the editor of the magazine to see if there was a way I could contribute to Ef.  Due to my volunteer work with Dress for Success, she asked for my help in styling a photoshoot at the high-end consignment shop Hush .  Of course I said yes, I could now put all my hours spent watching Rachel Zoe to practice!  When I arrived, she informed me that the model couldn't come so the photographer and I would have to take turns modelling! I was a little apprehensive because at 5'3" I'm definitely not a glamazon but who wouldn't want to get in front of the camera? I had so much fun styling and modelling in Ef's first colour me green photoshoot.  Check out the photos here (I can't believe I'm on the front page!) and here and a special behind the scenes video here!

My friends and I at the Ef Launch party. Dress- F21 (gifted from my sister); Purple heels- Pour la Victoire; Necklace & Beaded Clutch- Vintage; Fedora- Alfred Sung for Zellers.
Colour me Green photoshoot.  Copying street style images using second hand clothing and jewelry made by local designers.

Hush's affordable designer footwear.

Giggling 'model' (I love saying that!)

As Malorie said, even the photographer is photogenic! Statement jacket.

The editor is too! Wearing a sexy work outfit.

Consignment clutch and local jewelry.

Sporty look (I don't miss those roots!)

Ef's beautiful editor Malorie explaining her photoshoot ideas to me

If you think sustainable and eco-friendly fashion is too expensive or difficult to come by-think again! By shopping at your local second hand thrift or consignment store you are being a sustainable shopper!


  1. So exciting ! You are such a beauty! I wouldnt be surprised to see you gracing more fashion shoots.

  2. This event looks pretty smashing! And I love Alfred Sung. My Canadian fashion secret. Well, not so secret I guess. But anyway. ; )

  3. How cool! You're a professional model! You certainly have the looks for one.

    These are beautiful pictures. You should put them in your portfolio when you come to New York and apply at the Elite Model Agency. :)

  4. man, I havent been to hush in FOREVER! I need to go soon... and omg are you ever modelesque! You loook sooooooo good in those photos!

    alsoooo, i had to give you this:

  5. I love thrift shopping, it's so affordable, and it really cuts down on waste. I wish more people were open to second hand stuff.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Shucks (blushes) thanks everyone for all the support! It was a really fun environment to work in! @Ash- you are such a sweetie! @Emily- I love Alfred Sung- funky and affordable, it doesn't get much better! @Shybiker-maybe now I can put model on my resume ;) just joking- it was hard work though- it made me really respect the profession! @Mel-it really is a fabulous store and thanks so much for the award! I will post later today! @My heart blogged-I completely agree! Just wash the clothing and it's as good as new!

  7. Awesome! I'm so proud of you! How lucky that the model wasn't able to show up. You--and everyone else--look fab! I just recently started shopping second hand. Besides being a lot cheaper, I like that I'm being a sustainable shopper at the same time!

  8. nice pictures, and you look great on the banner! :)

  9. that clutch=perfection. looks like a fun night!

  10. lovely photosss!!!
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    i will be very hppy if we could be friends on blog :)

  11. You on that banner?!! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S..
    This shop looks like heaven..
    Love the clutch..
    Lee x

  12. @Ashley- for someone who never gets lucky, it was a lucky break and I got to try something I've never done before! @Pop Champagne-thanks doll!@Rebecca & Lee- maybe I should go back and but the clutch- it's haunting my fashion fantasies! @ Diaswari- thanks!

  13. Looks like you had a great time!!



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