Monday, January 31, 2011

It Feels like Home to me

One of my good friends from highschool is a budding journalist who writes a fabulous blog- the grownup diaries.  She recently posted about her favourite places in her home and encouraged other bloggers to do the same.  So now I'm sharing my favourite nooks and crannies of my Ottawa condo with you:

{Bedroom} I found this great mail holder at a thrift shop in England and I now use it to display my necklaces.  The best part about it are the little metal hands that hold my jewelry.

{Bedroom} My boyfriend bought this great hand painted skull in Venice Beach on our November 2010 California trip.  It now sits on top of my favourite fashion and lifestyle books.

{Washroom} My Mum bought me this Queen Elizabeth bust and I love its tacky charm.  It holds my hairbrushes (plus a little yellow and green brush for my cat Mama Sita).

{Living Room} Handcrafted giraffe and elephant I won at a work auction with jumbo pinecones and a decorative mirror from Homesense.

{Dining Room} Vintage tablecloth, print from Homesense and Dollar Store s&p shakers.

{Hall closet} My pumps, heels & booties.

{Bedroom closet} My flats, sandals and boots.

What are your favourite places in your home?


  1. The bust is quirky, and fun. I'm totally jealous of your shoe collection, and I like how you store them.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. These things are all very you, and I love the bottom shoe rack! Thanks for posting.

  3. I just made a peg board with my jewelry too!

    Check out my new post if you like : )


  4. That mirror is beautiful! And I love the holder for your jewelry!

  5. Thanks everyone! It's fun to add personal touches to your place- best way to feel at home!

  6. I've TOTALLY been looking for something like that for my jewelry. What a great idea - a mail holder. I'm going to keep an eye out for one of those, for sure!


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