Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you want to be unique, go vintage

I stumbled across this video while perusing fashion sites for inspiration and I fell in love.  I was recently introduced to the world of vintage when the boy took me to the Ottawa Antique Market.  I knew instantly that I had found a new passion.  I bought a cream beaded dress from the 60s; a vintage beaded vest (seen here); a fabulous white beaded purse and of course plenty of costume jewelry.  I am a thrift shopper connoisseur and my next challenge will be to find great quality vintage pieces during my thrifting.  After work I will be hitting up the St. Vincent de Paul thift stop in Ottawa to do just that.  For those of you who are local and have never been I highly recommend it.  It's located in Wellington Village (my hood) and if you dig deep enough, treasures of all shapes and sizes await you!

{Don't you just love the first girl's manicure in the video!? And the way the blonde woman calls herself vintage! As soon as I hit 40, I'm not going to refer to myself as over the hill (although why would you do that anyways!) but I will say that I'm vintage! Much more chic don't you agree?}

What about you? Do you prefer new clothing or vintage and thrifted pieces?


  1. I *love* vintage clothes. They remind me of earlier days... which, for me, were days I wished I could wear those clothes and couldn't. So there's something incredibly poignant about them.

    I wrote a guest-post on the subject of Fifties Fashion, with lots of research on the trends of that time and how they're still relevant today. I'll let you know when and where the post goes up.

  2. That's so cute. I like saying your vintage instead older.
    My Heart Blogged

  3. love this video! I love shopping vintage!

  4. I've seen this video before, she is fabulous..
    Vintage from head to toe.. fabulous
    lee x

  5. Shopping vintage (and thrifting) is definitely an acquired taste (and a talent!)

  6. VINTAGE!!!...remember the hours spent at "Value Village" and "Frenchy's"? I am now enjoying the charity shops here in the UK, and e-bay over here is awesome! Due to the 64 million people crammed within cheap postal rates of each other, I am enjoying the thrill of the bid very much. Current strategy is to choose the "ending soonest" category and bid, then it's either yours or not, but you don't have the agony of waiting.


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