Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Queen Bee of Jealousy

I am an insanely jealous person.  I envy other people's clothing, lifestyles, looks, careers.  You name it and the evil green monster in me wants it.  I hate this character flaw as it makes for turbulent relationships but I haven't yet found a way to quell the beast! Both the boy and I are jealous people so it can make for heated debates.  If the boy so much as thinks about looking at someone I am jealous yet I have been known to flirt up a storm right in front of him.  Contradicting= yes.  Fair= no.  I'm sharing this with you because I think it's normal to be envious once in a while, (how can you not be an itsy bitsy jealous of Rachel Zoe and her fab clothes and career?) but to let it control you is when it becomes problematic.  The top five things that I hope to improve on are:

1) controlling my jealousy
2) interrupting others less (or not at all!)
3) reducing my spending
4) cooking healthy meals and exercising regularly
5) instilling a sense of calm and tranquility into my life

Beautiful fresh Gerber daisies (my favourite) and jumbo pine cones as a Winter centrepiece

Marley gets jealous of my camera time so tries to sneak into the photos

"I've spent most of my life walking under that hovering cloud, jealousy, whose acid raindrops blurred my vision and burned holes in my heart"  -Astrid Alauda

Queen Bee of Jealousy glare

Shirt- Charlotte Russe
Skirt, Belt & Boots- Thrifted
Amber Ring- Logan Antiques

P.S. Love K was sweet enough to let me write a holiday guest post on her fabulous blog! Check it out here.


  1. What a pretty festive outfit.

    Jealousy is corrosive. It comes from deep within and you'll be happier without it. Discovering its source isn't easy but you've taken the first step by consciously wanting to rid yourself of it. Good luck.

  2. Babe,

    Thank you, thank you for being forthright about this. I don't know a lot of people who can be honest and open about it and for that, I respect you!

    Okay, shall I say, for that, I am jealous of you?! ha ha!

    One of my favourite posts of yours, definitely!


  3. Well I'm jealous of your fabulous thrifting finds! Those boots are AH-MAZING!
    Props for spottingh your flaws and wanting to work on them!

  4. i love your oufit. the boots are really stunning.

    btw check out my blog and holiday giveaway http://www.fruitylashes.com/

  5. Sometimes our boys need to be reminded that they are with beauties who need to be romanced... Flirting with others will just get them going in a good way. As long as you dont do it too much. I think the healthy living and having calm in your life is important :) It great that you can be so honest about your jealousy... It's sonething most people will never admit.

  6. It is hard to admit to jealousy because it evokes images of insecurities. But I'm ok with that- show me someone without insecurities and I'll show you an Ottawa winter without sub-zero temperatures ;)

    Thanks for all the support everyone- I was inspired by the recent beautiful and honest posts by Shy Biker, 20 York Street and Ashelle so thanks lovelies!

    xo Emily

    P.S. Ashelle- it's true that a little harmless flirting can help to remind the boys we are in demand!

  7. Great post - so personal and relatable. Jealousy is so a part of human nature to a certain extent. Thanks for sharing! =)

  8. cute outfit! Those boots are fab!

    follow me and I'll follow you!
    xoxo, Amanda

    p.s. I love your blog! Let interview each other and post them for more publicity! :D email me if you're interested amandarchambault@aol.com

  9. I love your finds, those boots are absolutely gorgeous. I have to say, I'm a bit of a green eyed monster from time to time!
    Btw your cat is very cute.
    Great blog, now following. Stop by sometime.



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