Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who me? Yes you. Couldn't be! Then who?

The beautiful and sweetheart Marilou, author of one of my favourite fashion blogs, Twenty York Street, presented me (and twelve other fabulous fashionistas) with the Stylish Blogger Award!!! The rules (if I understand them correctly) are to share seven facts about yourself and then tag some bloggers who you want to get to know better!

Things you never knew (and maybe didn't want to know!) about me:
1) I have serious road rage- I am that person who is tailgating you if you are driving like a grandma and flipping you off if you cut me off (not proud of this fact!) It's probably for the best that our car is no longer safe to drive (due to its old age) so I am now a passenger on the big red limo (aka OC Transpo bus).

The only time I'm not road raging- after a perfect parallel parking job
 2) I am a crazy cat lady (ok you might have already figured this out after I dressed up Marley and Mamma Sita in Christmas costumes!) I have been known to escape to where the cat is hiding (during a party) and spend more time with the furry felines than the humans! They are adorable, they don't talk back and they love you as long as you keep their food dish full and their litter scooped!

My beautiful cat Sophie from back home
 3) Junior High School (grades 7-9) was the worst time of my life.  I was teased a lot because I wore glasses, needed braces and took school very seriously.  I didn't have many friends and I got high grades so I was an easy victim for bullies.  Even writing about this makes me tear up because it was such an awful experience.  I always pretended to be sick so I could stay home from school but eventually I would have to go in and face the bullying.  As a result, I try to be nice to everyone and never make fun of people for being different- mean-spirited words cut deep.  I do not agree with the saying 'sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me.' For me it was quite the opposite and I believe that kindness goes a long way (karma's a bitch!)

This is my 22 year old nerd self (on the right with my younger sis) but you get the picture
 4) I struggle with religion and spirituality.  I was raised in a bible-thumping Baptist household, where I was told that believing in evolution was a sin (how can you deny the scientific evidence?) and I attended a Purity Retreat when I was 15 years old that stated I must remain a virgin until I was married.  As I grew up and started formulating my own opinions, I began questioning my beliefs.  This is an ongoing process for me and although my parents remain religiously active, I have put Christianity on the side burner for now, in order to explore other avenues and spiritual beliefs.  I most relate to the teachings of Buddhism right now but I do not ascribe to an institutional religion at the moment.

Wait- I'm a Belieber- does that count as a religion?
  5) My Mum moved to England (from Nova Scotia, Canada) when I was in grade 11.  This was a very difficult time for my sister, Dad and I but we were there for each other and got through it.  My parents are both re-married to wonderful people and I love getting the opportunity to visit the UK once or twice a year.  This will be the first Christmas I get to spend with my Mum (and Step-Dad) since she moved away so I am very excited about seeing her over the holidays.  Just as I'm getting used to my Mum living in Jolly Old, she is moving back to Nova Scotia in the spring time to open a B&B- read about her progress here

My beautiful Mum and I dressing up in Bath, UK
 6) I have a serious shopping addiction.  I know that a lot of people would say this but mine is like a chemical imbalance in my brain.  No matter where I am, the need to spend consumes me.  Even if I am at the post office, I feel the need to buy new stamps, stationary, a chocolate bar, just to get that spending rush.  I have taken out a line of credit to support this habit and just the other day I bought two new pair of boots and literally had to sneak them past the boy, under the ruse of Christmas gifts for him (the shame!) I desperately need to work through this addiction because my credit rating (and relationship) depends on it!

Just a regular day of thrifting
 7) Now for a fun one to lighten the mood-I suffer from bi-polar interests.  I am terrified of down-hill skiing (because of the height) yet I have no trouble flying on airplanes.  I am a mad flirt yet am a very jealous person myself (as mentioned in yesterday's post).  I love singing karaoke in front of a packed house (even though I have a dreadful singing voice) yet I am petrified of public speaking.  I can't watch horror movies but I love Dexter and Criminal Minds (even though they depict more realistic scenarios). I love Japanese food (sushi is my vice) yet can't stand Chinese food (actually maybe this isn't a contradiction now that I think about it).  I love writing essays for academic purposes yet I hate writing minutes for work.  I like the idea of practicality, yet my head is always in the clouds, dreaming of my future.

Sushi is love
  Now it's your turn! I would like to tag Ashley from Dare to Unravel; K from Love K and M from the grownup diaries to share seven facts about themselves- be creative and have fun!



  1. road rage NOT good - my boyfriend has some - i'm very patient and calm .. LOVE learning about u!

    PS - invite only sample SALES on my post today - 96% off retail baby!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. My dear Fashionista!

    Em, I think much more than your glitter and shine (and ur fabulous closet I imagine!), your candor and grace is even more impressive!

    To be able to openly say these (number 6 esp, okay number 1 too!) is making me admire you - even more!



  3. you look fabulous, so does the Christmas tree. but your personality shines even more.

  4. I like being a cat lady too..and yeah, road rage, it can get the best of me, too.

  5. I admire your honesty, Emily. It makes us stronger to say the truth, even about difficult topics.

    My heart ached when reading about your early years. It's so horrible to be bullied. The scars that leaves are deep.

    I'm also sorry your parents split up. That must have been tough.

    This post was really courageous. You should be proud of yourself.

  6. Love this post! amazing! Come check out our kitty post as well! And if you like vintage clothing please come check out our site!


  7. I love sushi too! LmaOOO at road rage LOL

  8. Thanks everyone- sometime it is so relieving to burden yourself of facts like this. Thanks for the support and continued love xo

  9. LOVING THE PICTURE OF US OHHH YAAAA!!!!!!! classic!!!!!!!!! love you sis

  10. Really enjoyed this, and yes, I feel like I do know a lot more about you now. I also have quite a bit of road rage, inherited from my father, and some general anger management issues. Hmm, that looks bad written down. I don't need classes or anything. ; )

    Sounds exciting about your Mom coming back! My mom had a B&B for 16 years. It's fine so long as you personally don't have to live in it!

    Have you considered some sort of challenge on the blog to keep you from spending? Maybe it would hold you a bit accountable if you could join a group of like-minded shopping addicts! ; D

  11. Great post! I think you are super brave to be honest about the bullying you went through. Also, it's admirable that you have decided to be nice to all instead of teasing to get your power back. It's hard to shake off what others have said & done to you in the past... negative statements have such a strong impact. You're a great person.

    I must admit that I struggle with spirituality and religion too. Even today I admitted to a friend my belief and her reaction confirmed the reason why I keep it to myself. It's great that you can be open about how you feel on the topic. It's such a sensitive topic. xo


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