Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bad veggie!

Skirt (previously worn like this, this, this & this) - Danier (Thrifted); Turtleneck- Smart Set (Clothing Swap); Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Necklace- Thrifted; Ring- H&M; Nail Polish-Tulip by Revlon & Gold Digger by Aldo; Glasses- Gucci
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all your supportive and kind comments on yesterday's blog post.  I was a little hesitant to share this news but am so happy I did- Tinfoil Tiaras is an open book after all! I was very encouraged by what you had to say and am feeling positive about what the future holds (I love surprises after all!) So here's to new adventures, new friends and new possibilities!

{I've ran out of pink clothing- I only had enough for one outfit- so now I'm keeping my nails painted in pretty shades of pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month}

I'm a bad veggie because I'm wearing a *gasp* leather skirt.  I know I wore this leather vest too, sometimes when I thrift things I don't feel as bad as if I was buying it new but I guess that would be like eating meat leftovers and I sure don't do that! Ah well I do the best I can and I couldn't resist this beautiful green skirt for $5 at my local thrift store! Looking at these photos I'm noticing wrinkes in leather- I didn't even know that was possible! Does anyone have any suggestions on getting wrinkles out of leather?

It's midi or maxi today over at Megan Mae Daily and Casual Chic Kiki- I chose a midi which is a harder style for shorter folks like me but with some high shoes anything's possible! And yay finally some outdoor photos- although I must pre-warn you, as the days get shorter and colder my indoor photos become more common (I may be a Canuck but that doesn't mean I like winter weather!)

P.S. I'm thinking of adding the blogger feature that sends all comments to my e-mail so that I can respond to comments faster and more personally.  Do people like this method? I would of course still be swinging by your blogs, this feature would just make my replies more instantaneously (because I'm OCD about checking my e-mail!) Yay or nay?


  1. Hi Emily darling. That skirt is beautiful and looks gorgeous on you. I did not notice the wrinkles until you pointed them out. I know that I have told you this before but you have gorgeous hands and great nail beds. Polish looks hot. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes however you decide to respond or receive messages is fine with me...have a great Thursday.

  2. What a pretty skirt! For $5 it was definitely worth being a bad veggie, lol.

    Our comments go right to our phones for easier replies too. It definitely keeps you in touch much faster. Heather & Kayla

  3. I think it's ok, you can pretend it's fake if it keeps you up at night. It's too awesome to give up!

  4. I WANT this skirt! And you know, you're not really being bad because you thrifted it! If anything, you're recycling!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  5. Terrific waist on that skirt.

    And, once something is thrifted, it's absolved of all environmental and moral cost. It's essentially trash that's been salvaged -- which is a good thing. Wear it without guilt.

  6. Love this skirt and those shoes! The skirt flatters that tiny waist of yours to the max. Beautiful:-)

  7. That skirt has a gorgeous cut waist. I agree with Ally, thrifted leather is something that will otherwise sit and fester on a rack. My favorite thrifts are fur and leather because I feel like I'm giving those items a home where they will continue to be loved. The furrier or leather maker has already gotten their money from whoever bought it first. The money you're paying for now is going to pay for whoever is working a thrift store, which if it's goodwill? Is going to help disabled, in-need people, those who really need those jobs.

    I have all my comments sent to email. For the most part you can email people back, but if they don't have their email visible, you can't do that. It's better results for replying, but you still run into issues answering someone's question if they have that option blocked. I found it creates better dialog to respond to comments via email, you get to know people better, etc.

  8. Yes, email comments are the way to go!

    I don't mind thrifted fur and leather. actually, i buy new leather, so when it's $5 and awesome, its a mega score. But don't feel bad. Thirfting is recycling - as in saving the earth.

    As for the wrinkles... try ironing inside out with a cloth on top, no steam, low setting.

    Chic on the Cheap

  9. Really adore that skirt! The stitching and shape of the waist is just so detailed! It's perfect for tucking shirts into. I love the soft pink and brown shoes that you paired it with. Lovely!

    Callie @

  10. Gorgeous skirt! That waistband is amazing! Perfect with your simple top.

    I have my comments sent to my email and I love it because I can check it on my phone throughout the day. It's nice because I don't always get to my blog roll.

  11. Hi there, I havnt chanced onto your blog until now and had to do a quick look back to respond and Im really happy to hear that you are pursuing something that gives you more fulfillment =) Life is just too precious to be spending your days on assignments that you'd rather much not do. I've been going through a rough patch myself concerning studies so I empathis with ya =)

    On another note your skirt looks lovely on you. I didnt know leather could come in that colour! lol. I liove how theres this challenge set-up happening too ^_^


  12. I love your skirt! The detail at the top is amazing! The color is also fantastic! It looks so good on you!:))


  13. hello dear!!! your outfit is fabulous!!! you really looked gorgeous and your background is soo calming and romantic, love it...!!! really admire you for being an active supporter of brease cancer awareness!!! love you girl.. kissess!!!!


  14. You look nice girl! :D I absolutely have no idea how to take care of wrinkles on leather. You can youtube it!

    I say go for the blogger feature!

    XoXo, Bree
    Tweet me: Viva_La_Breee

  15. I love your skirt! I'm also vegetarian, I know the feeling... but look, we end up going to places where we have to sit on leather sofas (it may be a stupid comparison, but I think it's legit!), so, we can't live in a world without leather! Your skirt is fabulous and you look amazing!
    Well... I normally don't answer comments - I prefer to go to the blog where the comments came from and leave a comment there! But whatever makes you feel better is good!

  16. I have a very similar skirt but it's a lot shorter than yours. anyway, I like that outfit very much! that skirt suits perfectly with those shoes.
    and I think it's your decision whether you use this e-mail thingy or not. do it if you feel like you want to ;)

  17. very chic leather skirt, I never notice the wrinkles at all. It looks fabulous with the turtle neck top and the minimalist necklace.


  18. LOVE that skirt! Great look. You are lovely in those glasses too!

  19. Love this skirt. I'm not a vegetarian but I still feel like second hand leather is 'less evil' than new leather. Either way I think you made the right choice buying this skirt it's amazing.
    Also I have my comments sent to my email, I like it a lot, I rarely email people back unless they ask a specific question. But I do like reading them when they show up without having to navigate to my blog 95 times a day to check if there are new comments ;)

  20. You should hang the skirt in the bathroom the next time you take a hot shower. The steam and gravity together should be enough to level out the wrinkles, and if not, give it some slight tugging and smoothing with your hands on a flat surface afterward. Hope that helps!

    I'm feeling the early-darkness time crunch too. I wish we could all just go into hibernation in winter. Shorten all work and store hours. Everybody could sleep more and avoid snow, it'd be glorious heh.

  21. Beautiful background in these photos! And I like your outfit, of course. I like leather clothing. Don't have too much of it myself, but it's so fun! I see some at the thrift stores, but it's always a little questionable...

    I didn't even know that comment option was available (wow...I must be a little slow...), but if you think it's best for you, go with it! I think it would be cool for the personalization it offers.

    Annnnnd, email me with questions anytime! I'll look forward to it!

  22. i adore that skirt!!!!
    you can style that baby 1,000 different ways, hope you didn't feel too bad wearing it!

  23. Good thing I have the veggie police on speed dial. They should be busting down your door any minute to haul you away to veggie jail where you'll be locked away with all the other veggie offenders. Puh-lease! Wear what you want to wear. You're still saving lives by not eating meat.

    I get all my comments in my e-mail, and I love it. I can respond faster and it's another reminder of who's been visiting my blog and when I get a new reader. The only problem might be if you get more e-mails than you can handle in a day. Just remember--not every comment needs a reply. I often just read them and hit delete.

  24. I use Disqus, which sends comments to my email and I think it works really well... although lately I've been really bad about replying to comments, sometimes I feel like no matter what I do my life won't be organized.

  25. I love that leather skirt!!!! You always see them in brown, black etc. BUT this is a fabulous grey and omg'd I love the waitstline!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

  26. What a fantastic skirt, I cannot get over the beautiful waistline of it. What an amazing find, and I'm so happy that you made a decision with school that makes you feel good. Congratulations on your decision!

  27. I struggle with this all of the time, having been a vegetarian since I was in high school. I can't bring myself to buy leather clothing, but somehow I rationalize leather shoes and bags. Glad to know someone else feels this way!

    I do think that buying thrifted or secondhand leather makes it less guilt-inducing. That skirt does look great on you!

  28. It's ok, because it's vintage. This is my all time favorite look on you. That skirt fits you so perfectly. I love the waist. I love the way you styled it. The glasses are wonderful.

    Catching up on all your posts!



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