Monday, May 2, 2011

in or out?

This is going to be a short post because I'm so exhausted I feel like I've had too much to drink- does that ever happen to you guys?  Here is the outfit I wore to work today and as it's only my 4th day on the new job this might have been a little out there but I just couldn't wear black trousers and a plain blouse any longer! I wore the blouse untucked for a more casual vibe (since most the people I work with wear jeans and sweatshirts) but I prefer the blouse tucked in with the high waisted leather skirt.  What do you think- tucked in our out? 

Nail Polish- Red Hot Tamale by Revlon; Bracelets- Aldo ; Ring- Walmart

Apologies for the lack of creative photos- it was pouring rain outside so my grocery store bouquet of flowers will have to pass as a tropical jungle for now :)

Blouse- Thrifted; Skirt- Danier (Thrifted); Wedges- Steve Madden (Thrifted); Glasses- Gucci


  1. I really like it tucked in - it's got kind of an 80s career girl vibe to it (I mean that as a high compliment!).

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Tucked in for sure. Loving the print of the blouse and I can see why you would want to punch up your outfits. Wearing office grey can be boring and uninspiring.

  3. It looks better tucked in, but I can understand wanting the comfort and casual look of leaving it out. It's fine either way.

  4. love your wedges! <3

    thank you so much for following back :)

  5. My vote is for tucked in. It really shows off the shape of the skirt and has a glamorous vibe.

  6. I like it tucked in. Your leather skirt fits you so well. You look awesome in this.
    My Heart Blogged

  7. I love the leather skirt that you found thrifted!
    Amazing look and lovely to meet you this evening! you now have a new follower for sure :)

  8. i really like it tucked in
    your waist is so tiny, why not show it off
    super cute blouse by the way
    feeling like you were over-served you say?
    hey just wait until you hit peri-menopause, that is a daily feeling, gin and tonic in hand or not.
    Brett :)

  9. I like it tucked in.

    Very Cute top.

  10. Most definitely tucked in. You look like a sexy librarian in this outfit. Is that creepy to say?



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