Sunday, June 12, 2011

30x30 Remix Roundup

It's that time again.  Time to carefully select 30 items of clothing (including shoes) and spend the next 30 days remixing them like a pro thanks to the ingenious idea of fashion blogger extraordinaire Kendi Everyday.  I participated in this challenge back in February and loved the remixing component (although by day 20 I was slowly but surely running out of creativity).  However I didn't do so great on the whole 30 day shopping ban so this time my wallet is on lock down and my credit card is being immersed in a block of ice (as suggested by my best friend). 

Things that I'm doing differently this time around? More shoes, less dresses and no jeans (which I really only wear once in a blue moon).  Yellow, bright colours and stripes are trending in my summer remix and I'm excited to put my styling and accessorizing to the test yet again.  Wish me luck and for all you fellow remixers, I can't wait to follow along!

8 pairs of shoes
(from L-R top to bottom) {Aldo; Fergalicious by Fergie; Pierre Dumas; Steve Madden; Aldo; Thrifted; Suzy Shier; Old Navy}

2 pants & 2 shorts
 {Thrifted; GAP; GAP & Thrifted}

6 skirts
{H&M; Thrifted; Le Chateau; Primark; GAP; Thrifted}

4 short sleeve tops & 1 sleeveless top
{Liz Claiborne; Thrifted; Thrifted; GAP; Mexx}

4 long sleeve blouses & 1 jacket
{Thrifted; Thrifted; GAP; Thrifted}

2 Dresses & 1 Romper
{Anthropologie; Topshop & Thrifted}

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  1. I keep saying this but I swear I am going to do the next challenge in the next go around. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I found you on Kendi's site. Good luck with the challenge!

  3. Good Luck, this is my second time doing it too.

  4. Excited to see your remix creativity!

  5. So many shoes!!! :) I made the mistake last time of having too many pairs of pants so this time around, I'm only doing one-- besides I'm only doing a 15 for 15 hehe

  6. It made me smile to read that you put your credit card in a block of ice, mine is in one right now, too- although oddly enough, that scares me less than the idea of having to work with only thirty items of clothing for thirty days. I'm always impressed by people who take on this challenge- good luck to you, I can't wait to see what you'll come up with :)

  7. Great! You're actually starting! I can't wait to see your outfits!! :)

  8. Oh my.. so many gorgeous shoes.
    Looking forward to seeing more 30x30
    lee x

  9. Ooo i can't wait to see the results of the 30x30 challenge! Great seeing you sat, you looked so good! xox

  10. Haha Credit card in a block of ICE!!!!! I love it!
    I refuse to take my wallet with me these days haha

    As for your choices! I love it and I can wait to see your 30 for 30!

  11. good luck missy! i will be watching for purchases! no cheating!

    ps. don't you love all my commenting!

  12. good luck with the challenge
    i personally think summer will be harder than winter, will love to hear what you think after
    i am just too in and our of town for the challenge, so i will be missing this one
    look forward to seeing what you do with it


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