Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{30x30 pt 21&22} Shopaholic's Confessions

This shopaholic has a confession to make.  After 21 days of shopper's withdrawals I broke the 30x30 shopping ban!  My excuse is that I couldn't resist the fabulous Nova Scotian thrifting paradise that is Guy's Frenchys.  If you love second hand and bargain shopping then this is the place for you! Instead of flipping through racks, you root through bins of clothing.  This makes finding treasures a difficult feat which involves pushing aside mounds of tacky adorned sweaters to find that beautiful BCBGMaxazria blazer for only $4 (my biggest accomplishment!)\

I'm feeling guilty about disobeying Kendi's 30x30 rules but am justifying my decision by: 1) reminding myself that I love to shop and 21 shop-free days is a great accomplishment for me and 2) we don't have Guy's Frenchys in Ottawa so I was merely stocking up for the warm months!     

Blouse-Zara; Tee, Skirt & Earrings-Smart Set; Tights-Urban Outfitters; Boots-Thrifted; Headband-Peacock, UK

My new purchases will be debuted in March after the 30x30 :)

Shirt-Gap; Jeans-Bluenotes; Boots-Aldo; Necklace-Dragon Moon; Ring-Zellers
Rummaging for treasures {www.guysfrenchys.com}
P.S. Thanks for all your sweet comments about my hair 'disaster'.  It's not so bad after all and is kind of growing on me!


  1. I have the same feeling......I was like ok no shopping for me for at least a month, but nope..I caaaaaan't really need some shopping therapy !!!! =) haha
    i love your top from gap!

  2. I say that, being away from Ottaway, you're entitled to special dispensation. :)

    And, btw, interesting coincidence: you're wearing the exact same headband I saw on my favorite Hungarian blogger, Lidia, earlier this week: http://thegirlbehindthefashionmask.blogspot.com/2011/02/white-stripes-feher-csikok.html

  3. Ain't cheating when you are in a different area code ;) I don't know where I heard that one but in this situation it applies!!

  4. The reason I didn't do it is I knew I would be able to stop shopping for a month. It's not like I'm horrible or anything. I just love to shop. Some people love to get their nails done, I love to thrift.
    My Heart Blogged

  5. Good grief, you're cute! I absolutely adore that gray skirt and the pattern mixing in the first outfit. The shimmery top in the second outfit plus those boots are just AWESOME together!

    The challenge is what you make of it, so if 21 days without shopping is normally a feat for you, then you did great! Be proud of yourself!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. thift store shopping is alwys fun, and what a great find you got!!

  7. It is totally fair to take advantage of a good Frenchy's opportunity. I certainly will next time I am in the maritimes.

  8. That place looks insane
    You have a lot of patience to dig through those bins.
    BTW... love the sparkly top you are wearing

  9. Oh, honey....so looking forward to the move back to NS...and Frenchy's...or "La Boutique". The rooting in the bins is half the fun, and clothes are cheaper than in the UK charity shops. Bin rooting tips are as follows: 1. colour of fabric 2. then feel it (crunchy is not nice, nor is scratchy) 3. size? 4. if it passes those 3 steps, then in the basket it goes for trying on! Simples!


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