Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Today was a nice and relaxed day, counteracting yesterday's hair drama.  Thanks everyone for your sweet and supportive comments and local bloggers- I may be taking you up on that offer to borrow your favourite stylists!

I spent Sunday organizing my closet, attending the boy's baby niece's Baptism, watching the Matrix for the first time ever (how have I gone 23 years without it in my life?), bidding adieu to the boy as he jets off on yet another work trip and then enjoying my alone time by watching trashy reality tv shows and eating candy, chips and pink lemonade for dinner (mmmm...I'll just make sure to work extra hard in Zumba class tomorrow!)

Marley was trying to help with the closet organizing- thank goodness for lint brushes!

The Baptism was held in a beautiful Lebanese Catholic Church

The boy's older brother and Sofia, the adorable Baptised baby

The boy looking spiffy in purple stripes

Baby Sofia and her stunning Mom (can you believe those curls are natural!)

I grew up attending a Baptist church so I always find the interiors of Catholic churches so ornate and awe-inspiring!

The boy has 3 siblings and they each have 3 kids meaning we have 9 adorable (and rascally) nephews & nieces.  They're all half Lebanese/half Caucasian so they have the beautiful curly hair and olive skin.  Now everyone's just waiting on us...

I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful church landscaping for a mini photoshoot!

Dress- Simons (Montreal, QC); Jewellery- Le Chateau; Clutch- Thrifted; Shoes- Nine West

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Great photos - you look gorgeous...and don't even get me started on how adorable the cat is!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Very elegant...!! You look really great! And what a nice big family! :)

  3. Great Pictures. I here you on the lint roller. Priscilla get her dog hair everywhere.

  4. I adore Simons!
    Wish we had it here in O town. You look fabulous :)

  5. That dress is the perfect design for your shape. You look fabulous. And the shoes match perfectly. Oh, and you know I love that color.

  6. I worked this cold weekend.. but It was fun.
    speaking of which.. looks like you had a fabulous one.
    Love, love your dress
    lee x

  7. Sounds like a great time! You look amazing <3 I love the dress!!!
    Awww- I’m jealous! I love the curls! I've always wanted them <3 I get a few when my hair is up in a pony tail & some is falling out of the hair elastic- those pieces turn into little curls, lol :) But that's it... I do like my wavy hair though <3

    Sofia is adorable, by the way!!

  8. I love the kitty butt!!! :)
    Your dress is amazing. I love that color on you. It looks great with your hair!
    P.S. Zumba is friggin' kick ass, right????!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Great pictures! We rested and then had some friends over for dinner and dominoes last night. Very nice and relaxing weekend. Cheers!

  10. Your cat is so cute! And I love your purple dress. Have a good week and stop by my giveaway!

  11. what a pretty church and you look amazing in lavender. Those shoes were perfect.

  12. You looked so pretty and I really can't believe those curls are natural. WOW.


    Twitter - @ishrattrishna

  13. Speaking of "ornate," check out those sandals! The purple dress is very flattering on you.

  14. those are lovely shoes! you look fabulous (and you match your boy! was it on purpose?)

    way to clean your closet! i recently put away my winter clothes and brought out the spring stuff. love doing that cuz it feels like i have a whole new wardrobe!

  15. junk food my favorite :) you look awesome love those shoes.

  16. Great pictures! You look amazing, and all of the nephews and nieces are so adorable! Ahhh, how I'd love to have curly hair and olive skin...why do you always want what you don't (and can't) have?!

    I hope you're continuing to enjoy your alone time! Have a lovely week, m'dear!

  17. I love those pretty little shoes! So cute!


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