Saturday, May 14, 2011

the most stressful place on earth... the hair salon.  I made an appointment today to get a hair cut and full head of blonde highlights in hopes of looking like this again.  What I ended up getting was an expensive bill, the same hair colour as before and a much shorter hair style than I wanted.  I'm in the mood for complaining so bear with me as I present to you my hair salon pros & cons list:

Pros (this list will be short and sweet)
-the green tea my hairdresser made me
-the lovely scalp massage I received (aren't those just the best!)
-having my hair styled
-catching up on my fashion mag reads while I wait for the highlights to process
-the lovely smells of the expensive salon shampoo & conditioner
-...hmm that's about it, told you it would be short & sweet

Cons (fair warning- this list may be a tad lengthy)
-having nothing to talk to my (male) hairdresser about...ummm how about this weather huh?
-being told my hair is dry, coarse, full of split ends, unhealthy...and the list goes on (some people say talking to their hairdressers is like therapy, I'm going to need therapy after all the snarky comments he made!)
-being told I will leave the salon beautiful (hey wait a minute, what are you implying?)
-knowing that I can never replicate the salon blowout, no matter how many expensive hair products I buy
-my hairdresser looking concerned when he removed the foils from my head and hushed conversations with the salon owner while frantically pointing at my hair
-not being in front of a mirror to observe what the hair concern is all about
-when I am finally in front of a mirror, seeing absolutely no difference in my hair colour unless I squint really really hard...then being asked how I like the new colour and (because I'm too polite passive) saying "oh yes it's lovely"!)
-seeing my hair that has taken so long to grow, fall to the floor in big chunks
-being presented with the bill for a whopping $220, knowing that I will still tip $20 (because as mentioned before I'm too polite passive)
-crying about my wallet and hair's loss, wondering how I manage to cry more about my hair than anything else (even more than watching an episode of Brothers & Sisters!)

Full head of blonde highlights?! My a$$!

Not impressed...

Ah well, might as well smile for the cameras!

At least I have a lovely manicure!

Rain soaked boots

Dress, Blazer, Belt & Boots- Thrifted; Green Tights- GAP; Necklace- Lucky Brand
Thanks for listening to my hair rant- what about you- do you find going to the hair salon stressful?


  1. I hate going to the hair salon - HATE! I seem to always have the experience of walking out and not feeling great and going straight home and spending 20 minutes redoing my hair the way I want it because every place I go to they never seem listen to what I want. Although I'm willing to admit that part of the problem might be that I have never stuck with a salon long enough to build a rapport with any stylists...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. Oh noes, I'm so sorry it didn't turn out the way you wanted it, too. I don't think I'd have said something either... Oh, the bane of being too nice. :) But for $220, maybe I'd note it's not as blond as I hoped. I'm sorry.

    I hate going to the salon because I never know what to say to the stylists.I don't have a regular stylist I go to and I go to the salon to relax and not to chat. I'm sometimes jealous about how chatty other people can get... but not really.

  3. I hate going to salons. I never walk out with what I want. They tend to chop off my hair and leave me under the dryer way too long. It has seriously come down to trimming my hair myself and letting it go au naturale, no highlights what so ever. I feel for you and hope that your next experience will be better.BTW I love your outfit, especially the white lacey dress.

  4. I have the SAME love hate relationship with the salon@ I have never Ever found a a good hair salon place in Ottawa....I think your hair looks great but I feel you when you know that theyve taken off a little too much....


  5. Oh my goodness! What a horrible experience. I have an awesome stylist and can confide in her no matter what. She has become a friend. My advice - for what it's worth - which is about worth a dollar :) is to find someone you really like and then NEVER STOP GOING TO THEM. :) Once you find a good one - you will always come home happy or they will make sure you get happy quickly. I went to one woman for 10 years. Then we moved and I have gone to the same woman for the last 9 months.... BTW - you look awesome! I really like your hair - but if you don't like it, that is what matters. Go back to the salon and ask the owner to make it right. They are usually willing to do that. Cheers!

  6. Oh honey! That really sucks! My whole red hair dye AND blonde highlights came to like, $125 last time! $220 is insane!!! I hate going to the salon, too...basically for the same reasons you do, plus, I had surgery on my ears a few years ago so they're REALLY I always have to, like an idiot, tell the stylist, "Um, so, this is going to sound odd, but, could you be really careful around my ears?" And half the time they forget and like, practically comb my ear off while I'm left in serious pain. Ugh.

    Now I'm nervous for my Wednesday appointment!

  7. the box kits for highlighting, and hair colour cost about $15.00 and work well IF INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOLLOWED...please ditch the expensive salon hair colours and try this...that money would have bought a small window, or a wall's worth of insulation...this is what my world has become...renovation brain! I think you look great.

  8. I'm sorry, buddy. For your experience and my insensitive tweet.

  9. I have to completely and wholeheartedly agree - most stressful place ever! I rarely go to a new hairstylist without being unhappy (unless it is just a trim or a miracle. Similarly, I am also too passive to ever say anything about it. The last haircut I got was super expensive and a lot shorter and choppily layered than I would have liked, I am currently growing it out.

  10. No to be annoying but my salon is amazing. My hairdresser is super friendly, and I always get what I want. Go back asap and say you are too polite to complain but you are not happy at all with your hair. Maybe they will do something. If I was you though I would find a new salon asap, and ask around. If not come make a trip to Ohio ;) I will hook you up!
    My Heart Blogged

  11. Awww! Where is this place so I can avoid it? Haha.
    Well, your hair does look great...even if it wasn't what you were looking for. And your outfit's super adorable too.

  12. Em you look gorgeous. I love the hair, I know it wasn't what you wanted though. Look online for reviews of salons and talk to friends who know a friendly stylist. You can fix your hair soon sis, but in the meantime you look great.

  13. Oh babe, that's upsetting. You need to book appointments with a girlfriend who'll be the bitch for you. It's okay to say you don't like what they did, especially if you're paying so much.

    I do like your hair. It looks soft.

  14. Oh, i love this lace dress :) I have on in the same style :)and what a messed up hairdresser! I never really have conversations with my hairdresser, but they are always nice and friendly EVEN when they have to tell me my hair has to be shortened with 5 inches (EEEEEEEEEEEK!) because I have horrible split ends... x

  15. Aw Emily I'm sorry your experience was so bad and you didn't like the results. You deserve better! We've all been there and can sympathize. If it makes any difference, I think that colour really suits your skin tone. Also I can recommend someone I've been really happy with in town if you're interested. She's the sweetest person - no snarkiness. You get 15% off the first visit too. Her rates are similar but you can get a $25 toner between highlights to stretch it out. Another tip is to ask for a fluff dry rather than a blowout at the end - will save you more $$.

  16. I just hate salons... (and many more female ordeals!). I pay 60 euro to have my hair washed, cut and highlighted and the hairdresser comes to my place! She's also fond of my jewellery, so we exchange! My advice: don't be too polite and change your salon asap!! Bad gay hairdresser?? Not our friend!! I'm kind of happy though you didn't achieve the total blonde look, because I think you look sooo much better in a darker color. And the length is not so bad - you still are a cutie!!! :)

  17. Hehe- I've never been to the salon- & don't plan too!! Wayyyy to much chemicals :P I dye my own hair (with henna- which is made out of plants ;), & my mom & I cut each others hair.. Hehe- we're not professionals... but I've gotten quite a few comments on my hair. They ask who I got it done by... if only they new HOW I got it done. Lol. By flipping it over and chopping ;D My mom was a dog groomer… she has some practice, right?!?

    I LOVE your hair! It’s gorgeous <3


  18. I love going to the hair salon. My stylist is great. If I were ever that unhappy about my hair she would definitely fix it for no charge. You should see if the salon you went to has a similar policy. Most businesses would rather fix a mistake and absorb the cost than have an unhappy customer tell everyone about their awful service.

  19. I'm rather passive at the salon as well. My daughter has no problems at the salon and I believe it's because she is NOT passive. She always gets exactly what she wants. Somehow she is very clear. Communication is the difference right?

    For my thoughts, I think your hair is fabulous! The color suits you and warms your skin. I did think the blond color in the link washed you out.

    Happy mistake? Or my butinski opinion?


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