Saturday, April 16, 2011

thrifted & gifted

I am a huge thrift store, consignment shop and second hand clothing treasure hunter.  I love searching out hidden gems- you know what they say- one woman's faded and outdated is another woman's chic and sleek! Today I popped into the local Salvation Army and was greeted with welcome news- 50% off everything in the store! So I shopped till I dropped and then called a friend and fellow thrifter to accompany me to a second location to continue the hunt.  

In total I bought 5 dresses (breaking my own dress ban-oopsie!); 8 blouses; 1 scarf and 2 belts for a whooping total of $48.50!!!!!

Patterned blouse= $2; Denim shirt (Liz Claiborne)= $2.50; Shorts (Club Monaco)= $3; Belts = $0.50 each; Blue scarf= $2

Floral blouse= $2.50; Polka dot blouse (Smart Set)- $4; Denim shirt- $2.50

Patterned blouse- $2.50; Coral pink blouse- $2.50; Polka dotted blouse (because one is never enough!)- $2

Striped dress (Club Monaco)- $5; Blue maxi dress (Old Navy)- $4.50; Rainbow dress- $5

Floral dress- $2.50; Butterfly dress- $5
So that's the thrifting and here's the gifting- beautiful jewellery and nail polish from the boy's travels to Arizona.  Last night was my best friend's b-day so I wore my new thrifted Topshop dress and paired it with gifted accessories for an easy and environmentally friendly ensemble. 

The beautiful jewellery and nail polish the boy bought me in Arizona

Nail polish- Aqua Marine by Bonita (gifted from the boy); Clutch- Gifted (from my grandmother)


Necklace- Frash (gifted at Ottawa Fashion Week)
Dress- Topshop (thrifted); Short Necklace- Gifted (from the boy); Long Necklace- Frash (gifted at Ottawa Fashion Week); Clutch- Gifted (from Grandmother); Shoes- Thrifted

While we're on the subject of thrifting, check out two of my favourite thrifty fashionistas: My Heart Blogged & Fashion Steele NYC!


  1. Great finds! Can't wait to see how you put them all together!

  2. Wow you really scored! Great finds..can't wait to see how you wear it all.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  3. Wow! All of those items are amazing. I cannot believe you spent less than $50.

    I have never had any luck with shopping at thrift stores. I definitely need to practice more often.

  4. Oh wow the rainbow dress totally caught my eye! Also love the frash femme necklace!!! Last of all, glad you got all those goodies at Rikochet Resale, can't get enough of that place! Great post, love thrifting!!!!!

  5. I am jealous of so much of that haul. You have a great eye for thrifting. Those dresses are all awesome, and I love the polka dotted blouses. I really like your outfit too. You gorgeous, and the accessories are fabulous.
    My Heart Blogged

  6. Great finds. I went to the Salvation Army the other day and had no luck.

  7. amazing outfit
    thanks for following me back :)

  8. Very nice finds!! Yay for cheap shopping!! I like the nail polish! Have a nice day :)

  9. You certainly hit the jackpot!
    I love the turquoise and black combo
    The pop of a
    Different color with the shoes is great.

  10. Those shoes!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. OH my goodness! You scored some seriously amazing finds!


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