Monday, April 18, 2011

the pajama project {kimono & toothbrush}

It's the second edition of Twenty York Street & The Farmgirl Fashionista's Pajama Project.  For the last post, I stayed comfy and cosy so I thought I'd keep it fun and flirty this time.  Not that I have ever worn hosiery and high heels with my kimono style lingerie nor brushed my teeth with my eye shades on my head but you know- had to add some flair!

Kimono- La Senza; Eye shades- Old Navy; Hosiery- Walmart & Heels- Aldo

For those of you who have never worn eye shades I highly recommend it.  I sleep with eye shades and ear plugs for maximum sensory deprivation!

Sleep tight!


  1. cute!

  2. What a lovely kimono! You look so cute!

  3. so cute
    you just needed a silk chaise to lounge in and you would be right out of a 1940's movie

  4. Woohoo!! Love it!! Very retro-glam...wish everyday could be!! Thanks so much for participating!! xoxo

  5. We have moved to Nova Scotia and are starting to gut out our 1760's farm house...we thought NS would be warmer than it is. No heating in the house and chimney's had to be taken out. Result? I am wearing 3 t-shirts and a fleece, sweat pants, thick socks and a wooly hat to bed...tres chic! NOT! Glad my daughter is maintaining the family fashion standard!

  6. I like your pink night dress. It might be a silk one, you look gorgeous in it. Last pic is so good.
    dean graziosi

  7. Eye masks are totally the way to go. I love mine - it is made of bamboo fabric. So comfy!

  8. That is the cutest eye shade!

    See you are doing the Remix Fashion Challenge! yah! Can't wait to see what you do!

    Heather & Kayla


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