Sunday, March 24, 2013

tiaraiconaccessory addict {jewellery}

{Bracelet- Macy's}
As a self-professed accessory addict, I take great delight in ornamenting my outfits with baubles, belts, shoes, scarves & whatever else I can think of that will add extra pizazz to my ensemble. As much joy as I get from shopping from clothes, I get 10x the excitement from buying a new piece of jewellery or a funky belt.  The easiest way to take a look from drab to fab is to accessorize (and you can never over accessorize in my accessory addicted opinion!)

So without further adieu, welcome to my new feature here on Tinfoil Tiaras, all about my love for accessories.  First up, my most dangerous kryptonite, jewellery

{Vintage spoon necklace, purchased in Toronto}

{Inherited Pearl necklace & Stella & Dot charm}

{Ring from Fashion Museum, Bath UK & Bracelets- Thrifted}

{Necklace & Ring- Gifted}

{Panda Ring- Logan Antiques & Black Ring- Thrifted}

{Earrings- Smart Set}

{Necklace- Castellammare Designs & Ring- Forever 21}
I love accessories so much that I often build my whole outfit around them, I will start with a great patterned scarf or a statement piece of jewellery and I will incorporate similar colours and styles into the rest of my ensemble.  

{Earrings- Castellammare Designs & Bracelets- Le Chateau}

{Earrings- Spring & Bracelet- Thrifted}

{Ring- H&M}
If you don't own enough necklaces to cover the walls or enough earrings to wear a different pair every day for months on end (such as found in my jewellery collection), the easiest way to pull an outfit together is with nail polish.  I change up my polish every 2-3 days (not only because I find it therapeutic and use it as a method of self care), but because I gravitate towards clothing that works well with my nail colour du jour.  I'm also a cyclical polish wearer, changing up my hues according to the season.  As we're now in spring I will wear more pastel colours and in summer I choose neons and brights. 

{Necklace- Thrifted}

{Necklace- Rikochet Resale Consignment Shop}

{Apple amber necklace- E-Bay & Beaded necklace- Thrifted}

{Bronze necklace- Dragonmoon; Blue & chain necklaces- Thrifted; Ring- H&M}

{Bracelets- Aldo & Ring- Thrifted}

{Necklace- E-Bay; Bird Ring- Vendor in St. Kitt's; Gold Rings- Gifted}
{Ring- Sears}
Are you an accessory addict and if so, what is your accessory kryptonite? 

Friday, March 15, 2013

tiaraiconleopard on leopard

Skirt (worn like this) & Shoes- Thrifted; Blouse- Zara; Ring- H&M; Belt- Spoof (Boutique in Toronto); Necklace- Gifted; Nail Polish- Blue Satin by Chanel 
This blouse is undoubtedly the most worn item in my closet (see exhibits 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5) but I never get tired of it.  Seeing as it's Friday, I decided to amp up the fun factor and pair regular leopard print with snow leopard print.  I never would have dreamed of sporting a leopard on leopard combo before I started blogging but why not? Too much animal print is never a bad thing in my leopard loving opinion! 

I can't wait until the snow clears so I can start showing some toe cleavage and stop carrying my indoor shoes around.

Would you pair leopard with leopard?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Dress (worn like this & this)- Forever 21; Jacket- Smart Set; Belt & Boots- ThriftedNecklace- Joe Fresh; Rings- Gifted; Tights- Aldo; Nail Polish- Vintage by Revlon & Topaz by Joe Fresh
The last time I went to the hairdressers, the leaves were still falling so after seeing how horrid my roots looked, I decided that it was time for a change.  This past weekend, the fabulous Carly of Character Salon (who rocks purple & teal hair like no other) performed her magic (she's the first hairdresser who has given me perfect blonde highlights without a toner).  I was excited when she suggested styling it curly (because lord knows my idea of 'curling' ends up in kinks and burns) and she used a straightening iron and zero hairspray (how does she do it?) to create the bouncy waves.  I will try my best to duplicate the style but hair never seems to look as good as when you're fresh out of the salon. 

There's something about a new haircut that just makes you feel fabulous, I may soon become one of those monthly 'blowdry' only clients so that I can get that salon look without paying full price. 

Another reason I decided to freshen up my hair, was to accept an award on Saturday night.  I was nominated for and was one of two winners of the Vagina Warrior Award, recognizing my community work to end violence against women.  I was presented with the award at the Ottawa Vagina Monologues show and I was beaming with nervous excitement (I addressed the auditorium after intermission, conquering my fear of public speaking one speech at a time!) & pride.  

Dress- Frou Frou (Ottawa boutique); Necklace- Gifted & Belt- Thrifted

Friday, March 8, 2013

tiaraiconeShakti butterflies

Dress- c/o eShakti; Blazer- Forever 21; Necklace- Joe Fresh; Shoes- Thrifted; Rings- Gifted
I'm a gal who loves unique pieces so I was thrilled when eShakti asked me if I would review an item from their spring collection.  I had a very positive past experience with eShakti  and I love that they have clothing for women of all different shapes and sizes.  All the styles on their website can be ordered in sizes 0-36W and besides their regular collections, they just launched a fabulous bridesmaids collection that suits my mantra of affordable elegance to a t (or an e in their case!)

Sometimes what you see isn't what you get and in the case of eShakti that's a good thing because they allow customization of products so that you can change the neckline, sleeves and hem length (which is what I did). 

I love butterflies (even enough to have one inked on my back!) so as soon as I saw this dress my heart 'fluttered'. This is the perfect springtime dress but as a Canuck I had to style it for the snow and will have to wait a while longer to showcase this dress in all its bare legs and bare arms glory. 
At Dress for Success I work with women of all shapes and sizes and their biggest complaint is that clothes aren't made for real women and instead inches are just tacked on instead of allowing for different sized hips, chest, waist and thighs.  And that's why I love eShakti because it's made for all women and even their models are curvy and womanly. 

Intrigued? eShakti is very generously giving you, my readers 20% off your purchase! Up until March 20th enter the discount code TNFLSTRS and happy shopping!

Have you ever ordered from eShakti before? How was your experience?

Monday, March 4, 2013

tiaraiconweekend wear

Dress (worn as skirt)- Sirens; T-shirt- Zara; Cardigan & Purse- Thrifted; Hat- Vintage; Booties- Gifted; Spike Bracelets- Aldo; Pink Bracelet & Nail Polish- Joe Fresh

Besides sleeping in and not wearing makeup, I also love the weekends because you can wear whatever you want with no workplace dress codes to adhere to.  I love playing with colour, prints & accessories to create the perfect Emily weekend wear

(There must be a smudge on the camera, you can also see it in the blue jean pictures below, no faded clothes here, just a dirty lens!)

I wore this outfit on Saturday to attend a gardening festival (after years of living in high rises, I am very excited to have green space in our new house!), followed by a delicious veggie meal and a comedy show with some good friends.

Jeans- Jacob; Sweater & Earrings- Forever 21; Boots- Gifted; Belt- Thrifted; Nail Polish- by Joe Fresh

You don't see me wearing jeans too often because 1. I always buy them too tight and 2. I just don't find them comfortable (although that is most likely a direct result of 1.)  However I wanted to wear my new earrings from Forever 21 (on sale for $2) and I knew these blue jeans would be the perfect match so I sucked in my stomach and jumped up and down to zip the pants up (does anyone else do that?) I wore this outfit on Sunday for errands including buying absorbent flooring for our home gym so that we can perform jumping jacks till our hearts (and happy joints) delight!

Not pictured here are the less than flattering purple sweatpants and striped pink tee I spent the remainder of the weekend in (hey at least I didn't leave the house wearing them!)

What do you like to wear on the weekends?