Monday, March 4, 2013

weekend wear

Dress (worn as skirt)- Sirens; T-shirt- Zara; Cardigan & Purse- Thrifted; Hat- Vintage; Booties- Gifted; Spike Bracelets- Aldo; Pink Bracelet & Nail Polish- Joe Fresh

Besides sleeping in and not wearing makeup, I also love the weekends because you can wear whatever you want with no workplace dress codes to adhere to.  I love playing with colour, prints & accessories to create the perfect Emily weekend wear

(There must be a smudge on the camera, you can also see it in the blue jean pictures below, no faded clothes here, just a dirty lens!)

I wore this outfit on Saturday to attend a gardening festival (after years of living in high rises, I am very excited to have green space in our new house!), followed by a delicious veggie meal and a comedy show with some good friends.

Jeans- Jacob; Sweater & Earrings- Forever 21; Boots- Gifted; Belt- Thrifted; Nail Polish- by Joe Fresh

You don't see me wearing jeans too often because 1. I always buy them too tight and 2. I just don't find them comfortable (although that is most likely a direct result of 1.)  However I wanted to wear my new earrings from Forever 21 (on sale for $2) and I knew these blue jeans would be the perfect match so I sucked in my stomach and jumped up and down to zip the pants up (does anyone else do that?) I wore this outfit on Sunday for errands including buying absorbent flooring for our home gym so that we can perform jumping jacks till our hearts (and happy joints) delight!

Not pictured here are the less than flattering purple sweatpants and striped pink tee I spent the remainder of the weekend in (hey at least I didn't leave the house wearing them!)

What do you like to wear on the weekends?


  1. The sequins really jazz up that hat - too cute! ;-)

  2. Haha, I wear really junky clothes on the weekend too but only in the house! Love your cute blue jeans. Sometimes we must suffer for fashion, right?

  3. depends on the occasion. when I'm only at home I wear practically whatever (tees, old ripped jeans, random leggings, sweaters.. like I said - whatever). but when we go on a trip or something then I pick a rather decent ensemble, depending on the weather (and occasion again, haha). anyway, I just love the combo of your bright green cardi and that raspberry skirt! it's so much fun and goes perfectly with the skull tee.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

    1. oh and no, I don't do that when it comes to jeans. though I once bought a pair from a thrift store without trying it on and then had to donate it afterwards because it was a tad bit small. my other pairs are usually a tad bit big since they're old and I used to be a tiny bit bigger when I was younger. though I also own some that fit perfectly. those are the ones I've bought during the last couple of years.

  4. Ha ha, my weekends consist of sweat pants and sweatshirts when I am home. It is fun though when you can get dressed without work code restrictions. Your first outfit is adorable and I love all the colors! Heather

  5. I love your outfits. You have such a fun and colorful style. I'd give anything to shop in your closet (and shrink a bit to fit into your clothes!).

  6. I'm a hoodie and jeans girl on the weekend. When I don't have to work. Awesome find on the earrings. Also I jump up and down to when I put my jeans on.

  7. Cute weekend looks, especially the first one, it's so colorful and funky! Lately my weekend looks have been ultra casual--baggy jeans and t-shirts...not cute :)

  8. i just bought a pair of jeans that color. LOVE your tshirt and cardi in the first couple of pics. it looks so cute together.

  9. Super fun weekend style! I wear jeans a lot on the weekends and if I'm not going anywhere, I tend to wear a lot of hoodies and sweatshirts, but if I am going out then I try to have a little more fun with tops and sweaters and stuff.

    I am in love with your thrifted purse because it has a tassle!

  10. I'm back! Nearly 2 months barely using the computer. Guess what, I got a stalker, it put me off... then I decided to have a new blog address, it's 2 weeks old only :) I'm enjoying it! I see you have a new style here too! Liked it very much! And especially your jeans together with the white or cream vest! Really beautiful! Alas, you always look beautiful!

  11. Emily! Where have you been? Sick, busy, shopping - what? I have missed you. This skull colorful outfit is so fun, bright and full of color. Since I have been more aware of my style and posting more about it I have realized that I NEED MORE color in my life and my clothes. Watch out SPRINGTIME!

  12. You look great in pants! It's too bad you don't find them comfortable :(
    I also love the weekend for the casual wear. I probably over-do the casual on the weekend because I feel like I have to take advantage of it lol.

  13. outfit #1 looks like something son1's girlfriend would totally wear
    i want those fab earrings though

  14. Aw, no jumping around into jeans that don't fit! I used to do that all the time, but then I found NWT 7 for all mankind jeans for $5 at a thrift store in what I believed was a size (or two, or three) too big, but I couldn't pass up that kind of deal! Don't know whether it's the higher quality jean, or whether it's actually the right size, but I feel 100 million times better in them!
    That being said, there is nothing like a dress or skirt compared to jeans. Give me a cotton dress, and I'll feel like I'm in pajamas all day!

  15. Your new earrings are so pretty. I absolutely love that dress you are wearing as a shirt. The colors are very pretty.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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  16. loving the skull top!



  17. I am really really loving these jeans from jacob. were they expensive? I always try to look for a pair that has a bit of spandex. the colour is stunning!

  18. Gardening shows and home renovation stores? Sounds like a true homeowners' weekend!! I really love the first outfit - it's so cute and colourful! And those earrings are FANTASTIC.

  19. you're looking casual cool, with total fun! what i wear depends on what i'm doing.


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