Tuesday, February 28, 2012

mallory squeal

Scarf- The Shop of Worldly Delights; Coat- Gap
Pigs are by far my favourite animals (sorry Marley & Mama!) I've previously expressed my intention to one day own two pet pigs named Petunia & Priscilla (now I just have to convince my man that he also has the same dream!) So when I saw this adorable handmade pig scarf (aka Malorie Squeal) on Laura's etsy shop I just knew I had to have it.  Paired with my pink Gap jacket- I'm squealing for joy and oinking with glee!

Dress- Gap; Tights & Cardigan- Swapped; Boots- Aldo; Belt & Bracelet- Thrifted; Nail Polish-Deliciously Dark by Rimmel
And just to prove that even fashion bloggers wear the same ensemble more than once, here's how I styled this dress and cardigan during my summer trip to San Diego.

As March is just around the corner (yay Spring!) I'm aware that Google will be cancelling Google Friend Connect in a matter of days. Besides switching our profile to Google+, do you know of any other ways to keep GFC so that we can keep our followers and friends intact? 


  1. I have read that when you have a blogger profile, nothing changes for you. you don't have to use google+ (I haven't done it for an example) and your followers stay right where they are. it influences people who don't have blogger user. of course I hope it is still true :P
    oh, and how cute is that scarf!! I hope your dream will come true ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. That's what I've heard about the GFC thing too - that if you are already on Blogger, you'll be fine, but if you are a non-Blogger site that uses GFC as an add-on, you may end up losing it.

    That scarf is adorable! My sister-in-law loves pigs, I will have to show this to her! So cute!

  3. I am havign a trully hard time with Blogger wanting to cancel GFC...it SUCKS....honestly I think at this point we will need to beef up our other sources for connection such as bloglovin'

  4. Love the scarf, Laura's stuff is so CUTE. Also, I think this dress is really flattering on you, I love the color & the cut.

  5. very cute, Laura is so good with making cute stuff. You styled it really well with your outfit. The cardi has a gorgeous color! The pink blazer is perfect with the scarf! I totally repeat my items, not just once but many times.


  6. "Oinking with glee!" That's perfect. You look adorable. :)

    GFC wasn't working right when I switched to self-hosted WordPress so I got rid of it. Most of my favorite blogs don't keep track of followers. Google Analytics shows me how many people are visiting my blog if I really want to know the number. The real number of visitors is more important to me because a lot of my "followers" on GFC would never return after adding their photos.

  7. I hope you get pet pigs. I love them too. This scarf is adorable. Have a great day. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  8. I have a friend who also loves pigs, they are so sweet! Loved your scarf! And, as usual, the nails! Great manicure!

  9. Oh, that scarf is super cute!!

    From what I understand, nothing will change for you if you have a blogger blog, as opposed to wordpress or something other host... I've been trying to increase my facebook followers and twitter followers, in case they ever do away with GFC alltogether. I also put Linky followers on my blog, too.

  10. what a cute little scarf
    love the pink on pink with your coat

  11. it would be fun to see if you collect any other pig things. pretty in blue outfit are you. about the white pants i didn't mean to be smug. i meant to be teasing. i'm in complete denial hoping that the google friend connect cancel is a hoax like Y2k.

  12. although we like the look for GFC, I do think visiting stats are more important... as long as your comments are still there and people have a way to find you, I don't think it matters... even though I am still a little saddened by it!

  13. Haha what a cute scarf! And your dress + cardi combo is super cute too - that color looks amazing on you! :)

  14. I honestly don't know how much the impact of GFC being gone now will be. Having a blogger blog I think we're not affected so much, but I do encourage followers to follow with bloglovin and hellocotton now too. And of course, twitter and facebook :)

    I am so delighted that you like the scarf, Emily! It looks really great on you especially with your beautiful hair and pink coat!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. Laura, makes the cutest things! It looks awesome on you. :)

  16. Awww how adorbs! Haha I'm not a big fan of pigs but you make them work ;)


  17. You are adorable with your piggies! That is such a fun scarf. That dress has a great print and I still love the dark nails on you!


  18. What a cute scarf! And I love the dress and cardigan together--the colors pair beautifully!

  19. Awww so cute! I love the piggie scarf. I don't know that I could pick a favorite animal. I might pick snakes though.

    As far as I know, GFC will still exist in some capacity, but people who are not google users will not be able to use it anymore.

  20. What a cute scarf! This dress has such a pretty pattern and the color looks great with the purple cardigan!

  21. super cute! i used to be obsessed with pigs as a child (totally had a million stuffed animals/piglets on my bed) & still have a collection of flying pigs! love the find!
    also, so jealous that you live within walking distance of your job, that's fantastic! i would love not having to spend gas, but would also not like being near where i work if i didn't love it 100% :DD
    stay cute :D
    xx Corinne


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