Monday, December 12, 2011

spotted holidays

There's snow on the ground, my tree is decorated and I've finished my shopping which can only mean one thing- Christmas is just around the corner! Looking through my photos I realized that there has been one holiday constant since I started this blog- my Bettie Page leopard print ensemble (worn as the 2 piece set, just as the top and just as the skirt) photographed beside Christmas trees! It looks like leopard print may become one of my favourite holiday outfits- add some glitz and glam and you're set for any festive occasion!

In my hotel in Toronto a couple of weeks ago (before Zumba Instructor training).

My Holiday Favourites:

Movie: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (1964) & The Santa Claus Brothers (2001)
Drink: Candy cane hot chocolate and apple cider
Treat: Terry's Chocolate Orange (I love to smash it!)
Music: Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant
Scent: Christmas trees
Meal: Christmas brunch complete with cheese & onion quiche-mmm!
Tradition: Making truffles with my Mum, sugar cookies with my Dad and opening Christmas stockings with my sister!

Trimming the tree last year with Mr. Marley supervising.

My best friend's beautiful Christmas tree last year.

I also wanted to share some photos from last year's holiday family portrait session as I didn't have time to do one this year (and I don't think the cats would have cooperated again!)

This will be my last post for a couple of weeks as I am headed to Nova Scotia to spend quality time with my family. But I couldn't just leave Tinfoil Tiaras alone for that long so I have 6 wonderful guest bloggers lined up to share their favourite part about the holidays as well as some festive fashion! 

Season's greetings to you and yours!


  1. Ahh-dorable! Love all of your Holiday looks :)

  2. Amazing shots i find here.

  3. Merry Christmas! Have a wonderul holiday and visit with your family. :)

  4. Oh how cute! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the holiday with your family. Merry Christmas!

  5. That is such a Fabulous outfit! You look Great!

  6. A couple weeks? You are one lucky girl! Enjoy it!

  7. love the way you wear animal print. seriously, it's so classy yet so edgy! i love the boots too. and that candy cane hot chocolate sounds delightful!!!

  8. I love the leopard print ensemble. You look so chic. I love your family portrait with the cats - they are totally mean mugging each other. haha. Have a wonderful trip!

  9. So freaking cute and I love it! You are so holidaytastic and I aspire to look as good as you in black and leopard!


  10. enjoy your quality time, dear :)
    btw, leopard print suits you so well!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  11. You look so CUTE! Love that leopard and thanks for sharing these pics. Have a great time in Nova Scotia and I look forward to the guest posts you have lined up! :D

  12. I have to say again how awesome you look with the strawberry colored hair! Puts so much color in your complexion.

    Have a great trip!

  13. Aww, I love these photos! That leopard print is gorgeous on you! Merry Christmas and enjoy your trip!! =)

  14. You always look so amazing! And I loved the greetings!
    Have I read "truffles"? I want too!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a great time with your family, a wonderful Christmas time and an even better New Year's Eve! Thank you so much for all your lovely words, always!

  15. Have an amazing holiday! Enjoy your break and I love your leopard outfit:)


  16. reworked over and over for good reason! looooove that pencil skirt!

    Have fun out east! BE safe and stuff your face!


  17. Have fun on your vacation! These photos are great, love the Betty Paige ensemble.

  18. I know you will miss blogging but will have fun with your family. i will miss you but I know you have great things lined up. Who is watching the kitties? I love this outfit on you and blonde hair does suit you nicely. Have a great time darling. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  19. love the christmas card pic
    great betty page outfit, love that it is a holiday favorite
    have a fantastic time on your trip

  20. That dress is lovely! And I seriously love your ultra blonde hair, I know I said it already, but whatev. it's AMAZING.

    Have a yummy holiday, dear. Enjoy the time off with your fam!

  21. wow, good job finishing your shopping!!
    and you look fab in that dress!

    Chic on the Cheap

  22. What a cute post! Happy Holidays to you! I'm not sure if it's in Nova Scotia or New Brunswick, but my dream is to visit Prince Edward Island one day!

  23. Have a great Christmas in all your leopard print!!

  24. I hope you have a wonderful time home in Nova Scotia!!


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