Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Holidays!

The first day of December fills me with excitement of what's to come in the following weeks as holiday preparations begin.  My family celebrates Christmas but some of my friends are Jewish so this year I have the opportunity to attend Hanukkah parties; Christmas get-togethers and even Ugly Holiday Sweater parties! I'm hosting my own intimate soiree on Saturday night, complete with festive cookies, holiday martinis and Christmas costumes! This is the first Christmas that I will not be spending with my Dad and sister back home in Nova Scotia which is bitter sweet because I will miss them like crazy but the boy and I are flying over to England to spend the holidays with my Mum and Step-Dad.

The other night, my Ottawa family (me, the boy and our two cats) took some festive photos to send to our loved ones in Christmas cards.  The cats were not impressed in being dressed up (Marley wore elf ears and Mamma Sita wore a beard) so we took what we could get (plus 10 second self timers rarely produce good shots!)

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Poor Marley- so unimpressed!

Mamma Sita with her beard

The final product
What's your favourite part of the holiday season?


  1. Super Cute photos! We have yet to make our Christmas cards, but will more than likely just use a wedding photo. We're lazy. lol

  2. Your cat's name is Mamma Sita? ha ha I love it! I'm a huge fan of Christmas too! Your Christmas card is adorable. Maybe I can convince E to do one this year.

    See you pronto!

    And yes... it would be fun if you can drop by the PJ party!



    Would love for you to say Bonjour at:


  3. omg ben DIED laughing when i showed him this

  4. cute cute! love the pretty presents :)


  5. Adorable! Great photos.

    I didn't know you came from Nova Scotia. I did a long motorcycle-trip up there a few years ago. Rode the whole Cabot Trail, ventured up Meat Cove, etc. Beautiful country.

  6. nice festive pictures. and lol I heart ugly christmas sweater parties, it's such a great holiday theme.

  7. Thanks everyone! Let me just tell you that it was just as much of a hassle to get the boyfriend to participate as the cats! ;)

    Shybiker- wow on the motorcyle (on my bucket list to learn how to ride one!)and yes NS is beautiful- I mostly miss living 10 mins from the ocean!


  8. I love this photo shoot. The cats don't look too impressed (I think they might have been saying very rude words in "cat"). England has, very oddly, about 6 inches of snow on the ground at the moment and it is causing choas with transport, but it does look festive! Hope all your readers have a joyous holiday season.

  9. ahahah Mamma Sita looks so unimpressed, but so ADORABLE!

    oh and hellooooo fellow ottawa fashion blogger!


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