Thursday, December 8, 2011

neutrals {brown & cognac}

Skirt (worn like this -check out how blonde my hair was!)-Old Navy; Blouse (worn like this) & Boots-Thrifted; Ring-Zellers

It feels like just yesterday that I was lying on Hawaiian beaches and enjoying Mai Tais poolside but alas winter has officially arrived in Ottawa and let me tell you I don't like it one bit!  Sure I love the festive season and snow has its moments but as far as the bone chilling cold, let's just say the hibernation of Tinfoil Tiaras has offically begun!

{Fun fact: Ottawa is the 7th coldest capital city in the world (#1 is Ulaan-Baatar, Mongolia and #2 is Astana, Kazakhstan).  Not that I'm bitter or anything- just bitterly cold!}

{It doesn't look like it in this picture but the flowers on the blouse are brown, very similar to the skirt colour! P.S. Yes I do own an iron, no I don't use it!}
{I love these boots but can't wear them outside in the winter because the sidewalk salt stains them, no matter how many fabric protectors I apply!}
{Trying out a new pose-something the models at work do in photoshoots. Let's just say I should definitely keep my day job...}

Dress-Swapped (worn like this); Cardigan (worn like this), Earrings & Heels-Thrifted

{I'm finally linking up to Thursdays are for Thrifters on the actual Thursday!}
{I didn't actually venture outside with bare legs and sparkly heels, I wore a more practical uniform of tights and boots but this looked prettier so this is what got photographed! Just think of it as my creative control!}

Do you live in a cold city? Do you enjoy spending time outdoors in the winter or would you prefer to stay snuggled up in bed with a good book and mug of hot chocolate? 

(Not that I've ever done that but it sounds like a nice way to spend a cold day!)


  1. All I wear are neutrals so I love both outfits! I live in a cold city (Buffalo which makes us hockey enemies)and I like being outdoors only if I'm skiing. Otherwise I'd rather be on my couch under 30 blankets.

  2. I love the second outfit SO much! That cardigan and heels are to die for!

  3. We REALLY like your boots and heels (caps necessary) ha ha! Your dress is so cute, tons of remix possibilities. We prefer being indoors when its freezing, unless outdoor activities involve sledding or snowman making :)

    Heather and Kayla

  4. emily, i like that you show the details of your very cool boots, & sparkly glitter shoes. you dressed the leopard print up with your elegant pearl earrings. the bell sleeves on your brown flower blouse are divine! i would so steal that outfit.

  5. Cognac glitter pumps! Hells yes! Both outfits are very cute. I don't live in what would be considered a cold city, but it feels cold to me. I'm a Southern girl through and through and love me a hot summer. I prefer to stay inside with my Nook and tea (no hot chocolate since the only way it's good is with milk, and milk makes me ill).

  6. I love that leopard cardigan! And the glittery shoes are so cute - I really need a pair of glittery pumps I think.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. Who needs an iron? A little water spritz a tumble in the dryer and the wrinkles are gone by the time I get out of the shower.
    I wish it were that easy to do on my face.
    Those boots are so cute. I'm afraid my favorite most comfy J. Crews will have to be put away too!

  8. Your boots are so nice! Love your outfit :) noo, i don't live in a cold city...

  9. i want the boots and the shoes!
    7th coldest... YIKES
    i don't know if i could hang with you in all of that cold
    love the cardi and the flower, flowy blouse

  10. I love how the theme may have been cognac today, but so many people wore leopard, it became a subtheme!

  11. it's usually warm here in atlanta. i love the leopard and neutrals, esp. together.
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  12. I love your leopard cardigan! And the sparkly heels are amazing. I don't live in a super cold place, but I prefer to spend my time indoors curled under a blanket reading a book. Maybe substitute hot cocoa with coffee or chai.

  13. Ok so I am in love with those boots in your first outfit. I understand what you mean though, some shoes can't be worn when it starts to snow. Boo for cold weather. You thrifted those heels? I absolutely adore them! Both outfits are great.

    I added you to my Blogs I Love tab- just FYI :)

  14. I am loving that leopard print dress and the skirt and blouse in the first photos are so, so pretty. Thanks for linking up!

  15. I love the leopard cardi and those pointy heels! Sparkle galore. And I heart you in your ultra blonde hair! I wish I could pull that color off. I just read an article about the coldest cities in the US and #1 was Fairbanks, AK where I lived for about 3 years for my undergrad!

    Happy Weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  16. I love both of these tops. The prints look great on you and the browns really complement your hair.

  17. The sparkle in those heels is GREAT!


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