Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bargain Believer

Skirt= $3.  My excitement at finding such a bargain= priceless!

I don't believe in divine intervention but I do believe in bargains.  Shoes, dresses, jewellery, handbags...you name it and I've nabbed it at a bargain price.  I love vintage and thrift shopping because they provide the shopper with hidden treasures, just waiting to be found.  Bargain shopping at the mall is a whole different ball game because retailers don't typically mark down their merchandise too much except for Boxing Day and special sales.  So when I stumbled across this cute brown skirt at Old Navy for only $3 I just knew I had to have it.  (I also had to have the same skirt in royal blue because paying $6 for two brand new skirts is basically unheard of.)  Now if only I could find the same bargains at Chanel!

It kind of looks like divine intervention is happening in this picture I am glowing so much!

Remember when tiny multicoloured butterfly hair clips were all the rage? I thought I would bring them back, adult style!

Outfit (my apologies for the cat hair!)
Skirt and Shirt- Old Navy
Black Socks- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Spring
Nail polish- Emerald City by Revlon
Butterfly hair clip- Zellers
Ring- Smart Set
Necklace- Dragon Moon from Perth, ON

What is your best bargain find?


  1. Congrats! As a fellow-thrifter, I also enjoy the hunt and know the joy of a purchase of a $3 skirt. Good work!

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  3. wow $3? that's really cheap, congrats on the great bargin. I like the thigh high socks you wore with your outfit :)


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