Thursday, October 6, 2011

thursdays are for thrifters and boots are made for walking!

Boots, Scarf & Belt- Thrifted; Dress (previously worn like this)- Ann Taylor Loft; Pleather Jacket- Sirens; Fishnet Stockings-Walmart ; Rings- Gifted; Nail Polish-Tahiti Sunrise by Sally Hansen

It's Thursday and that means time to pay homage to thrifting finds à la Spunky Chateau! I'm also linking up to this week's boot edition of Silverstyle's Trending Through the Decades because as the days get colder the shoes get thicker (huh? that made more sense in my head!) and besides who doesn't love a great pair of boots!

Thanks to Sage (who really is as sweet as her blog suggests) for tagging me with the following award:

The name of the game is that I now get to share 7 random facts about myself so here it goes:

1) I am terrified of downhill skiing and I mean life flashing before my eyes terrified.  I think it has something to do with my first (and only) experience when I was in Junior High and being peer pressured to attempt the steepest hill before mastering the bunny hill. That and I have a slight fear of heights (even ferris wheels give me a boost of adrenaline!)

2) I sleep with eye shades and ear plugs for complete sensory deprivation (plus I am not a sleep cuddler, I don't know how people do it).

3) I am extremely disorganized and my condo always looks like a war zone.  My man swears I would lose my brain if it wasn't firmly implanted in my head (or is it lose my head?....)

4) I like to make up ditties about everything.  Have you seen the show New Girl? It's like I'm watching myself!

5) My orange cat Marley (he's the one featured in my latest video) sleeps on my head every night.  So I guess #2 is a lie- I like to sleep cuddle, just not with a human!

6) Speaking of cats, have I mentioned that I'm a crazy cat lady? A few times now I believe.  So crazy that I subscribe to Cat Fancy magazine (well actually I bought it for my man as a joke but it turned out to be a good bathroom read- did you know that European Burmese cats make a great family pet? Well now I do!)

7) My dream vacation is Austin, Texas.  I've done the whole Europe thing, now I just want to ride a mechanical bull while dressed like a cowgirl!

I'd love to know- what's a random fact about you?


  1. You are too cute! I am not a cuddler either, but my hubby is. We fight all night long, lol! I should try ear plugs too. My dog gets up and starts whining to go outside at 4am and my little one comes in my room at 6am. No sleep for me!

    Love love love your tights! Heather

  2. Congrats on the award. i so want to watch that show the new girl. I keep missing it.

  3. First of all, I love this outfit. You look so pretty in this color. And the leopard scarf and tights are incredible accessories. Makes this simple dress become va va VOOM!

    I've tricked my husband into thinking I'm a sleep cuddler. He likes to hold me as he drifts off to sleep. I wait till I'm sure he's asleep and I wriggle free! Then I'm awake for hours because of my insomnia. wah.


  4. Geeze, I guess we all have cuddlers for men. I get to hot and like to sleep in my own space and then I guess I push him off the bed for the rest of the night! Ahhhhhhhhh a good nights sleep is worth it.
    That is one rocking little dress you have on there chickie.....Wear it proudly.
    Thank's for linking up. I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole link up thing!

  5. Cat Fancy is one of the few magazines I don't subscribe to (but as soon as I get a dog then I'll get Dog Fancy). You're the most stylish cat lady I've ever seen!

    I'm a total cuddler. I also steal all the covers. I've always been afraid of heights too, but I think that's 'cause I'm only 5 feet tall.

  6. hahaha cat fancy.. that is awesome. So many of these facts I was thinking 'me too!!' :) love that leopard print!!

  7. I'm also disorganized in that i'm really good at losing things. My husband is worried for when we have kids that I'll leave them behind or worse come home with the wrong kids. I'm also really bad at recognizing faces and whether people look similar! And with that said, I really do think you look like one of my best friends :)

  8. congrats on the award! That is a really cute outfit, the red dress is stunning! The fish net stockings is really adorable. The animal print scarf with the leather jacket and boots are a perfect combo, very safari chic. I enjoyed reading the random facts about you, you don't look like the disorganized sort, I mean judging from your outfits, ha..I am very forgetful that's one fact, I lose my things quite often. So cute for your cat to sleep on your head, he is so clever to choose the head, not the legs.


  9. those are pretty funny facts! i love that you don't sleep cuddle with people, just animals. i don't sleep cuddle either. it gets hot. and how cute is your outfit?!!! love the tights, the animal print, the red, the boots. it's all put together perfectly!

  10. Congratulations on the award! I loved reading about some facts of your life! You look very beautiful as usual! I also loved to know about Portsmouth, that you wrote on the comments! Small world, right?
    This week I'm not participating on silverstyle, because I packed my boots to move... and now I'm without any! :( It's getting so cold... I should have kept one pair!!!

  11. Nice boots! I can never find any good ones in my size in thrift stores, darn my common-sized feet. I once thought of walking my cat on a leash, but he would just flop over dramatically and act like he was dying, and since he weighs 18lbs now, he'd be too big for a leash anyway hah. I am so not a fan of skiing either, not even cross-country. In my 9th grade gym class, we had to go cross-country skiing, and my gym teacher pushed me down a hill and I slipped and fell and hurt myself and I have refused to ever ski since hah.

  12. I love the creative combination of elements here, especially the tights.

    I always perceived a Zoey vibe from you... It's very attractive.

  13. Gorgeous outfit on you!!! One of my favorites! Stockings are to die for. Red is your color. Great award, what an honor and I am right there with you when it comes to cats...could not love them more. Have a great weekend! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  14. I really love these fishnet tights! They look great with your boots!
    I never been skiing or ridden a mechanical bull but there is a bar in Louisville that has one... I've been to chicken to try it yet (also the bar is one of those frat-boy types places that I normally avoid.

  15. congrats! ;) and I really looove your outfit! black and red are just so good together and those boots look amazing. probably my favourite outfit from you :)
    oh, and the random fact.. well, when it comes to cleaning, I'm a complete perfectionist. that's so hard sometimes :P

  16. I love this whole outfit! I think it looks like a great weekend outfit-so casual but trendy and super cute! Thanks for linking up!

  17. Sassy look lady! Love the tights with the boots. The dress is an amazing color. Congrats on the award:)


  18. I LOVE this colorful look! That dress is amazing!

  19. I love your outfit and the little details/accessories! :D I also love the bright color of your dress! Those were interesting facts you provided! I'm also deathly afraid of heights too! Hehehehe. It's so cute to imagine your cat sleeping on your head! I'm not much of a cuddler either, so I think my husband would appreciate a cat to cuddle with! Bwahahahaha. :D

  20. That's hilarious about Cat Fancy, especially since it started as a joke! I love this look--those are some great boots, and what a great leopard scarf!

  21. hey emily you don't have to go to austin to ride a mechanical bull. being that i live in texas, i've heard you can ride them in other places too. ;)


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