Thursday, July 21, 2011

awkwardly thrifted

Dress- Thrifted; Gloves- Gifted from Jordan; Belt- Gifted from ML; Heels- Aldo

If you're wondering why I look like a throw back to a lunching, church-going housewife it's because I'm linking up to Everybody Everwear's Thrifted edition and I'm taking this challenge seriously. Thrifted and vintage wedding dress esque attire- can't beat that! In all seriousness I bought this dress almost a year ago at a local antique market because I loved the embellishments and sheer neckline.  As I'm sure you can believe it's not a dress that fits easily into the 21st century so I thought I would give it the spotlight on today's blog post.
Thrift | Everybody, Everywear

Aren't these gloves adorable? They were handmade by Jordan from Rainbow Veins who is such a creative and inspirational photographer, artist and fashionista it's hard to believe she's only 13!
This week has been an array of awkward moments so I thought I would also link up to The Daybook's Awesome and Awesome Thursdays:


-wondering why I am looking like an extra from Vampire Diaries? It's because I've given up on the spray tanning and spent over an hour scrubbing the patchy remnants of colour off my skin.  As much as I loved having some colour it stained my favourite dress (worn here), got all over my bed sheets and dripped off after I showered, worked out or got rained on.

-a stranger asking my boyfriend if I was his daughter (I know I look young but really?)

-while setting up for a work event, having to stand on an older man's knee to reach the tent flaps and then feeling something strange.  I looked down and saw him slowly caressing my legs in circles- eeek! Oh yeah and this is the same guy who thought my boyfriend was my Dad...

-hosting a BBQ for my boyfriend's family of 16 and not being prepared for how thirsty 9 kids can get in the humidity...want some beer kids? I kid I kid.

-how uncoordinated I am in step class- I look like a baby giraffe who is learning how to walk

-being too lazy to finish drying my hair so taking these outfit photos with wet unstyled hair

 -realizing that if I hem this dress it will be perfect to wear out for dinner and drinks with friends

-buying tickets to Capital Hoedown to see Rascall Flatts, Easton Corbin, The Keats & Sara Evans- yeehaw!

-buying two amazing lingerie sets from Lilac Lingerie (where I work part time as a blogger) including a navy polka dotted strapless bra and a silky seafoam green demi cup

-having a delicious lunch at Zuni Grill which is not only close to my work, they also offer great veggie options!

-having a boyfriend who woke up at 5:30 a.m. on his weekend to help me out at a work event with minimal complaints (he even wore a bright orange safety vest to do parking!)

-and the most awesome of them all- flying to San Diego on Saturday (only 2 days-yippee!) for a week of shopping and culture and then jet setting to Hawaii for 7 days of sun (although not too much, I am a redhead after all!), sand and surf

Look what a difference the higher hemline makes!


  1. that dress is seriously hot...when you raised the hemline. i really like it though, mid-length or short. it's great (and you can never look churchy old lady like). i love those gorgeous gloves too!

  2. I love that dress! It's such a romantic, vintage piece. Love it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. Oh it's so much fun! And then you put the gloves on and it's like BAMF. Kinda. Yeah.

    I actually didn't realize that antique shops sold clothing. I mean, it makes sense. But it just didn't come to me on my own. And now I have a few antique shops in mind that I might be visiting...!

    P.S. WUT @ that old guy! EW.

  4. Gorgeous dress really! Creepy guy.... You look fab! Kisses :)

  5. Awww, I'm so glad you like my gloves! ♥ You look fabulous- as always!

    Your dress is adorable long and hemmed!! And the belt is amazingly cute :)

    Aw, that stinks that you had to give up your spray tanning- although your skin is probably healthier without it ;) It’s weird for me to think some people don’t get tans… haha next to my best friend, Jacob, I look black xD
    Ummm... okay...? Really creepy and weird about the guy...????

    Haha, how is it that your hair always looks amazing- even when it's still wet and unstyled..!? Hahaa ;)

    Yay, yay, yay about vacation!!!!!! Lucky you- mine is already over... :( Well, until September when we're heading over to Pennsylvania! :) Have fun!! And send me a postcard! ;)

    ♥ Jordan ♥

  6. what a cool dress
    laughing at the daughter comment
    about 3 years into our marriage people asked if i was husbands daughter. lol he is only 6 months older
    the worst was in college and husband(boyfriend a the time) went with me to buy a formal
    the lady helping thought is was so nice that my older brother came with me to pick out a prom dress ha ha

  7. Love the gloves! I'm a huge fan of Vampire Diaries (Team Damon!). Stick with the step class--it really does get easier and it's such a good workout!

  8. I gave up tanning lotion too! Too. Much. Effort. You're looking good pale, girlfriend!

  9. The gloves are super fun! And I love the dress. it does look so much better short! You did a great job with the Thrifty EBEW. Cheers!

  10. What a great dress! Haha, I've had the same awkward question from strangers, but with my husband. And we're not that far apart in age. People can be weird!

  11. That's crazy what a difference that makes. I like it every so much more shorter.

    The whole outfit is très chic!


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