Thursday, July 7, 2011

from work to wine

From Work...

Skirt- Thrifted (remixed like this and this); Top- Mexx (remixed like this); Sandals- Suzy Shier; Bracelet- Aldo; Earrings- Vintage
Yellow Shrug- Thrifted

Come visit me at twentynine where I'm guest posting today, showing you how to take your look from day to night by simply changing up your accessories! 
(If you're wondering why my skin colour has changed drastically since my last post it's because these photos were taken pre-spray tan, so technically it's not my 21st outfit but more like my 15th but hey who's counting!)

To Wine!

Shoes- Pierre Dumas; Clutch- Spring; Necklace- Smart Set


  1. What a great lace top, and fringe necklace!

  2. Loving the lace! and I love that you're sipping wine :P

  3. I am officially obsessed with that fringe necklace - wow!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Super cute tank top.

  5. Oh yeah. I love how you changed your work outfit into a sexy going out look. You look amazing for both. That necklace is unique and cool.


  6. wooow, you are so cool! I'm following you, please follow me, this is my blog :)

  7. You're so fabulous! :) Love that statement necklace! :)


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