Tuesday, June 21, 2011

camera shy

Skirt- GAP; Top & Earrings- Thrifted; Shoes- Spring
I liked this outfit in theory but executed not so much.  I think this thrifted top looked better when I was blonde and I had no good photos to choose from because I was feeling camera shy.  You know those days when you just feel kind of silly taking a photo of your outfit and onlookers are giving you strange looks and whispering to their companions? And then you start to wonder what is the point? No don't worry I never get that carried away, for the most part I love outfit photos (even though I'm not very photogenic I like capturing my daily outfits for inspiration or in this case never to repeat).

Oh and I switched another blouse I hadn't worn yet for this top.  I'm all over the place with my remix decisions this time around, during the winter 30x30 I stuck with my picks but now I'm swapping things left right and centre! It's no wonder I'm struggling to put together an outfit with all this confusion!

I do love these shoes though! And they're super comfy!

What about you- do you get camera shy sometimes?


  1. I personally think this looks really cute in the execution...I get camera shy too but I really like this on you, the ruffles on the top are so pretty and I think it looks really nice with your hair color.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. You've given me hope! Is it really okay to switch up items you haven't worn yet? And why am I even worrying about breaking the rules since I've ALREADY broken the shopping rule. I bought a marvelous maxi dress today and I am grieving to not be able to wear it until the middle of July. I may have to consider this switching strategy. I, too, have days I feel awkward and it shows up in the camera. I think I do best when I am comfortably taking pictures in my yard away from prying eyes. I agree with Courtney, I like your outfit, too. I think the lavender with the neutrals is creative! Debbie http://thriftygirlvintage.com

  3. All the time dear! You look sweet! :)

  4. no I think it looks great I love the pattern mixing and textures. You look fabulous.

  5. Cute shoe. I don't get camera shy but I take my picture in the bathroom.


  6. Great shoes! And, yes, I'm often camera-shy.

  7. Such a cute outfit! I would have never thought to pair that shirt with that skirt...perfect. Love the shoes!

    I'm ALWAYS camera shy. I'm getting a little better.

  8. Love, love, love that top!!! <3 Ohmygosh- it's adorable!! <3 <3 I think it looks great on you, even if you're not blond anymore :)

    Haha, heck yeah! I’m usually camera shy ;D I JUST started liking pictures of me :)


    I'm gonna try to start on your gloves today!! <3

  9. You are adorable and you ARE photogenic! Stop it! I love that top and I love the skirt too!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  10. Youre so cute! :) I love everything you're wearing ! :D
    Yes,I DO get camera shy sometimes too! :)


  11. i love this top, but maybe with a more subtle bottom.
    too much going on with the pattern of the skirt
    camera shy? i don't like people watching me get my picture taken.

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