Wednesday, March 2, 2011

{30x30 pt30} Adios Remixing Challenge!

My 30 days of remixing is complete and all outfit creativity has been drained from my fashion brain.  I'll admit that I started off the challenge fairly cocky, how hard could it be to rearrange 30 items into 30 different outfits? This attitude continued until about halfway through when I had to start reusing pieces which resulted in some questionable outfits (e.g. the girl scout and the nerdy businesswomen).  As confessed in a previous post, I relapsed around the 18th day and went thrift shopping so I still have never gone a full month without shopping.  Despite the glitches in my remixing I loved creating unique outfits and seeing how my clothes could transform with funky accessories or a touch of remixing.  Next time I do the 30x30 (oh yes I am challenging myself again) I will remix more footwear and try harder to adhere to the shopping ban.

Let me tell you my wardrobe missed me...the feeling is mutual!

Shirt-Gap; Skirt- Bettie Page; Shoes-Charlotte Russe; Belt- Thrifted; Necklace- Smart Set; Nail Polish- Fig by Joe Fresh

 Fellow remixers- how did you find the challenge? Would you do it again?


  1. Oh how I adore that skirt and the shimmery top. You look beautiful!

    The challenge was difficult towards the middle but then I started to build steam again. I think I'd probably do another one, a different season.

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  2. I LOVED the 30 for 30 challenge and I loved 'meeting' you through it. : ) You did an awesome job remixing all your stuff. It was so fun to watch. : )

  3. I think you did really great at the 30x30. I want to do it but I love thrift shopping. The sequin top, and leopard print look awesome together.
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  4. wow! great job on the remixes. love the skirt, BTW. looks great with that sparkly top!

  5. Great details!

    I hope your week is going smoothly, cheers: Evi

  6. I love that skirt. You inspired me to purchase some animal print for myself. Hope to pull it off as well as you.

  7. oh my gosh! congrats on completing the challenge! way to end the challenge... you can never go wrong with a little leopard :)

  8. Congrats..this is so awesome that you completed it! Love the skirt and the shoes too. You look fantastic.

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  9. Wow, you made it all the way! So proud of your sartorial skills babe!



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  10. Congrats! I really liked all your outfits. And I don't really care for shopping "bans" so much because, like in your case...did you really love what you thrifted? Was it a great deal? Will you wear it a lot? If YES to all of these questions (I feel like this is a self-diagnosis or something), then there's no way to feel bad about it! I'm going to LIMIT my shopping this month and throughout April, but to ban shopping completely is ludicrous, yo! :)

    Happy weekend!

  11. So jealous that you are done
    I have 2 more outfits to go
    I, like you thought... how hard could this be.
    Honestly I don't think it is that hard, I just got soooo bored looking at the same old clothes, plus the weather totally shifted on me.
    Don't know if I will do it again or not
    I did like the not shopping for 30 days
    I really didn't think I could do it. LOL

  12. These are amazing!! I don't think I would have guessed you were remixing unless you told me. Congrats on being done :)

  13. Great outfits! 2, 3, and 22 are my favs - you pull of the long pencil skirts so well and I love the top in 22!


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