Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{30x30 pt9} That's all She Wrote...

This is going to be a short post because I am physically and emotionally drained.  I have been preparing for work meetings which start tomorrow and run until Sunday night which means no weekend rest & relaxation for me.  On the plus side, I am using my overtime hours to take off Valentine's Day and am going home to Nova Scotia next weekend.  During the four day meetings I am the event planner, minute taker and go-to gal so I will be swamped! Here's what I wore today- casual with a flare.  Catch up with you soon!

Shirt-Thrifted; Skirt & Necklace- Smart Set; Shoes- Charlotte Russe; Hat- Vintage; Purse- Spring;      Nail Polish- Light a Candle by Nicole


  1. I love the outfit, and that necklace is so cool.
    My Heart Blogged

  2. Wonderful outfit. The shapes are especially great. The colors are interesting, too.

  3. pretty in plaid! loving the silver nail polish, it's the perfect touch!

  4. Another maritime transplant? Have fun visiting the ocean for me.

    Loving the plaid btw.

  5. You look so fun in this outfit! That skirt is fabulous. Hope you're not stressed out with all the busy-ness!

  6. hope all goes well for you this weekend and that you have a great time when you go home
    I love that bag and the beret and the necklace and the plaid shirt...okay I just love the whole look
    You need to do the Everybody,Everywear next month.
    I will let you know what the item to wear is

  7. Thanks everyone- sometimes its fun to dress down but still be stylin'!

  8. What?!?! You're going to Nova Scotia??? So. Jealous. Have a fun time! It sounds like you deserve it, girl. : ) And, I love the outfit. It's so sassy and fun.

    p.s. I'm remixing 'our' skirt again tomorrow.


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