Thursday, February 10, 2011

{30x30 pt10} Clumsy Creature

What a hectic day! I'm an 8 hour a day work gal, any longer and I am overwhelmed so today's 10 hour day was anything but fun.  By the time I got home all I wanted was a nice glass of wine but I broke three wine glasses in under an hour.  Oh and did I mention that all three glasses were full of red wine and I spilled one on our white couch?  Thank goodness for a) fabric stain remover and b) a patient and even tempered boyfriend.  I finally gave up on the glasses and am drinking a teeny amount of wine out of a plastic cup.  I'm notoriously clumsy but the stress is mking matters worse.  Thank goodness my wine glasses were from Ikea and cost less than my nail polish!

Blazer & Boots- Thrifted; Dress- Zara; Watch- Fossil; Bracelet (I forget the store name- somewhere in PEI!); Earrings- Charlotte Russe
Are you clumsy too?


  1. Clumsy is my middle name lol I love the Zara dress, it is so cute and delicate on you!

  2. That dress is so cute. I'm really clumsy too. Sorry you broke your glasses. But, at least Ikea has tons more.
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  3. Um, I'd die if I dropped red wine on my white couch. Die. Ugh!

    How sweet is your dress? You look so pretty in it. But I love that you 'roughed up' the look with those boots. You're so stylin'. : )


  4. This is my fave outfit sis :) can't wait to see you in a week!

  5. Love the dress! The blazer is a great match. I too am clumsy... But being prepared with thing like stain remover, a tide-to-go stick and plastic cups is a good approach. My cupboards are full of "survivors" asChris puts it. All our cups, mugs and flat wear is miss-matched because in three years we've gone through about 5 sets each. My plan is to buy all white from now on.. So even though the size and shapes won't be the same, it will all match in colour.

  6. I was totally laughing at your "breaking wine glasses" story. Thats my trick...haha. Super cute look.


  7. I'm swooning at the pretty bow on your dress. :)

    When we're overtired, we should use paper cups and rubber plates, just to be safe. :)

  8. that dress sis too cute. i love the nail color and the watch too..girl i love your hair more and more and more. come check out my blog for my coverage of the NYC Fashion Bloggers Conference yesterday.

    xoxo Monroe

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  9. I love your outfit! Yes, this confirms it: you have a fab waist! :) Most definitely.

    Sorry to hear about your accident(s)! Why you so stressed, girl? I worked a 12 hour day this week and it actually wasn't too bad. It would be a lot easier, though, if I actually loved what I was doing.

    P.S. My hair is REALLY fading is yours doing?

  10. 3 glasses? That's impressive. Luckily i am not that clumsy! although my other half kinda is, actually he just spilt a glass of coke all over the sofa about 10 mins ago, luckily ours is black leather!! I adore your dress, it is so cute and girly

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  11. Yes! And therefore I only drink wine out of cute vintage juice glasses from the thrift store. They have a low center of gravity. :)

    What is it with clumsy girls and white couches? You'd think we'd learn our lesson, but its like a moth to a flame....

  12. This is my favourite outfit so far, I must say, you look great! Hooray for Ikea, and hang in there...meetings are almost over!

  13. Now THIS is how to wear an all-neutral outfit! You look fantastic!

    Yep, I can be pretty clumsy. I think we all can.

    And I work 10 hour days every day, Monday - Thursday, so I get Fridays off with my daughter. It's worth it on Fridays, but I kind of hate it on Mondays!


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