Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{30x30 pt8} Passion for Fashion

My passion for fashion started when I was 15 years old.  In Junior High School I was teased a lot because I was shy, wore glasses and was the teacher's pet.  I only had two close friends and I spent a lot of time doing homework, practicing my clarinet and watching Trading Spaces.  In grade 9 I got my hair highlighted, started wearing contact lenses and bought my first pair of high heels.  I will never forget them- they were a bright red pair of stilettos from Le Chateau decorated with silver studs.  My Dad called them cockroach killers (because they were so pointy) and I wore them everywhere.  I was one of the only girls my age wearing high heels and it kind of became my thing.  In High School I wore high heels (almost) every day and my peers started seeing me as this fashionable (yet still awkwardly shy) nerd.  While everyone else was wearing sweatpants from American Eagle, I was wearing dresses and heels from the local mall and thrift stores.  Dressing up provided me with an outlet to express myself creatively and my peers' compliments helped to boost my self-esteem.

Now I dress for myself because if I dressed for the boy I would only wear tight jeans, sneakers and t-shirts (not my style) and if I dressed for my best friend I would adhere to the less is more mentality (and I
say more, more, more!) When did your passion for fashion start and who do you dress for?

And then I started to twirl...

Dress- Zara; Boots- Aldo; Belt- Leeds, UK; Earrings- The Bay


  1. love your confidence in your photos:D

  2. super cute dress and the belt is soooo great!
    have had a passion for fashion ever since i can remember
    i owe it all to my grandmothers!

  3. I have always loved fashion. I feel like I'm getting girlier the older I get. I dress for me. I also agree... more is more!
    My Heart Blogged

  4. Hey lady!
    Love that dress!


  5. LOOK HOW LITTLE YOUR WASTE IS!!! And you look so cute twirling. : ) And those boots are sick.

    I remember ALWAYS loving fashion. My mom said after I turned 2, I would never let her dress me.


  6. I loved hearing your story about your passion for fashion because it's so similar to mine! I've always been very quiet and reserved so recently I began to express myself more through my clothes! I'm probably the only senior at my high school who has yet to sweats to school this year!

  7. Fabulous outfit. And thanks for the personal history: it says a lot about you.

    I gravitated toward women's clothes when I was very young (5-6 years old) but was told they are off-limits. I never stopped wanting them and, at times, the urge to be near them was overwhelming.

    I dress for myself because I can't go out in public and never had anyone to share my passion with -- until I discovered blogging last year. You guys are the first and only people to see me this way and I'm deeply grateful for your acceptance. Thanks, buddy. Oops... you got me all teary...

  8. love the belt! thanks for your sweet words, means a lot to me!

  9. You are so gorgeous!

    Those boots are spectacular and the leggings/long belted shirt is fantastic on you!

    I really don't remember when I got "into" fashion, but I can tell you I've learned a lot and developed my own style just in the past year since I started blogging. The power of blogging! :)

  10. Gosh, I don't know WHEN I first started becoming interested in fashion, but I have a slightly similar story to yours. I really started dressing how I wanted to in high school--in heels and skirts and dresses when everyone else wore sweat pants and no make-up. When I was 14, so much of my wardrobe came from Anthropologie--I have no idea how I afforded it?! It's came and gone over time. I'll admit, I'm not stylish 100% of the time even now (I have snow boots on at the moment because it's freezing out. They're ugly), but I do appreciate personal style and fashion.

    This is going to sound creepy, but I want your waist. I don't have one. At all.

  11. I love that dress with those boots. I didn't really peak fashion-wise until college. I definitely dress for myself now more than I did in high school. It helps that I don't have to wear school uniforms anymore.


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